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9/11 Memorial

New York, USA
4.9 / 75
Memorial dedicated to the victims of the terrorist attack on the twin towers on September 11, 2001. The complex is installed on the site of former skyscrapers that collapsed as a result of an air assault. Waterfalls collapse into two large foundation pools, oak alleys are planted around. Memorial plaques are fixed on the parapets, which lists all the names of those who died that day. Near the pools is a museum.
Address:180 Greenwich Street, New York
Phone:+1 212-312-8800



This was the only museum we went to while we were in New York and it was well worth it. I liked how they built it around the original foot print of the buildings and you could see where you were underneath the original buildings. There are various di.. Read more »
We visited the museum as part of a guided tour.  Booking the tour was a great move because we got a private and comprehensive explanation and orientation.  After the tour was over, we had enough time to explore the museum and memorial pools.. Read more »
12/16/2023: Such a somber, yet educational memorial to the victims of 9/11. It was fascinating to see what has been preserved to tell the story in a very respectable way. One of the guides did a great job explaining why the towers collapsed and ho.. Read more »
This is an amazing, amazing memorial to a tragic day. It's very difficult not to be emotionally affected here. The reflecting pool memorials to the 'Twin Towers' is terribly emotional. However, the 9/11 Museum... I'm sure I would.. Read more »
As expected, this is a very emotional and even difficult exhibit to experience. As I was moving through and touching the memories of that day, it was difficult to believe that it was 22 years ago. The museum evokes such strong remembrances that it .. Read more »
The National September 11 Memorial & Museum, also known as the 9/11 Memorial & Museum is a world renowned memorial and museum and a fitting tribute to the tragic events that unfolded on September 11th, 2001, one of the darkest days in America.. Read more »
We have been here several times while visiting Manhattan. We have never hired a tour guide to take us here. We always take the subway. There are several subway stops along the way that leave you near this majestic spot. If touring the museum is on yo.. Read more »
Very touching and heart-felt memorial. We highly recommend the tour. It only took an hour, and the guide was informative and helpful. They really did a great job with this. Even the stairwell was original. BUY YOUR TICKETS ONLINE.... SKIP THE WAIT.
If you are visiting NYC 9-11 Memorial is a must. It is a very popular destination; went during the week and there was quite a bit of people. I recommend purchasing tickets in advance. It's very touching and emotional. The memorial is the actual.. Read more »
I visited the memorial and the museum. Visiting the museum was a shocking and emotional experience. The museum has pictures, clothes and objects of the victims, it has burned cars and parts of the building. It has a place inside where there is a minu.. Read more »
Visiting the 9/11 Memorial & Museum was a deeply moving experience that left a profound impact on my heart and soul. The memorial stands as a testament to the strength, resilience, and unity of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable tragedy.. Read more »
The 9/11 Memorial Museum is a really special place that pays tribute to the people who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. Located in New York City at the World Trade Center site, it’s a must-see if you want to understand and honor this imp.. Read more »
If you lived through this tragedy, it is a must visit. If you did not, then you need to go and learn about what happened that day. Many feelings will run through you. Sadness, Unity, Freedom. So many things from that day are preserved here. A beautif.. Read more »
This is such a lovely museum so sad to all the people who died. It really educates about what happen. We definitely recommend if you haven’t already seen this place it’s is a wonderful really and worth the money and time. The cafe was als.. Read more »
I took both the interior and exterior tour and it was worth every penny. If you visit NYC, this is a must on your checklist. The detail in every feature, the architectural forced perspectives, the gravity of the place. The site is Immaculately clean,.. Read more »
An emotional encounter with a dark episode in New York City's history. This must not be missed if you are in NYC. The guided tour has been fantastic. Very informative, well paced and emotional. The guide has added value to the museum by sharin.. Read more »
Of all the reviews I have done, this is without a doubt one of the hardest ones. It has taken me a long time to get here and pay proper tribute, and today, I was able to do that. The memorial fountain, the museum, and everything that was saved from.. Read more »
Nice museum, maybe a bit long on the show. The timeline part was extremely interesting. I didn’t agree with the price since is a memorial and they shouldn’t ask for that expensive entrance. As well for the souvenir shop inside the buildin.. Read more »
Must visit when in NYC. Very evocative and moving memorial complex and museum. It is so thoughtfully done. If you can, take a tour - you will learn so much! Museum tour guide Lee was great: empathetic and knowledgeable. I got tickets online, so I d.. Read more »
It's amazes me how some people have little respect for this place. Thousands died here and this is a place of mourning. Posing for selfies with silly poses for Instagram infront of pictures of the dead is just wrong. Rest in peace for those who .. Read more »
This is a very special place...one of reverence. Lots of staff to assist if there are questions.
