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Arlington National Cemetery

Washington, USA
4.8 / 115
The cemetery where the soldiers who fell in the Civil War of 1861-1865 are buried. Over time, this place became the last refuge for several American presidents. J. Kennedy and his wife are buried here. The cemetery is located on a picturesque plain and attracts attention with orderly rows of white memorial plates. Each year, a solemn procession lays flowers on the graves.
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Jiak Papa
Arlington National Cemetery is a solemn and peaceful resting place that holds great historical significance. Its beautifully manicured grounds offer a serene atmosphere for reflection and remembrance. The highlight of the cemetery is undoubtedly the .. Read more »
Stars Onthelookout
What an honorable place to visit. This was our first time at the cemetery and I must say we were all impressed. Very well kept, beautiful grounds filled with such rich history. We were hesitant as we were travelling with smaller children and were not.. Read more »
Tramp on tour
This place one can not describe with words. It is a place of awe. I believe no one can fathom the sacrifices made by the people laid here to rest. To visit the Arlington cemetery is an experience of a lifetime, and the memories will stay with me fore.. Read more »
Sam Milligan
This is truly hallowed ground...didn't appreciate it until I had a relative buried here...it's well maintained and has fantastic history associated with it. Make sure you visit the two president that are buried here (yes there are two!), v.. Read more »
Elias Chelala
Visiting Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day was an experience that left me deeply moved and forever grateful for the sacrifices made by our brave servicemen and women. The hallowed grounds and the solemn atmosphere were a fitting tribute to .. Read more »
James Smith
Humbling to say the least. I had a great experience here seeing all the memorials and just the sheer volume of grave sites. And absolute must do is the changing of the guard. Watching the amount of effort that goes into the execution and level of ca.. Read more »
Luke Carlson
I highly recommend going to see the "Changing of the Guard". The cemetery is a humbling place. I am very grateful for those who have given their lives while serving our country. There's also a lot of history in the cemetery, with many .. Read more »
Dennis Peery
Beautiful and sacred grounds. I recommend the tram tour, that’s the best way to see and hear all that you need to know. I was most looking forward to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the changing of the guard. Absolutely did not disappoint. .. Read more »
Afzal Ibrahim
I find it a little weird that they made this place a tourist attraction, however, it is an interesting space to see and experience. It is great to have such a space to honor the veterans and the bravest. The cemetery doesn't need a review as it .. Read more »
Wreaths Across America coordinates wreath­-laying ceremonies at more than 2,500 locations across the United States, at sea, and abroad. The most iconic one is our famous Arlington National Cemetery, a sacred resting place for those 400,000 vetera.. Read more »
Robert Meier
Everything you would expect from a national cemetery. Sacred ground that is beautifully maintained. Just walking through it and reading the headstones you get a great sense of history- look up some of the stories. Only problem is trying to find a fam.. Read more »
Arlington National Cemetery is the sacred resting place for those 400,000 veterans who gave ultimate sacrifice for the country. Veterans of all major wars fought by United States are buried here, including two US Presidents. There is lots of walking.. Read more »
Danielle Powell
This cemetery was just amazingly beautiful. I wanted to come here for a while now and am glad I did pay a visit. It is such a breathtaking view to walk through the grounds and see and honor all these memories of the brave souls who fought for all of .. Read more »
Ian Harris
As a foreigner, this was actually much better than expected! The grounds are beautiful and perfectly maintained, and there are beautiful views over DC and the slopes with the tombs. Do not miss the Kennedy's tombs, and if you can witness the b.. Read more »
Desiree Shalley
What a wonderful experience! We took our sons, 17 & 18. It was such a great opportunity for them to truly realize the history of our armed forces and their sacrifices. The changing of the guard in conjunction with the history and donations fro.. Read more »
Ryan Bibler
A visit to the national cemetery is a must for every American. We took our kids there today and explored the grounds for a few hours. The number of military buried there is incredible. The grounds are beautifully maintained. Highly recommended fo.. Read more »
Maria Abdala
It's a beautiful sacred place. We would have loved to get a better look inside but one of our family members who is disabled had forgotten her placard and wouldn't have been able to do all that walking. We mistakenly thought you could dr.. Read more »
H Hosier
Somber yet awe-inspiring place to visit. It reminds you not only of our history as a country, but also all those whose lives it has taken to have our country. There is parking on-site. It is $3 an hour with a max of $12. It is also super easy to .. Read more »
Ashok Patel
Arlington National Cemetery is the sacred resting place for those 400,000 veterans who gave ultimate sacrifice for the country. Veterans of all major wars fought by United States are buried here, including two US Presidents. There is lots of walking.. Read more »
Don Ora9111
What can I say that has not been said. As a veteran I had tears in my eyes watching the changing of the guard. This place represents so much more than a place to bury the dead. Each military member can sacrifice their life in their course of duty an.. Read more »
Rebekah Diaz
The cemetery was beautiful, and the Visitors center was well equipped with bathrooms and small museum. If it is raining, make sure to bring good shoes & an umbrella. Make sure to take the time to see the changing of the guards.
