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The Admiralty

Mykolaiv, Ukraine
4.1 / 32
The Admiralty is a historic complex of naval department buildings in Nikolaev. It was originally built in 1788 as part of the Nikolaev shipyard ordered by G. Potemkin. The surviving gates of the Admiralty are the only remaining fragment of the original building, which was destroyed during the Great Patriotic War. The main gate and the wall with reliefs of the hippocampus, a symbol of navigation, have managed to survive. In 1951, the Admiralty was reconstructed in the Stalinist Empire style, designed by N. S. Shapovalenko. The building is adorned with a spire crowned by a ship, symbolizing its connection to the sea. In front of the main entrance, there is a bust of Prince Potemkin, the founder of the city. The Admiralty is considered one of the city's attractions and a significant piece of Nikolaev's history. However, the lack of proper lighting and the presence of overgrown trees in close proximity to the building have detracted from its visibility and led to its deterioration. Despite its current state, visitors still appreciate its beauty and recognize the need for restoration and repairs. Overall, the Admiralty serves as a reminder of the city's maritime heritage and a testament to its architectural and historical significance.
Address:Admiralska Street, 38, Mykolaiv



The surviving gates of the Admiralty are a fragment of a building that housed a guardhouse, rooms for advisers, galleries and a courtyard. During the Great Patriotic War, the Admiralty was destroyed. Only the main gate of the Admiralty and the wall w.. Read more »
The Admiralty in Nikolaev was built in 1951 in the Stalinist Empire style. The author of the project is N. S. Shapovalenko. The spire of the building is crowned with a ship that carries the message in 2017. In front of the main entrance to the buildi.. Read more »
The Admiralty is a complex of naval department buildings in Nikolaev. The construction of the Admiralty dates back to 1788 when the Nikolaev shipyard was built on the orders of G. Potemkin. According to the original construction plan, the complex had.. Read more »
In the dark, this is the darkest building, barely found. Neither the bust of the founder of the city, nor the building of the Admiralty is illuminated. And this is very annoying. Potemkin stands in the dark :(
The guard did not let in the middle. He said that this is not a museum for you, you can't go in.
Beautiful, but abandoned and shabby
looks great overall. I just walked through the city, raise my head, and tuut .. such a beauty!
One of the city attractions
The best of the best
The building is certainly beautiful, but he needs repairs. Plus, I was advised to come to look at it. It’s not in the evening that it’s so lit that it’s hardly possible
A beautiful building with its own history. Now refers to the shipyard. Requires repair places.
A beautiful interesting place with a rich history and a great cultural and architectural value. In addition, it is possible to make interesting photos in the retro style, as well as in "ship", futuristic and fantastic styles, as well as lea.. Read more »