Very beautiful place. You can feel the history behind it. It's very fitting
One of the most incredible museums I’ve ever been to. The building itself is so well designed and the exhibits are well laid out. The fact that the museum sits right on top of the original foundations for the towers, which you can still see, is.. Read more »
Very reverent atmosphere, amazing to think back on the history of this place and the many people that became heroes and helped. I pray for the families that lost loved ones. Highly recommended visit.
Absolutely phenomenal! This is a must-see when visiting NYC. The grounds outside are breathtaking. When you enter the museum, there’s a security check as if you’re at the airport (shoes kept on). As you make your way through, there are .. Read more »
The museum was just fantastically done. It is very long and they do tell you that. They tell you to pace yourself rest when you want. I think it would have been a better experience for us if we would have done that because at the end you just kind of.. Read more »
I can’t say enough about this memorial! I was 11 when the towers fell and, ever since, always wanted to visit ground zero. I pictured it in my mind several times, but it was nothing like I’d imagined it would be. When one thinks of NYC, .. Read more »
What can be said about a memorial to one of the most harrowing moments in American (and potentially world) history? Simply standing at ground zero is charged enough. You can feel the weight of the area, and the large installations only serve to deepe.. Read more »
I was very emotional being in this Museum. Beautiful Museum. One of my memorable trip to New York City. It would have been nice if they have more artifacts inside the museum !! like a squad cars, civilian cars that was impacted in 911. they only hav.. Read more »
Only got to see the memorial but my gosh is it absolutely beautiful. The memorial is breathtaking as well as super serene and tranquil. A nice place to reflect and take in NYC and it’s history both good and bad. I would come here again as the m.. Read more »
This is honestly one of my favorite places to visit. The history and the spirit here is incredible. Even though it's a memorial of such a tragic and terrible event, I feel a sense of hope and determination in the buildings and in the people here.. Read more »
Worth the visit! Well laid out museum paying proper tribute to 9/11/2001, it's victims and its heroes. They have it set up where you only go one way as you walk through which works nicely. The beginning half or so is big open areas you walk thr.. Read more »
This is a must see! Such a great learning opportunity for my kiddos and I. I was younger when this tragedy happen... it was great to learn so much more and feel the full impact. You could spend hours in here! A day I will never forget the exact momen.. Read more »
Absolutely beautiful and touching memorial and museum in the exact place of the twin tours that fell in 2001. This memorial in New York City gets millions of visitors a year. I would highly recommend visiting this site as it just makes it more real t.. Read more »
Does anyone actually consider this to be a park? I understand the significance and meaning of the location and memorial, but as a park, this is a failure. Few areas to relax or sit, not enough shade from the sun, few plots of grass, and an overall .. Read more »
We had planned to go to the memorial in our short stay in NYC. But we didn't know about the museum. We made changes to spend the morning at the museum and were glad we did. It was well done and helped us remember that tragic day in 2001. If you .. Read more »
Beautiful museum! It was an unforgettable experience. Made me tear up watching short clips of 9/11 and all the pictures of the twin towers. I went for a school trip and it was a very educational and emotional experience. I recommend this museum ?
Everyone should visit this beautiful place, at least once in their life! It was very emotional, as I can remember exactly where I was on September 11, 2001. My family visited New York, the summer of 2019. It was amazing! We hit all the top &ldquo.. Read more »
First time visiting the site. An emotional walk back to one of the most unfortunate events in the history of the country. Respect to those who risked their lives to save lives on that unfortunate day. Great job by the authorities, excavators, and eng.. Read more »
I wish I were there to see the Twin Towers, they looked very amazing! The memorial looks very beautiful at night with the One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower). Respect to those who died trying to save other peoples lives. 9/11 will never be forgott.. Read more »
First time visiting the site ever, It’s very surreal that 19 years ago the twin towers were burning and ultimately were destroyed The Memorial pools are amazing... You really can’t describe the size of them until you’ve seen them w.. Read more »
A very respectable tribute! Cudnt visit the museum but park and pools are really great to visit. WTC and other buildings are worth to watch from the park. Spent a beautiful evening.
The most peaceful respectful and beautiful tribute to everyone and everything we lost. I love coming here. The silence speaks volumes. The space is sacred. A must visit for anyone who has ever loved NY.
In 2015, the Princess Trans-Atlantic Cruise took me from Rockhampton UK to New York, US. It was just days after 9/11 anniversary. I had to visit this 9/11 museum to see first hand some of remains. It was not the most pleasant visit! Today is 9/11 (M.. Read more »
It’s closed now due to COVID
This museum is very touching and moving all at the same time.you really feel what people were going through when this tragic happened. Even though the line to get in was very long it moved rather quickly which was good i had ticket prior going. I did.. Read more »
Definitely worth the time to visit. Make sure to take your time to read and explore all of the different areas the memorial has to offer. It will take several hours so don't rush. They did a very good job detailing the events