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Allianz Arena

Munich, Germany
4.6 / 84
A stadium erected for the start of the 2006 World Cup. It belongs to the Bayern Munich club. The Champions League final was held here in 2011/12. The Alliance Arena is located in the Fretttmaning Heath. The construction is called a real miracle of modern architectural art; at the entrance to the stadium, the fans are breathtaking from the sight of this grandiose design.
Address:Werner-Heisenberg-Allee 25, München
Phone:+49 89 69931222



Bavaria Travel Group
Bayern Travel Group guests from London came to watch the game of their favorite team "United Manchester" The game was very spectacular, Bayern Munich won. The guests were completely delighted with the Alliance Arena stadium! Best regards fr.. Read more »
Ditsa Mukherjee
Amazing Arena with such vibrant interiors. Participated in the Guided English Tour which helped us to know and understand the Arena much better all about its past, present and future. Was a wonderful experience! 😍🏟
Vijai Baskar
Good arena tour. They take you to the actual lockers. The museum is only worth it if you’re a die hard fan of the club.
asaf fishelevitz
A really great experience for all soccer lovers. We got a guided tour of the stadium that gives you access to places like players locker room, the court and the players bench. The museum is rich with information and trophies (a lot of these!) The kid.. Read more »
Shane Kennedy
Good overall, the stadium is a little lacking compared to others I've done. Be good if you're a die hard but think the museum is worth it. Very easy to get to and back into the city thanks you the great rail network of Munich
Chelvis Choon
cool architecture, many photo worthy moments to capture. a nice big merchandise shop that sells soooo many things and the arena was cool too. i also went to the museum which was not too bad, good for adults and kids. need not spend too much time her.. Read more »
Samuel Stephen
Good location just next to U6 subway but also not a lot around as a city, such as touristic activities. Most people visit here and that's all that's around the area (compared to many other parts of Munich city). Entry fee isn't bad, a.. Read more »
Raffael Torsch
It's a legendary place, we just wanted to enter the stadium and see it, but the packages are not only entered into the stadium; There are only two museum tours or museum+stada entrance. I can't say that the prices are extremely affordable, .. Read more »
Adalheida Herzog
I really liked the Allianz arena. We participated in the museum and stadium tour. It was a nice tour with a guide. Together with the museum, there was a pleasant yet impressive atmosphere for 3 hours. The most important detail is a section behind the.. Read more »
Ronan Cahalane
What a stadium. Transport in and out is second to none. There is no bad seat here. Watched Tampa and Seattle here and it was one of the best sporting occasions I have ever been at. Incredible stadium.
Louise S
Visited for the NFL 2022 Munich game. The stadium is stunning and the service was top class. Queues were managed really well and there was never a huge wait for anything. Getting in was easy but security was also thorough which is good. The bag dro.. Read more »
Ales Tvrdy
Always like to see a place like this. Even I came quite late for the tour and outside was nearly to a heavy storm but no doubt that this place is great to visit. Definitely one more reason why to come back and enjoy the atmosphere of full stadium dur.. Read more »
Denis Nossevitch
The arena is stunning, the plaza it’s located in is massive and has clever paths to guide pedestrian traffic. But the amount of smoking here is insufferable and detracts from the experience. The washrooms are the filthy. The gift shop has a sel.. Read more »
Ahmad Abdullah
Ok, the stadium from outside is very charming. When you get in it’s just poor. I wanted a full tour but the cashier guy said its sold out (even I arrived at 12pm), and sadly I found other people doing it after my arrival. The museum is organiz.. Read more »
Gus Arango
They only sell alcohol free beer. Not sure if there only certain spots inside the stadium where not al beer can be purchased from, or maybe only some events have alcohol free beer but a bit disappointed I could enjoy a nice cold German beer at the st.. Read more »
Ales Tvrdy
Always like to see a place like this. Even I came quite late for the tour and outside was nearly to a heavy storm but no doubt that this place is great to visit. Definitely one more reason why to come back and enjoy the atmosphere of full stadium dur.. Read more »
I am not a big football fan so I was not expecting anything, but the tour was really really interesting and fun. The guide was very talkative, fun and informative. We visited so many places and could enjoy the places you don't normally see. Tour.. Read more »
Tom Strogen
Great stadium. The tour and museum are fantastic full of history. Tickets aren't too expensive really great value. Definitely recommend a visit when visiting Munich
Otabek Imamov
Amazing stadium in white. When game day the stadium becomes red in Bayern Munich symbol colors. This photo is taken when we a group of Uzbek delegation passed by the stadium. We came to Munich to meet with Agricultural ministry, research institutes a.. Read more »
Radite Viriya
The tour was great. And after tour we visited the restaurant. And this restaurant really reflects the biggest football club as the guide say. I couldn’t pay with the card, only one Cashier open. The Desinfektan was empty. Superb!!! Really disap.. Read more »
Ivan Rivera
I took the tour and then went into the museum. As a football fan I had always wanted to go to this stadium. The guide was very clear, he took us to the most important places, and answered every question that people did. The experience was great, howe.. Read more »
Madellynne Corado
The tour guide was very kind and friendly. He explained everything to us and took the time to solve questions. Those 19€ are worth it. If one wants to visit, take into consideration that the tour starts at 10:45am.
