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Amalienborg Palace

Copenhagen, Denmark
4.8 / 84
The architectural complex of the 18th century, consisting of four buildings and an adjacent square. Each building is named after a Danish monarch. The prevailing architectural style of buildings is Rococo. The palace square is decorated with a sculpture of the ruler Frederick V. Amalienborg houses the official residence of the royal family and a public museum, where you can admire the interiors, rich decoration, furniture, sculptures, paintings, clothes and household items.
Address:Amalienborg Slotsplads 5, København K
Phone:+45 33 12 21 86



I liked walking around the palace grounds and the museum section of the palace open for viewing. The history of the current monarchy is pretty cool and the presentation of previous monarchs offices are a great way to show each persons personality. I .. Read more »
Arun & Jayati Singh
Very interesting place. You need to buy tickets and there is a locked place to put your backpack securely. There is also a lovely shop to buy souvenirs. I loved the section on the crown jewels and everything is written also in English.
Finailla Hackwood
Loved visited Amalienborg Palace! Especially seeing the rooms that were from the other palace premises that had been moved here as they were decades ago. Beautiful collections of art and antiques pieces. Phenomenal royal history too and I was gratefu.. Read more »
Brady Reed
Such beautiful buildings. The architecture is amazing, but thats so many places here. It was nice to be there early and beat the crowds for the changing of the guard.
A Yu
Great architecture, interesting displays. Neat to see where formal events were held, and living quarters of previous royals. Saw the changing of the guards at noon too! This was a nice and relaxed visit!
I recently visited Amalienborg Palace and was in awe of its grandeur and historical significance. The palace complex is truly a sight to behold, with its beautiful architecture and regal presence. The palace is the official residence of the Danish r.. Read more »
Natina Harris
What a way to end the Grand Tour of Copenhagen with the magnificent showstopper, Grand Amalienborg! BTW, in 2015, this was the first royal palace that I had ever seen in my life. Now, I'm back, and today, Queen Margrethe is the oldest reigning .. Read more »
The museum area to visit was very small, not really worthy. From my view not a must place to visit. The area outside is beautiful and nice to visit. The guard change is not that spectacular, actually a little bit boring. During the change the place i.. Read more »
Hakan Köse
There’s palaces that belong to different kings in Denmark history here. And in the middle there’s a Frederik V statue. Definitely a visit point when you are in Copenhagen. But to be honest I don’t find it really spectacular. There a.. Read more »
Sergio Martínez
A nice square to visit with royal guards, beautiful buildings with great architecture around it, a nice statue in the center. We were able to see the change in shift of the guards and their parade with all the soldiers and the flag. Definitely a grea.. Read more »
KC Mitch
Really nice area and a stunning castle. You have to see the changing of the guards. It’s at 12 every day and get packed but u can get a good view. Flags mean the family is home which we learned that today. Explore the area. You will enjoy it.
Toriqa Indriaty
Beautiful classic building complex with equestrian statue of King Frederik V right in the center. We can also see the iconic Frederiks Kirke (Frederik’s Church) from there as it’s within walking distance. Like the others said, the changi.. Read more »
Izzat A. Husrieh
If you happen to visit at noon, you can experience the changing of the guards. They March everyday from their barracks near Rosenborg Castle through the streets of Copenhagen and end up at this location. While only a small portion of the p.. Read more »
Ashton Butler
The staff were so helpful. The palace was fun to tour and also so open given the royals still live here. Also got to see the changing of the guard take place at 1200
Ian MacDonald
Despite my general disinterest in royalty and jewelry, I still found the museum located here surprisingly fascinating. Seeing just how interwoven the Royal Families of Europe are and getting a sense of the scope of activities they are required to att.. Read more »
Joseph Collea
The home of Denmark’s King and Queen. Unfortunately one of them was in residence and as such there were no tours available. Still a beautiful place to visit and take in the wonderful architecture.
D Henrick
An impressive ensemble of 4 identical palaces with classical frontage. In one palace (Palais Christian VIII.) nowadays the Amalienborg museum is located. If there on time, one can attend changing of the royal life guard.
Jürgen Braun
If you have to choose between Rosenborg and Amalienborg, the better choice is for sure Rosenborg! But also here I can recommend to buy your tickets only, even if you do this only shortly before your visit. Usually there are long queues and there is a.. Read more »
Cyntia Pethövá
Rally nice place which offers nice old buildings, big statue in the middle and cathedral little in the back. The thing I really liked about this place (square) is, that it wasn’t overcrowded.
