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Ambras Castle

Innsbruck, Austria
4.8 / 49
The history of the castle began in the 12th century. In those days, it was a harsh medieval fortress. Under Archduke Ferdinand II in the 16th century, Ambras was rebuilt by Italian architects in accordance with the canons of the Renaissance. After the completion of the construction, the ruler placed his collection of works of art in the castle, many of which adorn the best museums in Austria today. Part of the collection remained on the territory of Ambras and today is available for inspection.
Address:Schloßstraße 20, Innsbruck
Phone:+43 1 525244802



Ilknur Nigl
I strongly suggest you to go there on foot if you like hiking because you're going through such a nice natural environment as you can see from the pictures. However, don't forget to get something to drink before starting going there because.. Read more »
Annemarie Dreyer
A museum. Interesting collection of artifacts. A LOT of family paintings, and also a lot of rather diligent security staff, it almost felt as if they expected us to take something. Beautiful place, very peaceful gardens.
Vijaylakshmi v n
The castle is beautiful and has a lot of historical artefacts including paintings. I would recommend the audio guide for families with small kids. The castle grounds are huge and provide beautiful views of the alps. The grounds are very nice for hiki.. Read more »
Dennis Gane
Walking around the grounds and touring inside the Schloss itself is a great way to spend a leisurely afternoon or maybe even a little longer. If you have an interest in art and old weaponry, they have it. They also have a lovely little restaurant on .. Read more »
Ralph Del Conte
Touted as the world's FIRST museum. Get the Audio guide. Interesting to hear that even in the 16th century there was thought given to the lighting and painting effects to display the collection. The armor is perfectly preserved. The castle exte.. Read more »
Rosie Free
Don't miss this if you're visiting Innsbruck! We took the C bus from the old town, it didn't take long at all and was simple to find. Beautiful frozen grounds in winter, and breathtaking rooms inside. The exhibit of art and wonders had.. Read more »
M.M Marie
I wasn't expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised with what was exhibited here. My favorite part was the Chamber of Art and Wonders, so many interesting pieces! I wish I had planned more time here, if I come back to Innsbruck I will definit.. Read more »
Ben Lehmann
Wonderful experience. Would recommend to any traveling to Innsbruck. You can walk from old town (if ambitious), taxi or use public transportation. We spent approximately 3 hours touring the grounds. Lots of history explained. Small cafe in upper cast.. Read more »
Great place to visit. You see a lot about the life of Ferdinand II. The collection is wide spread. There is inside a place for lunch or coffee. I would recommend to go there for a amazing view of different paintings. If you are early it is quite rela.. Read more »
Helene Royal
It's a family castle. Lots of history and exhibits. Knights' armour, portraits painted in the 14th century. Several beautiful halls. The audio guide is concise and to the point. For whatever reason the museum does not seem to be very popul.. Read more »
David Brown
Huge museum and many portraits Lovely setting and peacocks in the grounds. Can get there by tram to Amras stop then 20 min walk, some parts steep uphill. Can get bus to base of castle which is slightly closer.
Francisc Inta
Beautiful medieval castle with spectacular weapons and art galleries. Peacocks are showing all their splendour in the courtyard. Although, it is a bit expensive and you also have to pay for parking at a meter where it only accepts coins of 1 and 2 Eu.. Read more »
בועז מינץ
Very beautiful place. Lots of history and interesting exhibition to see. They have explanations in English and German. The garden is very well taking care of. Highly recommend!
Nafisa Khairullah
Definitely underestimated this place. They have converted the castle into a museum. Its truly worth the visit. Take sometime on your hands and go, its not enjoyable to rush through the tour.
Richard Knowlton
Better and broader experience than expected. Lower castle is mainly armour with a natural wonders section. Upper museum combines a significant art collection with history of the Hapsburg family. The Ferdinand Cafe offers lunch in the central squar.. Read more »
Dustin Ratliff
Very nice castle with extensive armory, an eclectic wunderkammer, and a portrait gallery. Most art and artifacts are late Renaissance to early Modern period. Highly recommended for history enthusiasts in Innsbruck.
Attila Kovacs
What a great experience. The whole complex in and around the castle is beautiful. It also has one of the world's oldest museum of armory. Great view of the mountains across the valley as well.
Chirag Mandal
A quaint castle atop a hill on one end of Innsbruck. I could see the whole city from the top of the castle.
Michiel Moermans
Interesting castle just outside of Innsbruck. It has an interesting collection of curiosities, an armory and lots of paintings. Wouldn't say it's a must visit but it has good explanations of family trees and history of the castle.
Amy Cz
Beautiful gardens! Lots of hidden trails that are fun to explore. A lovely morning walk.
Adults are fun for discovery of Middle ages. Kids like to have a look at the knight armors but it won’t last… Photos are prohibited in the museum.
M. K.
A beautiful area and a beautiful castle. I didn't buy a guide or a ticket for the inside. The parc that surrounds the castle is taken care of so that the garden looked really nice.
Andrew Frasier
Great place to visit, if you want a relaxing walk around the grounds or to try and get a look at the peacocks like me and my daughter do
Rob Tilson
Great fun, loads of armour and weapons, very Covid safe!
Hippity Hoppity
Started a siege, safe to say I now have the castle under my control.
neha saxena
We didn't go inside the palace but spent good time in its garden.. It has a small lake where kids can feed birds.. Also a small waterfall trail .. We did pretend hike with ours kids and they enjoyed a lot .