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Art Gallery of Ontario

Toronto, Canada
4.8 / 92
The gallery is considered one of the largest museums in North America. The collections are located in 50 rooms with a total area of more than 45 thousand m². Among the valuable exhibits of the gallery are paintings by Picasso, Degas, Van Gogh, Renoir, Rembrandt, Gauguin, Monet, Rubens. The museum also features works by famous Canadian painters: D. Wall, D. Altmeida, F. Sullivan and others.



This is a great Art Gallery worth visiting too. There’s plenty of floors with each one having variety of rooms with different and unique artwork and pieces. There’s different artist exhibitions that are announced to happen for upcoming mo.. Read more »
Had such a wonderful experience at the AGO. The best part is that i have a TPL card and you can get access to free visits to educational places and museums. Its a must visit place for people who love art and culture and are keen to know about the anc.. Read more »
I had the most incredible time at the gallery this week. So grateful for the incredible contemporary work and the gallery’s willingness to push boundaries about what is possible for artists and their art. I am also incredibly grateful for the w.. Read more »
Such a great way to spend an hour or more when in Toronto. So many great exhibits in this summer, I recently saw the Wolfgang Tillman exhibit and really enjoyed the more contemporary take on gallery displays. The AGO has always included diverse artis.. Read more »
This museum was amazing! There was so much too see! It would take you hours to explore the entire museum. There is a great range of work that can be found from all over the world!! All the information provided about the works were phenomenal! The mus.. Read more »
Great place! We spent 5 hours there and only covered a small portion of the place. I loved the Indigenous art section! They also had one of the Group of Seven member's pieces of art. Also, they had an ivory section that featured a lot of intrica.. Read more »
We had a great time. Enjoyed the Mary Cassatt exhibit, Henry Moore sculptures and the best display of miniature wooden ships I've ever seen.
Super fun! Easy to get lost. But amazing art and they always have great exhibits. I gave only 4/5 because the main attractions that were there that I really wanted to see were down due to "technical issues"
Gorgeous museum. The design of it, especially the staircases, is as good as the art. I was introduced to the iconic paintings of the Group of Seven and the modern sculptures of Henry Moore. They are revered Canadian artists, but I never heard of them.. Read more »
Must visit if you love contemporary art! The art gallery itself so beautiful with the spiral stairs. Huge display of art from history as well as the modern art. Bonus is the under 25 free entry pass( get it online only takes a few minutes).
Where do I even begin?! I got to the gallery at 3pm, thinking 2.5hrs would be enough time to finish the exhibit. (The gallery closes at 5:30pm) Spoiler alert: it wasn’t. I barely made it through the first floor alone. ? will definitely be ba.. Read more »
We went to this museum on a weekday and it was still a little busy but still nice. When you’re below 25, you have to register to an annual pass which is free but still takes up a few minutes. The museum in itself was not really my favorite beca.. Read more »
Very enjoyable afternoon. Large open spaces with gorgeous works of art displayed in a way which allows one to walk and view at a pace you set yourself. Guided tours are available for those who enjoy hearing the history and stories behind the painti.. Read more »
I spent approximately four hours in the museum just checking out the ground floor. There were four other levels that I didn't have the time to visit. There's A LOT to see here. It's worth it. Just make sure you have ample time to make .. Read more »
Great gallery. Very pleased at the wide selection of art in the collection, including Canadian art, Indigenous art, and foreign art. The temporary exhibits are also well done. It’s also always free for people under 25, which is a great way t.. Read more »
AGO is amazing! If you like museums I recommend you to buy the annual pass and come back in different days. I only could see two exhibitions and I was tired already (after walking throughout the city). The shop has a lot of cool things and local arti.. Read more »
Went for the first time on free night Wednesdays. It was really nice! I am not an art person, but it was fun just wandering about and I got my steps in. There are cool, overpriced, nifty items in the gift shop that I recommend checking out. I only sa.. Read more »
I have never been very fond of Arts ?, but my wife loves it. Once my wife took me to the Art Gallery of Ontario, now I have started developing interest in arts and historic paintings. This place is clean, big and beautiful. Anybody under the age of 2.. Read more »
Inexpensive way to spend the day. Great for all ages with a variety of are exhibits showcasing all different kinds of Art forms usually and usually has some sort of special exhibit or theme. Extremely fun for families, groups or if you as one individ.. Read more »
A huge 5 level of gallery with amazing arts, models, painting and sculpture by different artists. Every room has a story to tell and one can easily spend an hour just in one section. Make sure to eat well and have ample time with you to visit the gal.. Read more »
This was my first visit to the AGO. The staff were extremely helpful. It was easy to navigate, with both stairs and elevators available. They also had places to sit in several of the rooms, which was appreciated. Everything was well-labelled, often w.. Read more »
Beautiful paintings, sculptures, artifacts, mediums, architecture, and creations. Really enjoyed my time here, it was very peaceful. So many stories packed into each room, it would take hours to just get through one section if you really read and app.. Read more »
My happy place! Steps away from the office, this is always an oasis during lunch time - when crowds are sparse and space is empty for personal enjoyment. Happy to be a member and support this space. Highly recommend membership - it includes excellent.. Read more »
I went there for my 12th year job anniversary... best gift to myself. Paintings were amazing!! Loved every bit of it.. their bistro Cafe was amazing as well.. trout and Mac cheese so delicious
Great collection of art in the heart of downtown. The gallery has 5 floors with one level dedicated for special events and basement for small models of ships. Other floors are easily accessible via elevators and stairs. Level 2 is what I enjoyed the .. Read more »
