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Archaeological Museum of Alicante

Alicante, Spain
4.7 / 57
A large museum with an impressive collection of 81 thousand items. A large number of exhibits have been found and collected on the territory of the Costa Blanca region. The Archaeological Museum of Alicante ranks among the largest collections in Spain. The exhibition halls are equipped with modern equipment, so visitors have the opportunity to watch videos or listen to short lectures about a particular historical period.
Address:Plaça Doctor Gómez Ulla, S/N, Alacant
Phone:+34 965 14 90 00



We went to see the terracotta warriors, all the exhibits were worth seeing but to actually see the warriors for real was not disappointing at all..if you're in the area then go see them..
Excellent museum! Huge halls with different historical eras of Alicante. Great video and sound installations. Must visit! Adult ticket 5€, kid 3€
It was a great day out. There are great exhibits. Their Chinese section is very well translated. Great for english speakers. The older parts of the Museum are not translated so bring Google Translate with you. Worth a visit. The only negative and th.. Read more »
A great chance to see some of the terracotta warriors up close while they are on loan to the museum. A great experience and an English speaking guide ensure you get the most from the day. A must see while you can.
Fabulous day seeing the Terracotta Warriors Exhibition at the Marq. The rest of the Museum was equally interesting. Lovely cafe in the grounds, not expensive. Great day out.
Visited museum to see Terracotta Warriors display. Well worth the visit. History of the Qin and Han Dynasties all laid out to read, excellent day out.
I wasn't expecting to find such a gem in Alicante. The Museum is really great, well made, clean, great staff, and they put a tremendous amount of efforts to make it a super experience. It is immersive and interactive, every detail is well though.. Read more »
Attended the special Yin Dynasty exhibition in this splendid museum. The first time I had seen the Terracotta soldiers in many years. Well worth a visit.
Visited QIN y HAN exhibition here today. It will be here all 2023 and is a perfect choice for a fine few hours spent looking back into history. Not much parking nearby but it is situated just a 3 minute walk from the nearby tram station. Very popular.. Read more »
We went to the musem in the morning and there weren't many people yet. Had a wonderful time, whoever designed this experience really knew what they were doing. Loved the colours, the projections and overall atmosphere. Tickets are purchased in a.. Read more »
3 euros to visit. A bargain for such an immaculate museum. Managed to catch the last few weeks of the Gladiator exhibition. I don't want to ruin the items on display so just added a few photos. Really is worth a visit. We only walked past by ch.. Read more »
Very beautiful museum! It was very well organised. The museum was full of artefacts and information that ranged in subject and in time. Plus students and seniors can get the tickets at a discounted rate!
Well maintained and clean looking museum. Especially enjoyed the pop up Gladiator theme! Really interesting! We got there by touribus but it is easy to access by walk as it is in the middle of the city. Also it is very cheap, 3€ for adults. Defi.. Read more »
Incredibly well done. The artifacts are impressive, and everything is staged with care and attention to detail. Entry is free for small children, and almost free for everyone else. A learning experience worth far more than what we paid.
A very nicely laid out museum, spanning Spanish history from the prehistoric through to the industrial era. However what mars this otherwise excellent museum is the obvious silence over the most important periods of Spanish hostory: the conquistador .. Read more »
Fabulous building. Took us all morning to see the Gladiators exhibition so didn't see much of rest of it. Exhibition was excellent. Learned more about Coliseum than did in Rome! Whole thing was really well done and obviously a huge undertaking. .. Read more »
ABSOLUTELY an amazing museum. If you enjoy Gladiators be certain to visit. Also excellent history of Alicante, Spain ??
Medium-sized museum located in a very beautiful building that used to be a hospital. The interior design is also spectacular. There's an engaging permanent exhibition showing the history of Alicante and the whole region across ages. Low entry fe.. Read more »
A delightful, inciteful gem..stunning audiovisual and incredible lighting and commentary. I was struck by how far museums have come in last 50 years..extraordinary efforts to highlight the human aspects of all the eras featured. It was a rare privile.. Read more »
This museum is amazing! Telling the story of the history of Alicante, the museum exhibits represent a time span of thousands of years. The first settlements in the Alicante area were made by Iberian tribes. Since then the area has bee.. Read more »
Very interesting. The permanent exhibition is well laid out/ thought through and enhanced by video/sounds. I also visited the temp exhibition about the Etruscan and it was great! This place is definitely a must-see in Alicante… and it’s .. Read more »
Very well designed museum, easy to navigate with very interesting exhibitions. It is true that a lot of the text isn't in English but if you understand some Spanish you can get by and I believe there is also audio in English but I didn't us.. Read more »
The entrance was free when we went, there are also free lockers to leave your backpack etc. Very helpful and friendly staff. There is not much English text/display, but there are QR codes with very well-developed & easy-to-follow audios that guid.. Read more »
Museum charges A LOT per person AND you have to go in individually.