Somber awe inspiring hallowed ground. If attending the changing of the guard, arrive about 25 minutes before the top of the hour to get a decent spot. Parking cost about 10 for 3 hours. Many famous gravesites, you can ride a tram for a cost but rel.. Read more »
Max Pergament
Parking fee for a federal veteran’s cemetery? Have you no respect Virginia? Our National cemetery in Jacksonville is as nice or nicer with just as much parking. Free. No fancy visitor trap needed. We come to pay our respects. Greedy Virginia.
Ben Carter
Absolutely beautiful and serene. Makes you contemplate about life and freedom. Breathtaking. Free. Tons of parking. Must see even for a local like me.
Sean Morris
A wonderful place to visit. My last visit was more than 30 years ago. I visited with my youngest son and wife who had never been here before. I had not seen the memorial to those who died aboard the USS Maine. My great grandfather worked on raising t.. Read more »
Jason Lucas
My wife and I visited last summer and unfortunately only had a relatively short time to be there. The staff were incredibly helpful in their suggestions of what to do and see with the amount of time we had. We took the hop on hop off tour and our t.. Read more »
Ian Lever
Powerful and historical being there. We watched the changing of the guard that happens every hour in the winter and it was a unique experience that was new to me. The park rangers were really nice too and provided some interesting historical perspect.. Read more »
Wonderful place to visit. It was very humbling to get a glimpse of the lives that have been sacrificed. Very humbling and inspiring. The grounds are immaculate and the guards are very efficient.
Hobart Chapel
Veterans Day 2021 We were blessed to be able honor those who have been willing to, and those who have given their last full measure of devotion. No greater love has mankind than this. The staff are kind and courteous. The grounds are immaculate. I re.. Read more »
Hallowed ground with profound history. Arlington Cemetery is a national treasure. The grounds are immaculate, the staff are great and the Honor Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is phenomenal. Thank you to all of the military members for ma.. Read more »
Dina Maureen Hogan
Happy Birthday Dad...in heaven. Absolutely, the best man i ever met in this life. How lucky was I. Miss you everyday! My life without you was so difficult....could of been a marine....haha. You are my heart, my soul, your daughter. Love forever...Di.. Read more »
Brittany Slavin-Brown
Such beautifully maintained sacred ground. We are so grateful that we got a chance to go by, pay our respects and see the changing of the guard. As a non-American living in the US - you can feel just how much love and respect goes towards this nation.. Read more »
Nick Lorch
The hauntingly gorgeous hills of Arlington looks down onto D.C. and reminds those that are public servants that all who came before them served the vision of our country. This hallowed land memorializes and is a reminder that the present day politi.. Read more »
Brian Hagan
October 2021 • Beautiful cemetery grounds. Spent about 2 hours walking around and saw The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and President JFK and family's gravesites. Worth a visit and free to get in to!
Kayyee Tracy
First time going. Pay for the train. It’s super cheap, it runs frequently, and you can hop on and off to see the things you’d like to see. It’s also handicap friendly. I have an Injury and can’t do too much walking and standi.. Read more »
Sasha Oncley
A very powerful reminder of how many men and women gave their lives, for something bigger than themselves. It's unique in that everyone will share alot of the same emotions yet feel totally different.
Aleah Levinson
A sad but beautiful place. Very well maintained, we happened to visit as a funeral was taking place. There’s a trolly, but it’s not free. If you are up for walking, go early! Would definitely visit again.
Brandon Mitts
As I stood as a veteran among my brothers and sisters that came before me.... I was overwhelmed the inability to keep the tears back, though not all bad, understand the ones that came before me, and the ones lost since me. I may have lived, but they .. Read more »
torie quismundo
We had the honor of allowing our 4 new Eagle Scouts, from Fayetteville NC, Troop 740, to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown. I can’t be more thankful for the Old Guard. Jacob, who is a guard, brought the “human” to what I alwa.. Read more »
Paul S
It feels a bit weird to rate a cemetery, especially one with so much history. First off this place is beautiful and also massive. Parking was free and plentiful. We opted not to do the tour and just walk the grounds ourselves. Be prepared for a decen.. Read more »
Greg F
Everyone was very respectful and helpful. Alot of hills to walk up and down but personally it was well worth the" exercise. " A must see is the" changing of the guard." Just awesome to watch!
