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Anfield Stadium

Liverpool, England
4.9 / 90
A modern stadium with the highest category of 5 stars. The arena is home to the Liverpool football team. At the same time, by British standards, the capacity of the stadium is small, it is designed for 54 thousand fans, although during matches at least three times as many people want to watch the game. The arena was erected in 1884, it was reconstructed and expanded three times during the XX century.
Address:Anfield Road, Anfield, Liverpool
Phone:+44 151 260 6677



Dylan Sheffield
My first time it was a amazing atmosphere and general vibe with a pre match stop at the bar the tour a few days before we where ready and were not disappointed amazing game got to get pretty close to the pitch loved it 👍
Tim R
My second visit here, and I always enjoy it. The stadium is impressive, the staff and people are friendly. Getting to the stadium isn’t too difficult, as there are buses running from the city center on match days. The return bus ride can be a b.. Read more »
Really enjoyed the stadium tour. A lot to see and the history and energy is amazing, even when it isn't match day. We did the audio tour, which was ok, but a tour guide would have been preferable, to have that personal element and ask questions... Read more »
Keith Aboraah
My second time coming here and I always love it. The stadium is magnificent the staff and people are friendly. Getting to the stadium isn’t very hard as there are buses running to the football ground from the city centre on match day. Getting a.. Read more »
Local Reviewer
Great experience, amazing value for money. I did the stadium tour and club museum, absolutely loved my time there. Definitely recommend doing both over just the museum. It’s cheaper to book the tickets through virgin experiences rather than dir.. Read more »
Lewis Wills
The stadium tour is great. The guide was funny, very informative and gave everyone enough time to take photos after etc. Afterwards you can go to the museum which is good. Photo opportunities with the Premier League trophy etc. A good experience.
Aaron Cain
Out of this world, I'm bias as a Liverpool supporter but having been to numerous stadiums with my family anfield is otherworldly in comparison. Even a non supporter must go. Its a thing of beauty. It even looks great on the sat nav. Thank you
rose flood
Did the stadium tour and couldn’t fault it. All the staff were so friendly, approachable and great sense of humour. Reasonable price for the length of the tour and what was included. The Liverpool store after was a treat! Great selection of pro.. Read more »
Poom Settha
I didn’t do the tour which would cost about £23 per person. The outside of the stadium was impressive and clean and the shop was rather interesting. Items seem reasonably priced. You can have your name and number press onto customise a f.. Read more »
Did the Stadium tour and museum, watch a great way to start the trip to Liverpool. Not massive football fans (mainly patriotic when it comes to the main events like Euros and World Cup) so to make us immersed and wanting to learn about the history a.. Read more »
i like planes
Amazing stadium and one of my favourites. Audio guides help give an insight into the stadium's history and it's also kind of a of free flow tour. So, you can look around and proceed your own pace, not pressured by time or being left behind... Read more »
Abhishek Hingwasiya
Amazing experience.. home to the best football team and coming here was an experience itself. Very Friendly guide with all the help to take your best pictures . It should always be in your must visit list and you will never walk alone.
Stuart Atchison
Amazing experience, legends tour, Q&A with Steve McMahon, a true legend of the club. My boyhood club, great reminiscences, amazing history. The tour was very informative, access all areas (apart from the pitch) All the staff were incredibly help.. Read more »
Stuart McIntyre
Brilliant setup for the self-guided stadium tour. You get a tablet with earphones that talks to you as you move around the stadium. Really well organised with lots of friendly staff who are happy to help. The visit includes the home and away dressing.. Read more »
sylwia krygier
I was very impressed with the place! Well maintained and nicely designed. Loved the shop too, which was very well stocked up with such a variety of things and loved the fact you could get your personalised jersey while having a nice cup of coffee or .. Read more »
sarah marshall
I'm not a football fan, but the venue is fantastic for concerts. The hospitality is wonderful and all the staff re immaculately turned out and very friendly and extremely helpful. Thank you for making our experience a memorable one for all the r.. Read more »
Waqas Ahmed
I'm not into football at all, however my brother certainly is, however he's disabled and needed someone with him I went here, with fairly low expectations, however it's actually quite decent even as someone who doesn't care for f.. Read more »
Adil Lakhani
My fave stadium in all of Europe. Home to the greatest team in the world. The mighty Reds. A must visit for any football fans. Beautiful. Unmatched atmosphere. Especially on magical European nights.
