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Allen Lambert Galleria

Toronto, Canada
5 / 5
The Allen Lambert Galleria, located in Toronto, is a stunning architectural marvel that will leave you in awe. The best time to visit is in the evening, just before sunset, as it allows you to appreciate the intricate designs in both natural and artificial lighting. The night view is particularly marvelous, with the building beautifully illuminated in green lights. Additionally, the Galleria offers free entrance and features various art installations that add to its charm. As the Galleria is situated in the financial district, you can expect to see a lot of people in suits and office workers bustling about. The building also houses a large and elegant food court, perfect for grabbing a bite to eat. Furthermore, for sports enthusiasts, the nearby Hockey Hall of Fame is a must-visit attraction that offers an enjoyable experience. The location itself is truly gorgeous, with its unique structural design creating a serene and ambient atmosphere. The floor, adorned with lit tiles, adds to the enchanting ambiance, especially when viewed at night. It is no surprise that the Galleria is a popular spot for photographers and tourists alike, as its forest-like/canopy corridor provides a breathtaking backdrop for capturing memorable moments.
Address:181 Bay Street, Toronto
Phone:+1 416-777-6480



Phone photography is allowed all day long. If you have a camera however, be aware that to use it, you’d have to go at off hours. Either early morning or after 6pm. Security was kind in passing that information along.
Its a beautiful structural marvel that we can witness in Toronto. It definitely make our heart a good feeling. The best time to visit it will be in the evening just before sunset, because it will give the chance to see the designs in normal lighting .. Read more »
very beautiful building with various art installations and free entrance
its amazing to see! a lot of people in suits and office workers since its financial district, a really big food court that looked very fancy plus the hockey all of fame that is very fun to visit too!
Gorgeous location with amazing structural design that is so ambiently different in day time and night time. Sometimes they also host different type of art and exhibits pending on what is happening here. The floor lit tiles are really nice to see at n.. Read more »