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30 St Mary Axe

London, England
4.7 / 106
30 St Mary Axe, also known as the Gherkin, is an impressive landmark in the heart of London's financial district. With its unique oval structure, it stands out among the surrounding buildings and catches the attention of anyone who sees it. Visiting the Gherkin offers a one-of-a-kind experience. The sleek and modern design, along with its distinct shape, is truly fascinating. The building's exterior is adorned with curved glass panels and intricate steel framework, showcasing its impressive engineering and design. Once inside, you'll be treated to a soaring atrium and stunning views from the top floors. The Gherkin offers a glimpse into London's blend of history and modernity, as it stands tall among centuries-old architecture while still fitting in seamlessly with its surroundings. For those looking to indulge, the Gherkin is also home to Searcys, a venue offering afternoon tea with delicious food and drinks. The bar on the 40th floor provides exceptional views of the city, although it's worth noting that the surrounding buildings may obstruct some of the vistas. Security at the Gherkin is thorough, with airport-style measures in place to ensure the safety of all visitors. It's important to make reservations in advance, especially for the bar, to guarantee entry and enjoy the panoramic views. Whether you're a fan of modern architecture, a history enthusiast, or simply looking for a unique experience in London, a visit to the Gherkin is highly recommended. From its breathtaking design to its iconic status in the city's skyline, it's sure to leave a lasting impression on all who visit.
Address:30 Saint Mary Axe, London
Phone:+44 20 7071 5029



The view was spectacular, the food was wonderful. The service was great until it became busy. We didn't get refills on our tea or water, our waiter was nowhere to be found. This was our first tea experience and we enjoyed it. This is worth a spl.. Read more »
Very impressive landmark that definitely catches one’s attention. Visited on a Sunday maybe between 10-10:30 am and we were among the very few people who were there in the area. So we were able to take pictures without crowds in the background... Read more »
This is one skyscraper at the heart of London's financial district worth a visit. It has character and the oval structure uniquely stands out. Fascinating!
During my recent visit to London, I had the opportunity to see the Gherkin building in person, and I must say, it was an extraordinary and unique experience. The building is nothing short of iconic, and it's easy to see why it's become such.. Read more »
Photographed a wedding here last weekend and have nothing but great things to say about the venue and staff. The wedding coordinator was so helpful with collaborating with me on the day. Overall a great experience and would love to go back soon.
Probably my favourite building in London - well worth the visit for afternoon tea at Searcys. Really delicious although we had to ask for some tea about 10 mins after our food arrived. Service otherwise great & we would've had spectacular vi.. Read more »
Great building. The views from the bar on the 40th floor are nice. They were so much better long before all of the new buildings in the area were built. It’s a bit drowned out now ? It’s in a great location for travel connections and lots.. Read more »
Such a great venue. Amazing views, incredible service and great food & drinks. The views with a clear sky were spectacular and the changing skyline of London is always intriguing. If you get the chance, do pay a visit to the us iconic building an.. Read more »
One of the amazing structure in London. You can visit the restaurants on top floor of this building to see the view of the city. This building, along with the other neighbouring buildings are the best example of modern and medieval architecture of Lo.. Read more »
the 23rd Spot: Saint Mary Axe (Saint Mary Axe 30 cucumber building and lots of amazing tallllll buildings) the Saint Mary Axe really blows my mind. that bullet-like shape makes me standing there for over half hour. to enjoy the incredible outlook o.. Read more »
This place is so beautiful and scenic, the staff are friendly and accommodating the process to show ID and check in and go through the mental detector was smooth and lovely. However, despite how lovely the hallway looks you can not take pictures ther.. Read more »
Fantastic building, was lucky enough to go up to 26 floor with somebody we new who was working in there. Great view although starting to get dwarfed by near by buildings. Grab yourself a tour you wont be disappointed
Place is incredible with amazing views of the city! Although my 5 stars go for all the incredible & kind people working there, who make our experience very especial! Big Thank!
Great building. The views from the bar on the 40th floor are nice. They were so much better long before all of the new buildings in the area were built. It’s a bit drowned out now ? It’s in a great location for travel connections and lots.. Read more »
Amazing venue. Especially the very top. Views are amazing. Secuirity not bothered by a large backpack with multiple pockets.
Loved it! An iconic building and home to offices and reataurant/bar. Magnificent building with 41floors and looks amazing both day and night in the timeline of London.
Visited my office finally, very nice locale, lots of option for lunch. Interiors are good and felt like maze navigating around our office space. Access restrictions are too tight and getting to a loo is such a pain :)
Cool, Iconic building. View from the top has been blocked in some directions in recent years but still an awesome 360 degree view from the bar at the top. Lifts make your ears pop and get from top to bottom and vice versa in no time at all.
It was a nice place to visit. The staff in the building are very polite. But I was a fan of the food in the helix restaurant.
One of the most iconic buildings in London. Houses the Poly Experience Centre showcasing the best-in-class audio-video collaboration technologies for Microsoft Teams
We went for an afternoon tea and everything was superb (apart from the smoked salmon, but that’s just because I am a picky eater!). Staff is absolutely incredible! Excellent service! The place is beautiful, food is great… Lovely hostess .. Read more »
A site to see!! Definitely a great building to obtain office space. The environment is peaceful and the views are exhilarating.
One of the most interesting buildings in London. For modern architecture fans it's a MUST SEE. Really a gem - whenever you come there you always notice sth different, shadows or sun rays flickering :) And all these lovely skyscrapers nearby. You.. Read more »
The Gherkin is a stunning building. All the area is a great display of contemporary architecture which mixed to some landmarks from the past centuries and local history makes this area in London one of the nicest to walk by. I find it awesome at nigh.. Read more »
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Surrounded by beautiful city of London the architecture of the Gherkin always stands out amongst, at ground level you are greeted with a lovely green area and nearby are coffee shops.
