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Armenian Cathedral

Lviv, Ukraine
4.9 / 87
The temple of the XIV century, located in the historical part of Lviv. It is one of the oldest religious buildings in the city. The cathedral was built on the site of an Armenian church of the XII century at the expense of merchants Fanos and Jacob. At the beginning of the 20th century, the building was restored. In 2000, the church was transferred to the Armenian Apostolic Church, although initially it belonged to the Armenian Catholic branch. The fact is that by the time the transfer of the Armenian Catholics in Lviv, there were almost no.
Address:Virmens'ka Street, 7/13, L'viv
Phone:+380 322 742 956



Georgii Tarasenko
Some frescoes date back to XIV century and you might want to pay a visit for the Easter service, it's by far the most beautiful among all Lviv's cathedrals
Katerina Chaukina
Absolutely stunning place, must see in Lviv! Imagine if Gustav Klimt was painting churches, this is how it looks like. A masterpiece!
Maretta Ayvazyan
Went there today during the morning service. It was lovely to hear Armenian church singing and feel the atmosphere of home. Inside the church looks very interesting and unique for Armenian church style. Not the typical one sees in Armenia.
Tanya Kobiljanska
Lviv Armenian Cathedral is one of the oldest temples, churches in old city. And, having entered it one feels nothing, but Wow!!!!! And, virtual tours are good, but live travells are great!!!
Ken Pavri
A very beautiful, peaceful place. A thousand years of warm feelings.
Kate Zotova
One of the most mesmerizing places i have met! And inside you will see some drawings you will never forget
Ime R
Very nice and worth a visit and it has good iconography collection to buy as souveniers
Tuğba Kurt
When i entered the church, attendant was so rude to us. She never give allowance to sit or check the vibe of church.
Vojtěch Dušek
Beautiful hidden cathedral with typically Armenian sombre and dark decorations. Small but spectacular. No entrance fee.
Gegham Hovhannisyan
Very nice place, where you can see small peace of Armenia in the middle of Lvov
Svetlana Pukas
my favorite place in Lviv! it’s really magical every time i visit it some miracles happens at once?
Pink . . Floyd
Worth visiting. Very authentic ambience.
Ankitt Patel
There has been an Armenian community in Lviv since the 13th century, and it’s around 1,000-strong today after immigration during the Soviet Union. As the oldest church in the city, the Armenian Cathedral was founded in the 1360s. The church h.. Read more »
Vanush Kamaryan
Very big and beautiful cathedral located in the heart of the old town, at the Armenian street. One of the oldest buildings in the Lviv Also there is a painting of Parajanov on the one of the walls of it
Armine Galstyan
It is the most warm and religious place, you can feel yourself really near God. The priest kindly explains and serves the pray .
Andrew 1971
A significant part under restoration and the rest darkly light. Cheap postcard set shows how lovely it is. Hard to tell by visiting
Oleg Osypchuk
Very nice old Armenian Orthodox Church with both beautiful exteriors and interiors. It is located in the heart of Old Town and is s perfect place for a walk, taking a picture or two and/or just sitting down inside to contemplate about life. I highly .. Read more »
Karol Oleksy
Stunning. Absolutely unique climate, totally different than in all the other L'viv churches. My visit was additionally coloured by a priest chanting somewhere behind a door. Very beautiful sacred place with a completely inconspicuous entrance. Y.. Read more »
Argun Konuk
A very beautiful and a characteristic Armenian Church which shows the cultural diversity in Lviv. Entrance is free and also there is a very picturesque yard behind the church.