Not my team !! but definitely worth a visit One of the top Stadiums to visit and the History behind it. The museum is also worth a visit if you are into your history and have grown up with some of these Legends. The Tour guides are a great source of .. Read more »
Wins Low
Did the stadium tour I loved it, if your a football fan and not from a rival club you'll enjoy it, if you're a Liverpool fan you really will love it. There were several people on the tour who had come from abroad, the guide (Gordon) was gre.. Read more »
Des Farrell
Really enjoyed the tour of the grounds. Our tour guide was very friendly and really knew his stuff. The merchandise wasn't overly expensive. Food & drink were excellent. A fantastic experience
scott haynes
Haven't been here since 2005. Did the tour and loved all the sights and seeing behind the scenes of the greatest club on earth. Can't wait to come back again and watch a game. Anfield is my church.
Did the stadium tour with the children. Really enjoyed it, the vista from the stands is so impressive. The weather was awful but made very little difference, even pitch side. Worth doing not just for hardcore fans but for those generally interested. .. Read more »
Jon Parker
Loved it i am huge Liverpool fan so my opinion is slightly biased. My 10 year old girl absolutely loved it she is a big fan as well. Best £64 I have ever spent in my life
Tim Phillips
Went on the Stadium tour. Place is pretty amazing, first time in the new main stand and it’s spot on. The provide you with a tablet and headphones to watch as you walk round. Loads of info on the history. As always the staff are super friendly .. Read more »
tony obilana
First time at Anfield, enjoyed the match, encompassing stadium really brings everyone in like one big happy family (not). Easy to get to difficult to get out the area after match. Made mistake of carrying my rucksack and had to run to a chippie to ho.. Read more »
Stuart Tulloch
Went for a stadium tour with my son for his first visit to Anfield and it was great. We did the self tour with audio guide. There is staff everywhere to help and seeing my son was struggling with the ear buds one straight away got him so overhead one.. Read more »
Rob Smith
Fantastic stadium tour and museum. You get right into the stadium and start at the top of the main stand with a wonderful view of Anfield, before winding your way down to the changing rooms and famous tunnel to the pitch. Museum isn't huge, but .. Read more »
What can I say? It's my spiritual home ?. Great tour, very informative Tour guide and a great chance to see the famous stadium. You visit the press conference room, players changing rooms and see the famous 'This is Anfield' the playe.. Read more »
Ali Hall
An amazing place. No matter what team you support there is so much history here that can come from some quite surprising sources. Even the car park attendant was able to give us a history lesson.
Phil Garratt
Awesome....but then, I'm a Liverpool fan so what else did you expect me to say? Fantastic stadium, amazing atmosphere when it's full....and even better when The Kop starts singing You'll Never Walk Alone. Club shop is excellent.
Steve Fleetwood
Went to see the champions wall montage images. Was not disappointed. Looks amazing. Was easy to find our picture on the montage. The stadium looms amazing to. And the club shop is deffo worth a visit.
Barry (Gaosphappy)
This trip was a bucket Lister for me. The day was AWESOME. All the staff without exception were welcoming and friendly as were the people of Liverpool. Overall an amazing day and I can't wait to be able to do it again. Thank you people of Liver.. Read more »
Martin Norris
Great stadium visit, despite problems a day earlier I got into the ground quickly. The staff working around the queues were friendly. Food was ok, and reasonably priced. The toilets were clean. Moving around the stand was easy enough. Leaving th.. Read more »
Ewen McMillan
Best atmosphere. New QR code entry worked smoothly. Great stewards made the whole experience stress free. Food and drink prices inside were reasonable. Plenty of loos available too.
John Lardner
Took my lad there for his first covid jab on Monday. Staff were helpful and friendly and my lad enjoyed the overall experience. No side effects, said he didn't even feel the needle. Well done Anfield Stadium
Shahab Qureshi
What can I say, the best ground ever! I will try to put my bias aside, but honestly, the stadium tour was loads of fun, the stadium guide was easy to interact with, lots of history and great fun seeing the PL trophy at the end. The stadium is iconic,.. Read more »
Aaron Molyneux
Absolutely brilliant day on the stadium tour. Incredibly knowledgeable staff. Thoroughly enjoyed, just need the lads to win another trophy to do it all over again.