Almost every food has touch of butter. specialist would bring your food on the table with full explanation. A very nice explanation of your bill when you ask for the bill.
One of the most interesting buildings in London. For modern architecture fans it's a MUST SEE. Really a gem - whenever you come than you always notice sth different, shadows or sun rays flickering :) And all these lovely skyscrapers nearby. You .. Read more »
The Gherkin, otherwise known as 30 St Mary Axe, is one of the capital's most famous buildings. It's a feature of the London skyline and home to offices, a restaurant and a cocktail bar. Very interesting design of buildings, not the only one.. Read more »
30 St. Mary Axe or "The Gherkin" as it's famously called, is an extremely different in design, which makes it a great location for phoro shoots. Many tourists come here to get photos captured with the extravagant building. I luckily li.. Read more »
A wonderful experience from start to finish. The view is spectacular and the food was exquisite. The staff are so great. Welcoming and very funny too. Will most certainly visit again on out next stay in London.
Lovely restaurant and bar on the top floor with amazing view. The food and deserts were very delicious. The staff however were not very friendly and when my friend and I asked for them to take a picture from us they refused to do so because of COVID .. Read more »
I could focus on the bad and give 3 ? or on the good and give it 5?. So will average it and stick with 4. The good: Amazing location and awesome venue. Decent food and good drink selection. Nice touches around the place and great service especial.. Read more »
When you approach this high-rise building, you understand how majestic it is! This building surprises and shows how the architect's thought was embodied in reality. Only when you stand next to it, you understand how huge and complex it is in te.. Read more »
Worth for the money. Very polite and professional service. Clean...tasty food and well served. First time in my life I drink proper cocktail and Irish coffee with the exact amount of alcohol ( not water or ice) It's a little bit expensive but wo.. Read more »
We were privileged to have our wedding on the 38th Floor at this delightful building in London. What a venue, special thanks to Amy and Shelley-Ann and Bianca for the support for making our day memorable. I would recommend hiring this venue the views.. Read more »
Incredible building. Nice and quiet to walk around the financial district at the weekend when nobody's at work, just bear in mind that means most cafes are shut too.
One of the earliest soaring skyscrapers in the heart of the City and one which at least has some elegance. Unlike the more recent skyscrapers the Gherkin has no public spaces. There is a restaurant at the very pinnacle but it’s a private affair.. Read more »
London City - the city which never sleeps! This is definitely one of the iconic buildings of London which offers a view which equals notable nostalgia. A feeling of being a part of history as you look over the London skyline in a modern building craf.. Read more »
As photographers, we love photographing weddings in this part of London and nowhere is more iconic than the Gherkin to have your wedding reception! Its views of London are unrivaled and the atmosphere after dark when the city is all lit up is stunnin.. Read more »
Beautiful architecture, so futuristic yet it's a proof of extraordinary London city,a mixture of old and new??❤
The Gherkin is really good building in London, in Uk. It looks like very modern. Some people like historical others love modern. I like both it. The Shard and The Gherkin are my fav buildings. From my persperctive, everyone should visit them. Cheers... Read more »
Cool building, random art i found here in that back of the building. And there's a creepy old man that works in the postroom of the loading bay. Hints the 4 star.
This is one of the great buildings of London Was original in its time with the paneled glass construction Tucked away but worth going to look at if you are in the area .Apparaently a great restaurant inside but i just kept outside and admired
One of the beautiful skyscrapers which always take your attention from far and I specially went to this place to capture a picture ☺️
Beautiful structure, we passed it whilst exploring sculpture in the city which was wonderful.
Top place. Professional service at Searcys
I find it slightly nonsensical that many of the reviews of this outstanding building, that has won all sorts of important architectural awards, seem to be obsessed with food. This is a landmark building and reviewers are complaining about some aspect.. Read more »
Security tight. Reassuringly over-priced restaurant at the top, and swish bar above; both have great views, lessened when they started building similar-sized buildings all around.
Very nice place ther's socal distance over there.not crownded.
Bit too posh for an Orpington lad like me but hey, decent
An absolutely stunning building, there is something about the design that makes it different and unique in the London Skyline. A must see if you are in London.
Fantastic views, great food and friendly staff. Lucky with weather so we did have the full benefit of looking over London. I think it may be of benefit to visitors to have some sort of leaflet which flags some of the points of interest that can be .. Read more »
Enjoyed my day at the Gherkin. Pleasant meal. Great views.
A unique building in the midst of more traditionally shaped skyscrapers. I recommend having a meal at Searcys which is at the very top of this building.
Amazing place ....St Mary Axe was a medieval parish in the City of London whose name survives as that of the street which formerly occupied it. The Church of St Mary Axe was demolished in 1561 and its parish united with that of St Andrew Undershaft, .. Read more »
Was pretty cool to see The Gherkin from ground level but I was disappointed that it wasn’t a hospital. Children’s television has lied to me.
Beautiful building
Its the most Dynamic looking building in the London’s skyline though not very dynamic in its shape. My children’s favourite, iconic and simple beautiful! I love to photograph it as much as I love to visit around. Always get new perspectiv.. Read more »
The Gherkin or The Shard? My opinion: Gherkin. For intimacy. Personal Service. A Very Special treat. It felt like we had the whole gorgeous place to ourselves. We were very well looked after. Try it. You will thank me later. ❤
Had a great experience in the gherkin. This was a Christmas gift. I enjoyed the brunch and the views across the city were amazing. I think if you didn't like smoked salmon or eggs you'd be stuck but this was a set menu brunch. The service w.. Read more »