Decent place to visit if you have the city pass, but I wouldn’t recommend spending the money for a stand-alone ticket as the items aren’t anything too special (other than the Faberge room which is pretty small). They have free lockers to .. Read more »
Irina Kravchuk
Very nice rococo royal palaces complex which worth visiting together with Frederik's Church nearby and Amalie Garden near the waterfront. It's a Danish royal residence. Interesting that originally it was built for 4 different noble families.. Read more »
Davide Vettore
Amazing Royal residence in the heart of Copenhagen! It’s a must see because it has an interesting structure, in fact it’s composted by five buildings all around a square because in origin there were dove noble families who decided to buil.. Read more »
R Vh
It was a interesting palace. You just walked in to a kind of court and around you there are different buildings. Apparently at every building around lives a part of the royal family and there are underground tunnels so they can visit eachother. We w.. Read more »
Michael Sugden
Impressive. The main palace is flanked by 4 smaller palaces where the prince and princesses live, patrolled by an honor guard. While we were there, someone drove into the courtyard so all the guards came to attention immediately until the car had bee.. Read more »
Ralf Woehe
Its one of the highlights in Copenhagen. Beautiful presented. It is a living castle and guards directions must be followed. I also like the setting near the water and the fact that it is open to the public as much as possible.
Sofiia Romanovska
Royal place that functions nowadays. Daily at 12 pm there is public guard exchange that worth to see. Guard's outfit depends on the presence of Queen inside and if there are visitors - based on their status. Next to the main Palace there is an .. Read more »
Amber Webb
Amalienborg was a fun place to visit. We enjoyed reading about the more recent royals and going through the rooms. I gave this a 4 just because I feel the other palaces in Denmark have much more history and more rooms to go through as well as beautif.. Read more »
Nick Karvounis
Majestic place. Don't expect to see the queen or any royalty there except in rare occasions but you will definitely see many royal guards and tourists. A single tip: don't pose close the guards or bother them in any way as it is prohibited!
O Everything
The changing of the guards is fun to watch but very crowded with tourists. If you decide to skip it, it’s fine, as it’s not very interesting, and actually quite boring especially with all the people. The palace is nice with a statue in th.. Read more »
Jaikishore Sharma
The changing of the Royal Guard at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen happens every day at noon. We happened to discover this tidbit by chance and then decided to start our day in Copenhagen with this. We raced down to central Copenhagen all the way fr.. Read more »
Sankhadip Mandal
The official residence of the Danish Royal Family, the Amalienborg Palace is the most sightseeing place to visit in all of Denmark. The architectural design of the palace is Rocco and both the exterior and interior design is grand, gilded and lavish... Read more »
Lex Universe
One of the official residences of the Danish monarch and the royal family, this palace in the historic center of Copenhagen is one of the most favorite tourist spots. Entrance fee is 50 DKK and allows you to enter two of four of the palaces. There is.. Read more »
Melsame Damandaman
This tourist place is quite precious for me. Our school teacher brought us and the three of us just enjoy the place, nature and the sun. This is great place for walking. Seaside, and it is located nearby the castle where the queen family and the quee.. Read more »
Marc Romagosa
Watching the changing of the guard is nice if you like the ceremony and there's a bit of music, but mostly they're just going about their jobs. It's worth seeing but not worth waiting around for if the weather is bad. As for the buildi.. Read more »
Claus Jensen
Residence of the royal family. Nice, large square, surrounded by 4 beautiful buildings. All protected by the royal lifeguard. Absolutely must-see og you visit Copenhagen!
Emily The Goddess
Amelienborg is my favorite castle in Copenhagen. It's just the right size. Frederick's Church is a stone's true away and it's just a great place. Highly recommend!
A must visit if you are in Copenhagen. The palace is very modern and elegantly decorated. The beauty of the castle will blow you away.
Manninson Burn
We saw the parade outside the palace . Elegant guards in uniforms performed in a show just in the garden . Suggestive inside and very “ classy “ ?
Joshua Flint
Worth a visit, the place is well kept and clean, but really not all that much to see or do. The changing of the guards might be of interest to some.
Dr. Iram Khan
It is a royal palace of immaculate beauty. With the Frederik Church in the background and the Black Diamond at the front, there is something of composure, peace and permanance about the place, that bestows certain serenity to it. It is definitely wor.. Read more »
Intraordinary Official
Beautiful location! At the time of my visit, it was quiet. Most people were relaxing at the harbour
Fazal Amin
Amalienborg Palace no doubt one of the beautiful place and palace of Copenhagen, is located in the center of the city. It is really a mixture both art and history. Very pleasant look of the palace specifically beautiful canals and botanical gardens a.. Read more »
Eileen Weed
It was interesting to see the rooms and studies of the royals, completely filled floor to ceiling with framed photos, pipes, books, and knickknacks galore! It was a hoot - is this really how they lived, or did they just fill the rooms with all their .. Read more »