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Alpine Zoo Innsbruck

Innsbruck, Austria
4.5 / 21
Alpine zoo, where 150 species (more than 3 thousand individuals) of representatives of the alpine fauna live, many of which are on the verge of extinction. Goats, cows and sheep also live here. The menagerie was founded by the zoologist H. Psenner in the 1960s. in order to preserve the species diversity of the fauna of the Alps. Educational and research programs operate under the auspices of the zoo.
Address:Weiherburggasse 37a, Innsbruck
Phone:+43 512 292323



Very nice Zoo. It's all on a hill so you'll get lots of exercise walking around the zoo. Fantastic views from various locations there as well. If you buy the Innsbruck Card, the 13 EU entry is included as is the train that is the first stop.. Read more »
Had fun at this place watching animals and just being with mother nature at the same time. It's a nice place to visit together with your family, also with friends or maybe alone will do too. The animals will keep you company if you get bored. 😉
Very nice zoo. I can only recommend visiting this place. It's great for all groups of people. Only one little bit of warning, it's on the hill so it's necessary to go up and down 😅 Otherwise for the price it's definitely worth it .. Read more »
Impressive. Visitors can look at the animals from different sides. If you don't see the animal from the bottom, be patient and walk all the way up to the top. For example, the wolf. I purchased the Innsbruck card so it's free entry.
First of all, Not many animals to see like they advertised, high price and part of it is underconstruction, and you can't even see some animals,cuz they are hiding. As an adult, I would recommend to safe your budget for something else. For kids .. Read more »
Nice zoo with local animals. Sadly no feedings on the Saturday we went. We could see most animals. The infosigns could have more written information about the animals. The park is set on a hill, easy for adults to walk through tho. The restaurant is .. Read more »
There is no collection of many different species of animals and the zoo itself is not very large, but here are the species of local animals that live in the Alps. There is also a small nature museum where you can deepen your knowledge of the nature o.. Read more »
Great zoo with local mountain animals. You can see bears, wolves and big birds very close. Many interactive places for kids with explanations on animal life, ecology etc.