Nice place. Big fan of United but to be honest this stadium is great. Nice services and beautiful scenery. Nice picture of Arnold and Henderson also
Raquel García
We went on a guided tour with Gary, our guide, who was very funny and made us all feel comfortable and participate with questions and answers. He was very good with kids too. The stadium itself, amazing, all in all, a great experience.
douglas dougieruby@hotmai
Greeted by a gentleman who took down my details and guided me to the testing centre. I was again Greeted by a lady who showed me how to do the test and I was on my way. On leaving the centre I was given 7 tests to do at home or I could come back and .. Read more »
Tushar Patel
So Glad Stadium Tours are Back. 70 Minutes. Very insightful. Was able to see trophies and dugouts.
gary day
Easy to get to by bus taxi or walking from lime Street station. By walking you get great view's of the city from Everton park. Plenty of pubs and take aways around the ground.
sarah howe
Anfield is a nice stadium it has all disabled access inside it and its wide space. it has lifts for disabled people to tour only bad bit is when u come through to the block their is alot of steps and it be better if its flat as its easy for disabled.. Read more »
Anthony 0'Leary
Have been a supporter for a very, very long time. Organised the first flight to a European game in Cologne, followed two further plane loads, all members of the Caberet Club Duke Street. One the best Night Clubs in the country in those days. Many gre.. Read more »
Jack Deguara
Beautiful atmosphere. Went here with my dog and my giraffe, they had a great time.
Good memories for this stadium! Anfield is clean and have a lot of souvenir. The staff so good for foreigner and general visitor. This place have restroom enough for fans. When matchday is coming the red atmosphere make me crazy because it was really.. Read more »
ross bellamy
Beautiful building, incredible scenery and absolutely outstanding atmosphere. I can't wait until we can have some normality back in our lives and enjoying making memories of our beloved Anfield and Liverpool Football Club
Peter Bullock
Incredible experience, the staff are very friendly and helpful! My other half pointed out that it is the only place she has ever been that they have been so kind and thoughtful towards her pregnancy. The museum shows all of the best highlights and hi.. Read more »
Diya Siyani
An amazing stadium home to an amazing team. We went on a tour here and it was beautiful. Home to the best team with the best stadium. The stadium is clean and stunning.
Victoria x
HEAVEN Even if you don’t support Liverpool. Our stadium is beautiful and a magical place. You have to experience Anfield. ?
Altaf Naeem Ali
Home of the best team in the galaxy. Liverpool football club won the premier league in 2020 with 96 points. 96 is also the number of Liverpool fans who died in the 1989 Hillsborough disaster, a fitting tribute to the departed.
margaret boswell
We did a stadium tour. Michael was our tour guide along with Gordon. Michael was passionate and so knowledgeable about Liverpool Fc and made the tour interesting and funny. I'm not a football fan, I went with my partner but I found it very inter.. Read more »
Richard Dutton
Trying not to be biased here! Fantastic stadium tour, first one I've done since the new main stand went up. Staff are very helpful and friendly as you'd expect. The museum had changed a bit also since the last time I'd done it, loads b.. Read more »
Neil Fitch
We never went inside the stadium. But got a good feel of this most famous ground. Staff warm and friendly despite the inclement weather. Still extremely enjoyable. Don't forget to visit the Georgie porgy.
rhiannon limburn
Came here on a tour and loved it. The stewards were knowledgeable and were able to answer any questions. Also we had to wear masks (which didn't bother us) and all staff had masks on. Well worth the money
Chef Danny McDonnell
History of the beautiful game, museum tour, opportunity to get up close to a place of worship to winning, friendly people with empathy and very helpful, easy reach by bus, taxi, car park facilities and plenty of photo opportunities.
Iqbal Ali
Felt more like a pilgrimage than a random tour. Absolutely loved it. The tour guides just made it better
sathish kumar
Being a football fan wanted to definitely see this place. Well not disappointed that too when they are crowned champions of England. Would love to visit for a match than visiting an empty stadium tour .Hence had only outside visit
Srini Vedagarbha
Third time visiting the ground. Glad they didn't bring it down for a 'modern' stadium. Has the charm which new modern stadiums lack. Took my fiancee (who is an avid football hater) to show what a great historical, magical, emotional pl.. Read more »