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Arboretum trompenburg

Rotterdam, Netherlands
4.5 / 57
The city's botanical garden is home to an impressive variety of trees, flowers, shrubs and herbs collected from all over the planet. The collection began to be assembled in the second half of the 19th century. The garden is divided into several thematic zones; a system of canals and ponds has been created on the territory. Thanks to the magnificent landscape design, the park has become a favorite walking place for the townspeople.
Address:Honingerdijk 86, Rotterdam
Phone:+31 10 233 0166



Ana Lopes
Very pleasant garden, well cared. A paradise in the city. It could be nice if the plants have new labels as some are already old and difficult to read. The teashops are very nice and the staff is friendly. Easy to park outside.
Anthony Hickey-Stafford
Highly recommended for nature and botanical garden lovers. Many paths to explore and just get lost in the serene beauty of nature both curated and wild. As it was a hot day when we visited we highly recommend grabbing a cool drink and ice lolly from .. Read more »
serena ney
€5,75 young adult discount. As I arrived in late afternoon, it was a quick visit 1:40h. As it was the 1st of May, the majority of the flowers were in bloom, so it was a pretty walk around the park. My only suggestion would be to add more details.. Read more »
Eddie Lee
A very nice place to spend a lovely sunny afternoon. There are some unusual species flowers and plants which are beautiful and wonderful.A Japanese Ikebana flower arrangement exhibition is being hold at this moment till Sunday 4 Jun. Like a bonus to .. Read more »
M Y Imtiaz
Amazing place! Beautiful landscaping, plants and flowers. Was like heaven on earth. Went with the family, everyone enjoyed including the kids
Lina T
I had a nice Sunday afternoon here thanks to the sunny weather. This place is a lot bigger than I expected and it took me some time to find the greenhouses I was looking for. The atmosphere is lovely. Keep in mind nice weather means lots of people so.. Read more »
Fati Marhoon
Gardens with old trees (like 150 years old) and beautiful plants and flowers from all over the world. You can spend here 2 hours and end the day with a cup of coffee. The "voedselbos" was a disappointment for me (I visited in the summer),.. Read more »
Daniel van den Oord
A very nice huge garden with so many types of trees and other plants! Great to walk around you can get lost here for hours.. also loved the greenhouses with cacti!
Karen IJzerman
For a quiet stroll among plants and trees, it's nice for a relaxing summer afternoon. I expected to see more flowers and amazing trees but its ok, just think of a pleasant stroll. Bought a homemade watermelon juice, its a pity that they didn.. Read more »
Lilian Sung
I like trees, so naturally I enjoyed the arboretum too ?? Even if you're apathetic about trees, it is a fine place for a good walk. We went in mid-April, where there were tulips, daffodils, some cherry blossoms, and rhododendrons were starting t.. Read more »
Olivier Buitelaar
Was here on a party with my family. It was in a big glass tent. This was a bit unfortunate with the heat. Outside it was only 15 degrees but inside it felt like 35. When it comes to the botanical garden itself, I would say it's nice for a bit of.. Read more »
Radu Făciu
Small nice botanical garden. You can spend 2h with a short walk, drinking a tea, enjoying the sun.
Shivaani Harmsen
Beautiful in all seasons! Great place for about two hours, including a nice cup of tea. Entry fee of 10 euro is fairly pricey for the garden, worth it in spring and summer. Free entry with the Rotterdampas and Museumkaart make it worth it once every .. Read more »
Nicholas Bonello
Take an afternoon to take in a brilliant slice of nature in the city. Enjoyed a walk through the beautifully landscaped garden followed by some refreshments in the tea room. The arboretum is filled with the sounds of birds and all the trees and plant.. Read more »
Yago Dslv
First of all, the staff is great. Apart from that, Arboretum where? Any park you visit will be better than this. Only a 70yr old person from Sahara that hasn’t seen a plant in their life would enjoy this. Maintenance is terrible, design even wo.. Read more »
Nice place yo relax and have a walk. Beautiful nature and birds
Dide Kahraman
I recommend going in spring/fall since other times there’s really not much to see. A rather small arboretum with a cute café inside.
Dr Win Sutanto
An oasis of tranquility in the city. This botanical garden may seem small but it is beautifully landscaped and plants labelled for educational purposes. One may want to spend half a day and to have refreshments in between exploring the different sect.. Read more »
Nadia Jethoo
To really take advantage of the ticket make it the activity for the entire afternoon. There are a few cafes on location where you can stop to get a bite between viewing the gardens. There are several sections to see so it can be a bit of walking. A g.. Read more »
Mariana Kamimura
What a beautiful place, a little paradise in the city. Everything is so wonderful, you will feel like entering a fairy tale world ❤️
Dick van Soest
A really beautiful garden. Worth a visit in every season. There is also a nice teahouse