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Archaeological Museum

Varna, Bulgaria
4.7 / 74
The museum’s collection is considered one of the largest in Bulgaria, as it contains more than 50 thousand copies. On the area of 2 thousand m² there is a scientific library, exhibition hall, archive and classrooms. Part of the exhibition is exhibited in the courtyard. Of the unique exhibits - a collection of gold products, which was discovered in the Varna Necropolis. Experts believe that his age is more than 6 thousand years.



Eli Koleva
Beautiful and spacey museum with lovely collections from past times. First time I saw so many smiling antique and ancient statues together, dated five thousand years before Christ through to Roman and Thracian times. Gold and silver necropolis jewell.. Read more »
Derek Williams
A totally amazing and unique collection of artefacts showing over 9,000 years the history of Bulgaria and this region from the reconstructed bronze age burials through the great empire under Bulgarian rule to more recent history. Looking at 7,000 yea.. Read more »
A very good place to visit. Acceptable price in relation to the exhibition. Descriptions in Bulgarian and English. I recommend it to lovers of ancient history.
Jasen Kolev
One of the best museums I have seen, very well organized and shown items and information covering 6 thousands years of history, and of course the oldest hand-crafted gold in the world.
brett stebelton
Very nice museum for the archaeological history of the region! Entry is 10 standard and 5 for students and takes about 1-2 hours to get through. Unfortunately when I went (March '23) some work seemed to be going on in the Roman section so one ar.. Read more »
Nana Kartvelishvili
Excellent exhibition. Very rich and diverse. Please keep in mind that you can't pay with a card. Also, information on the exhibited items are missing. Only overall age and general information, but if you want to know about the specific item, you.. Read more »
Philip Stanimirov
Not so many people have heard about the pre-ancient Varna civilization. If you happen to have taken a tour in Bulgaria this museum is a must-see: you will be overwhelmed by the historical fact which it will reveal to you, the Oldest gold in the world.. Read more »
Alina Balaci
I love this museum. Especially the golden Nike earrings. It is my 7th time of visit !
Carlos Albero Rojas
Varna’s Archaeological Museum is really impressive. The museum is well structured and easy to follow. The gold treasure is great and the icons room is in my opinion the best part of it. Thank you, we really enjoyed the visit. The Archaeological.. Read more »
Nico M
We paid 5lv for the student tickets normal tickets are more expensive?, the museum was much bigger than expected with a lot of gold ?. We were inside the museum for over an hour looking at the inventory and I am glad that I visited, when we left the .. Read more »
noech klyman
Countless exibits to be seen. Spent more than 2 and a half hours wandering from hall to hall and at some point had to stop reading everything so I don't end up getting locked inside for the night. Just one room without English text in it but eve.. Read more »
Liviu Nica
Good organization, you begin with prehistoric era and go to stone, bronze, iron era then to helenic and roman era. Recommend
Andrey Slyadnev
One of the best archaelogical museums I have ever visited. Audio-guides in foreign languages could take customer experience to a new level.
Paul B
I'm not much of a museam guy but was reccomended by the tourist information Centre to go here. There was plenty to see and some really old gold. It was cheap enough.
Andrei Silviu Bargaoanu
If you love history, it is a must see attraction. You cannot pay there by card, so bring some leva in cash to get to buy your ticket. The museum has a lot of things to see from prehistoric times ( 4000 - 5000 BC) until recent history of Bulgaria. I s.. Read more »
Bojan Catic
great place. Nicely done. if you are visiting and you love history take 2-3 hours minimum.
Very nice museum, excellent collections with the oldest gold of humanity, and an awesome Roman exposition. The museum could win a lot more by having a better organised souvenir shop though. You could make a lot of money by selling replicas of what&#.. Read more »
Виктория Астахова
Wonderful place. I recommend everybody to watch it and have enough time to observe skifian gold collection and ikon masterpieces as well
Marieta Rainova
Great museum, it's quite big and very interesting. Strongly recommend!
sorin despot
We did not visit the museum. We went to see an awesome jazz trio in the inner yard of the museum. Fantastic atmosphere!
Ivelina Mechkarova
I recommend the museum, but I would give 3 stars for the facilities, 5 stars for the guided tour and the artefacts explained and 1 star for the bathroom. I recommend a guided tour, because it was so interesting. Our guide had many stories which were .. Read more »
Ashish Chaudhary
Really nice museum in the heart of Varna, great pieces and a lot of history about the surrounding area. Its not too big and can be covered in about an hour. They also have an exhibition to display the oldest known gold ornaments in the world.
Marina Marinova
Interesting exhibitions, nice staff sharing a lot of info :)
Rumiana Grigorova
Very well organized, the exhibition is chronologically ordered, showing the oldest gold in the world.
gabriela wanek
If you are in Varna don't miss the museum. Nice place!!!
An extraordinary experience! Great exhibits, I personally found the ecclesiastical and prehistoric ones amazing. Definitely worth visiting when in Varna!
Marta Traikova
The archaeological museum hosts a wide range of events in the yard every summer on top of its exhibition. Strongly recommended it
Zlatan Bogdanov
Archaeological Museum is situated in center of Varna, Bulgaria. Building is from end of XIX century. There is ancient treasures 4200 – 4600 b.c.
Nesrin Tanyürek
The Varna Archaeological Museum (Bulgarian: Варненски археологически музей, Varnenski arheologicheski muzey) is an archaeological museum in the city of Varna on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Founded on 3 June 1888, when a museum, part of the City.. Read more »
Simeon Vasilev
Great place, great artefacts!
Маргарита Балабанова
Collections are great, but the staff is very unfriendly and rude
The building is huge but the museum covers only one floor. There is a lot to see and lots of information in English and Bulgarian. No photos allowed.
Marina Shumkova
Great collection. Don't miss if you are in Varna.
Nobody speaks english, no guide. Just some random stuff thrown in the rooms, and the rooms are pretty empty. I think it's the worse museum that I've been to
Rafal Wojcik
Definitely worth seeing. Nice antique exhibition!
Ognian Dimitrov
Excellent medium-sized archeological museum. Most of the exhibits are from the Varna Acropolis, but there are also many interesting ancient Greek and ancient Roman exhibits, as well as a large collection of Orthodox Icons.
Sam Rogers
This place is huge, and there are two floors. I had a heavy bag with me and this made it a difficult experience but the exhibits are fascinating. Most text is available in both Bulgarian and English, there is some French and German but not a lot. Als.. Read more »