Jessica B (Jessie)
Very beautiful scenery and peaceful place to visit. Some exhibits will go up in different parts every year. My grandfather who was a high ranking naval officer and captain was buried with full honors there along with his wife my grandmother. It&rsquo.. Read more »
Lance K
Historic and somber, but well maintained and beautiful. The cemetery staff respectfully and professionally maintain the grounds, which are very accessible. Plan ahead because it is easy to do a lot of walking, and sometimes difficult to find water or.. Read more »
Julius Caluya
One of the most sacred places to visit in DC. You spend a good two days here if you really wanted to know everything about it. I also got to witness the change of guard ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier. It was by far the most impactful cer.. Read more »
nirmal krishna
One of the must visit sites in WDC. The whole place had a certain poise that kept us reading the tombstones for a lot of time. Incredible are the sacrifices made by the fallen for this country. Experienced the change of guard and were awestruck. Miss.. Read more »
joe morales
Was on vacation looking forward to seeing the cemetery. I’m a veteran And thought I’d pay my respects . I lost my wallet on vacation and couldn’t go in because I had no id. Really Had no weapons . I’m and American citize.. Read more »
Tracy Perry
The tram ride was good could not of done the walk without it. But at the end they drop us off and would not let's us go back the way we came. We had 3 handicapped people in our group one was 73 years old. Making us walk all the way around the bu.. Read more »
Rita Spillman-Bills
OMgosh, absolutely amazing. Heart wrenching to see how many have given their lives to protect the rights of the rest of us. Rows upon rows of white headstone as far as the eye can see.
Sergeant R
I have visited here many times. Make sure you check out the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, JFK's grave, Freedman's Village, and so much more. Rest In Peace to my fellow comrades. GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN.
Rich Simpson
1979 through 83 was a member of the military District of Washington 3rd Infantry division it provides all the funerals for everyone is buried in Arlington cemetery lot of history here I know a few people that are buried here as well known as the gard.. Read more »
Jamie Whitefield
Visiting Arlington National Cemetery was also a very humbling experience for me to see the grave markers of all the fallen who died serving our great country! The air of respect could be felt as I walked through this sacred place! My respect to those.. Read more »
Katie Hergenrother
This place is very beautiful. The changing of the guards and the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier Is very neat and respectful. It's a really cool experience. JFK is buried there and there is a very respectful and pretty area where that is. There are .. Read more »
Zalia's Trips
Sacred and hallow grounds, beautiful cemetery with clean walking paths. JFK’s eternal flame is still burning. Make sure to bring water, as the visitor center is closed, but parking is free. You will go through security so bring your ID
Jessica Boyd (JB6849)
Beautiful and peaceful place to visit. My grandparents are buried there. It’s amazing to walk around bud rake in everything. Very serene and I actually felt honored to be able to visit those who have served our country.
Brandon Perkins
Arlington National Cemetery is a site you do not want to miss when visiting the Washington, DC area. The entire experience is very historic and spiritual. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Changing of the Guard Ceremony both make you appreciate.. Read more »
Foxinko Foxový
This was one of the most amazing places I have visited while I was in the U.S. The most interesting part was the changing of guard from the 3rd Infantry Regiment and visiting the graves of John Kennedy and Audie Murphy. Definitely a place worth a vis.. Read more »
Todd Darnell
Wreaths across America is just a great organization. I am a truck driver bringing wreaths to Arlington this year. Also a Navy Vet.
Andrew Marriott
It's a sobering thought when you visit Arlington see all the headstones and realize that war is futile but we must never forget those who gave their lives for us. It is a peaceful place to walk round. There are some wonderful lifelike full size.. Read more »
James Jakubowski
This place is massive and just goes to show you the impact war has on our country. Respectful views and walks through this area as well as a lot of history. A decent amount of walking if you want to view by foot but also offered trolly/shuttle servic.. Read more »
Tyler Grant
This is supposed to be a somber, memorable experience. For every kind, caring staff member we encountered, there were 3 that all but assaulted us for walking down the wrong path or just to remind us to keep our masks on and stay 6 feet apart at all t.. Read more »
Rich Ward
Hollowed ground. You cannot be thankful to be an American after walking these grounds, which is the final resting place for many soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice while fighting for the freedom we enjoy today.
Mark Taylor
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Changing of the Guard Ceremony is a very spiritual experience. There is such a reverent spirit present as the lives of all of the fallen American soldiers lives are honored. It has made me appreciate their sacr.. Read more »
James Whyte
If you live in the Washington DC area or our planning to visit. I highly recommend you plan a visit to Arlington National Cemetery. I personally have visited Arlington National Cemetery so many times since I was fifteen years of age. Every time I vis.. Read more »
Ekaterina Filson
Beautiful historical cemetery! Very clean and well maintained. Open 365 days a year. There’s no admission fee for those who come to tour and pay their respects. They offer a couple of tours around this historical place. You can watch a ceremony.. Read more »
Our Haunted Travels - PAN
Major love and respect for our Nation's Veteran's. We loved spending our time at Arlington and paying our respects and offer the following prayer.. "Dear Lord, Today we honor our veterans, worthy men and women who gave their best when.. Read more »