Abdulla Zokhidov
Vacation certificate or PCR test required. One of the most popular stadium in the world. Beautiful place, but a little bit far from city centre. I could not get inside because didn't reserve ticket beforehand. So took some photos outside
Melanie Geiler
Our first visit to Allianz Arena and we were impressed. Great protocol for entry and very smooth. I realize it wasn't close to full capacity but the lines to get in moved quickly as did lines at food stands. We didn't see anyone not wearing.. Read more »
Philip Richards
This stadium is simply amazing and one of the best in the world. The tour is superb and in many languages. A must see whether its a match day or not.
Pedro Pessoa
It's a beautiful piece of art, specially during the night when the lights come on. I was here to cover a match for the Euro 2020 and found it to be slightly better than outside, as it was a very hot day! The corridors are very wide and have big .. Read more »
Kamiyla Felder
Visited for Euro 2020 Portugal vs Germany. Great accommodations and very clean. The seats are also quite comfortable. Great views from anywhere in the stadium. Definitely recommended!!
Caitlin Broadhurst
We had an enjoyable tour here when we visited in summer 2019. If you like football, the museum is great to look around and very interesting. The tour of the stadium was fun and interesting to see the behind the scenes parts of the stadium. The empty .. Read more »
Ahmed Abdullah
The type of football arena you want to be in. Allianz arena is shaped like a space ship. It offers a great tour inside the arena that takes you to nice parts and exhibits. You would be able to go inside the locker rooms , trophy room, the press room .. Read more »
Alexander Bryant
Fantastic stadium. Until it was built I was always very jealous of Man U fans because they sat right next to the pitch. Now we have that. Franz Beckenbauer is proud to support this place which means I gladly do as well. My family from little Bavarian.. Read more »
Erwin Pieroni
Superb atmosphere & experience BAR NONE!!! World class stadium & team!! Super loud & awesome. No words could ever describe the experience I had while attending soccer match live. MIA SAN MIA!!!
Incredible place, the atmosphere is awesome and you can live the stadium even if it's almost empty. The tour and the museum is the best way to get fully involved in it. You can buy online ticket and even inside the stadium when you get in (north.. Read more »
Mikey Heckman
The stadium is quite exposed. There isn't a great feel in the surrounding areas. Stadium looks intimidating. The pitch and seating is visually pleasing.
Shuvrodev Biswas
Awesome night view, quite and calm. Missed the real vibe due to covid19. So cant write much.
A masterpiece of architecture. I always wished to see the stadium up close.
Abdul Q Khan
What can you say, lovely stadium, easy access off the motor way, plenty of parking available.
Anders Axelsson
It's huge, the ambiance is decent. Before the game starts there are quite a few places to grab a beer and a sausage. The stadium atmosphere is hit or miss. The fans expect to win, and usually do, sadly that takes away from the environment. The f.. Read more »
Daan Schram
Nice stadium. Up close it looks less incredible then from a distance though. The prices to go in for a tour and visit the museum are pretty high.
Okuyasu Nijimura
Very good stadium. It’s spacious and the view is nice. The outside looks like it’s a giant textile pillow! Went here in 2014 for a match. We always drive pass here from Netherlands to South Tyrol, and it’s gorgeously lit up at night.. Read more »
Albeast 1
A most excellent Bavarian soccer venue! I was there for the Brazil Australia game of the 2006 World Cup! Of course Brazil won! The stadium is awesome, the atmosphere was Electric! beautiful Stadium.