Beautiful art space. Our favorite part is ship miniatures. Picasso’s exhibition is until mid January. Coffee shop has an amazing ambiance, especially during the sunny day. And AGO cafe is worth mentioning because it’s one of a kind both h.. Read more »
Wonderful welcome on a recent visit, staff made vaccination checks a breeze and engaged with and entertained my toddlers when they really didn't have to - so kind and thoughtful. On that note, wonderful spot for children esp. when the winter out.. Read more »
We have had season passes the last two years and would highly recommend getting one. They are $35 and the value is incredible. There is always one, sometimes multiple world class exhibitions happening. You will see something new and inspiring every.. Read more »
Long line but breezed through it fast! Very Welcoming staff. It was good to see them outside making sure everyone knew it would be fast and checking tickets, ensuring safety. The Caribbean exhibit was not what I expected. I was a bit disappointed on .. Read more »
Visited both the Warhol and Picasso exhibits. Both exhibits were made well and were informative. Unfortunately, there were a lot of people in parts of the Warhol exhibit at a given time, not sure if it was people staying longer than anticipated to re.. Read more »
A really fun and cool art gallery with lots of cool rotating exhibits! We loved coming here and looking around! We came to see the Andy Warhol exhibit and it was amazing. The rest of the museum's layout can be a bit confusing. Definitely check o.. Read more »
Their annual pass is free for 25 and under which made my visit all the better! You can't beat a world-class art museum experience that's completely free. I was able to register online for this pass. The Andy Warhol show was impressive. Ther.. Read more »
World class, truly. A brilliantly curated series of exhibitions, with a superb collection and a revolving "best of the best" new and old from around the world. A stunning venue with brilliant architecture and an exquisitely thoughtful layo.. Read more »
If you are under 25, you can get in for free! Remember, you have to book the tickets online prior to your visit. The staff were super friendly, and there were so many themes to discover. Let alone the cool architecture of the gallery. Personally, I d.. Read more »
A beautiful place to go on a date! All different kinds of things to see in terms of history and art. The exhibitions there are neat, I personally just went to the Andy Warhol one and it was phenomenal. Not one reason I wouldn’t go to the AGO. T.. Read more »
Amazing, good prices. Very nice staff! Very cool and fantastic art pieces! You could be there all day, there is so many cool things to look at. Amazing place to go with your family.
Beautifully designed building, never over crowded due to good management at the desks. Gift shop is ace, providing a broad range, especially in regards to books ? The department of Christian artifacts is by far the best collection in the Gallery by m.. Read more »
I have been here for so many times. Really enjoyed the Andy Warhol exhibition! Such a great place to visit arts. Love the whole building with the large glass windows. The design of the stairs are pretty amazing too. They also got place for food and r.. Read more »
I’ve visited the AGO since I was a child and it holds a special place in my heart. The architecture is something else - perfectly reflects the beautiful art inside. Gift shop is full of great items and each temporary exhibit always has an excel.. Read more »
I’ve been visiting the AGO for years, ever since I was a child. Whether it’s seeing new installations or featured, limited-time specials or revisiting old favourites that are permanently open to the public, it’s one of those places .. Read more »
So the year pass is nearly the same price lol as a day pass. Might as well right! Anyway this place also has a drawing room for all old prints and you can sign them out for free! If you like to draw and your not part of a school or anything but just .. Read more »
I’ve been here probably over 20 times in my life. It never gets old and you could never have enough time to look and read everything just because there is so much to see!! On top of that they do update sections as well over the years. I highly .. Read more »
I love the Art Gallery of Ontario and cannot wait for it to reopen. I have had the pleasure of visiting the Art Gallery of Ontario only once but it was an amazing experience. The space was stunning, beautiful to get lost in a walk around. The exhi.. Read more »
Building was very impressive, lots of galleries with some chairs to sit in. Nice little coffee bar in the amazing building-length atrium. Some of the modern stuff I think is junk - if I could produce a reasonable facsimile it's not fine art! Fre.. Read more »
The Art Gallery of Ontario is one of the best of its kind in Canada. The collection is large, varied, well chosen and beautifully exhibited. This is not one of those museums that crowd their walls and open spaces with works of art to make an impressi.. Read more »
One of my favourite places in the entire world. Such a worldly variety of art spanning from the 1300's to current day. I'm always impressed by their temporary exhibitions as well as their permanent collection. Always a perfect place to gain.. Read more »
This museum was bigger than what I expected it to be. I loved the contemporary art and indigenous artists sections. It can take about 3 hours to see all of the works there.
Very nice enjoyable will go back again
Great place to visit for the day and the bistro is fabulous too.
Social distancing in place. Feel quite safe inside.
I love the art gallery of ontario. Never fails to disappoint.
I went with my friend who's a fine artist, specializing in art history and curatorial practices. It was good to have someone explain the contexts behind the work we saw. Without her explaining the lives and intentions of the artists the museum w.. Read more »
Free 1 year membership for everyone from 18-25? You gotta be kidding!
Ago was a nice gallery. The gentilman by the ticket gate was very welcoming and he assisted on where to go and whats closed. He was very nice. It was nice to see alot of beautiful paintings and sculptures. I loved the african space, which they should.. Read more »
I love Art Gallery of Ontario very much! I had the opportunity to visit amassing and contemporary exhibitions! All exhibitions are very informative and very educative. These exhibitions are very well-organized. I have the opportunity to use differen.. Read more »
The AGO had a wonderful collection of modern and impressionist art, as well as rotating exhibits. It felt large enough to feel substantial, but small enough that we felt we could view in an afternoon. The real star of the show at AGO though is the fa.. Read more »