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Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum

Graz, Austria
4.7 / 63
Austrian Graz is the birthplace of the famous American actor A. Schwarzenegger. In 2011, for fans of the work of this extraordinary person, a museum was opened on the territory of the very house where Arnold was born and spent his youth. This small mansion is located on Lake Tal in the village of the same name. The museum exposition consists of the actor's personal belongings, original furnishings, as well as artifacts from the most famous films where Arnold was filmed.
Address:Linakstraße 9, Thal
Phone:+43 316 571947



Vitaliy Lehkyy
It’s a cool place to visit just to take a picture with the statue outside, but the entrance price is quite high for such a small museum (only for die-hard fans). You can visit a ‘proper’ large art museum elsewhere for similar price
Christos Panagiotidis
Visited the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum in Graz and was thoroughly impressed! The museum offers an insightful journey into the life and career of one of the world's most iconic figures. From his early years in Thal to his rise as a bodybuilding.. Read more »
Nenad Rodic
Beautiful village, nature... interesting museum! the place from which one of the best bodybuilders ever started, an actor, a governor... a really very interesting place! And Schwarzi...no need to say more about him...the man is a legend!
David Gavin
If you happen to be in Graz and have a car, this is a must visit. There is a super collection of photos, items and information. It is remarkable how it all started, real inspirational stuff. The staff are excellent and if you don't speak German .. Read more »
Tom Ol
Very interesting exhibits, friendly staff. It was great to see the home of my idol.
Bros Around The Globe
Arnold will pump you up! Fantastic review of the legend’s historic life and in his childhood home no less! The man is an inspiration to all to dream big and work hard. We will be back!
Liam Zulficari
It was amazing. Great family weekend. Very nice experience. You can see Arnolds birth house and all of his stuffs. Close is also a lake with a great restaurant. Great job. Danke🇦🇹🙌🏻
Tanja Sajovec
It was a great tour. Thank you, Mr. Peter for kindness and very nice tour across all museum.
Ilie Andrei
Really nice place to visit, a living legend museum. Also, try to visit thalersee afterwards which is near. But strictly of museum, it s a must go if you are in Graz.
Carlos Cassano
A dream come true! An awesome experience for any Arnold Schwarzenegger fan! A must see!
praveen rajneesh
Amazing place. Must visit.
Andrey Palukhin
If you ever been interested in Arnold's life and you have chance to visit his house, just do it.
Tathi Ribeiro
Definitely recommend. The house shows a bit of Arnold Schwarzenegger's trajectory, fascinating. The village of Thal is very beautiful, we came by car, I recommend to visit the region.
Ziv Shani
I didn't have many expectations yet I enjoyed it. One can see how the family lived and more.
Hasse Hansson
A very nice museum, it has information and original items from all stages of Arnolds life. It was very cool to see the old weights he had worked out with, as well as his old bed and the bike from terminator. One drawback was that it lacked a bit in .. Read more »
Trevor Levine
A must for any Arnie fan. A little out of the way but it's charming and ads to the experience.
sarah julian
A small, charming museum with lots of fun movie memorabilia and photos, the Schwarzenegger Museum gives visitors an inside look into Arnold’s early life, inspiration, movie and political career. My family really enjoyed the snapshots, local bac.. Read more »
Žan Zadnikar
Nice and cozy museum to see if you are near Graz. For the whole museum you need up to 45 minutes. The nearby area is also nice for walking. I suggest to see the lake Thalersee after the visit.
Igor Fabjan
I was in doubt what museum can offer but I was nicely surprised! Even if you are not a real fun of Arnie it is nice to get known his life path. Some parts of the house are like mor3e than a half century ago, and the items which resambles about the fa.. Read more »
Christian N
Great exhibition of Arnold's early years. A great pilgrimage for anyone who likes lifting heavy things.
Simon Parsons
What a great place. Very interesting and inspiring. Staff are very helpful as well. Coffee machine ate my money and the staff made me a fresh / better one. I'll be back.
Vesna Petkovic
Birth house of a legendery actor. They have a lot of props from his movies. Really great experience.
BOUDA music
Great experience and incredibly inspiring. One sees what you can do with incredible diligence and perseverance regardless of the starting line. For fans full of original props and a lot of information and photos that are not available elsewhere. Grea.. Read more »
neringa lauri
The price is way to high, it should be 1-2 euros maximum, however the cost is 9 eur. I would not recommend visiting.
Aurelien Alexandre
Just perfect But if you can have a little bit more choice for goodies next time ?
Stephen Ellwood
It's a must see while you are in Graz but I'm not sure if you'll be back : ) Arnold Schwarzenegger is such an inspirational man and a self made success story. It would be difficult to do him justice in any kind of museum but to have i.. Read more »
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