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Mamayeva Sloboda

Kyiv, Ukraine
4.2 / 18
Mamayeva Sloboda is a family theme park located in Kiev, Ukraine, that offers visitors a unique and immersive experience into Ukrainian culture and the Cossack way of life. The park is designed to resemble a small village, complete with traditional Ukrainian houses, a church, and even a sotnik's palace. While the houses were unfortunately closed during our visit, the park still provided a nice introduction to Ukrainian culture. One of the highlights of Mamayeva Sloboda is the opportunity to participate in various artisan experiences, such as blacksmithing and pottery. These hands-on activities allow visitors to learn more about traditional Ukrainian crafts and create their own souvenirs. The park also features farm animals, adding to the peaceful and authentic atmosphere. However, some visitors have mentioned that the park is not well maintained, with overgrown weeds and a run-down appearance. The presence of tall apartment blocks surrounding the park also breaks the immersion and detracts from the scenery. Additionally, the price of entry and the cost of food at the restaurant are considered expensive by some visitors. Despite these drawbacks, the park still offers a unique and enjoyable experience for those interested in Ukrainian culture and history. The recreated houses are meticulously designed to resemble the original architecture, and there is even entertainment in the form of Cossack dances throughout the park. The restaurant in the middle of the park serves authentic Cossack food, including a popular dish of suckling pig that must be ordered in advance. Overall, while Mamayeva Sloboda may have its flaws, it is still worth a visit for those in Kiev who want to learn more about Ukrainian culture and experience a taste of the Cossack way of life.
Address:Mykhaila Dontsya Street, 2, Kyiv
Phone:+380 44 361 9848



Very nice place and get service at the restaurant ?
Very nice typical Ukrainian houses but unfortunately all houses were closed. Sad season
A nice introduction to Ukrainian culture. it really feels like a small village complete with sotnik's palace, church, and a whole bunch of stylized houses. It would be even better if the majority of them were open. Otherwise, we had a pleasant s.. Read more »
Nice and peaceful place with farm animals. You also can try traditional food and drinks.
It is not kept in good condition. Place is full of wild plants and very dead looking small creation of a cossacks town. I think 150 uah is too expensive for this price. It could be really cool if the place had activities and actual Cossacks. Town hal.. Read more »
Authentic, with relaxed and cheecky animales, not crowdy even on weekends. Nice nature. Only restaurant is expensive.
This place is not worth your money. Not maintained well. Overgrown weeds are everywhere. None of the buildings are open. Dog that is roaming around administrative buildings was very aggressive and scared our kids. Sad that such an interesting place i.. Read more »
The ethnopark in between the residential district traveling anyone through times to the times of the Cossac Democracy and national independence fight of the Ukrainian nation. There is an Orthodox (Eastern or, Byzantian) Christian church within, and o.. Read more »
Very nice little cosy park with authentic Ukrainian style
This is a family theme park taking you back in history and the cossack way of life.. The houses are not original but have been recreated to perfection. All the park is well taken care of and good place where to spend a whole day. Cossack dances acc.. Read more »
Nice and atmospheric place to visit. Incarnation Ukraine cossaks hystory itself.
This can become a new, better Pirohovo with a bit of an effort! ????
Beautiful place but nothing to pay 150 hrn per person.
A fresh breath of nature and traditional Ukrainian culture amidst the city.
The place is for kids primarily, tells you about the history of Cossack people. The ticket costs UAH 120 for adult kids go for free. If you don't speak Ukrainian please do take a guide the charge for the tour is UAH 500. Our guide was Ludmila sh.. Read more »
Very nice place to visit - museum in the wild. Authentic Ukrainian buildings and atmosphere. We were visiting on a work day so, as we understood, there were missing elements like actors playing kozaks on horses. Fortunately for us there was a seller .. Read more »
Very nice place to be if you like to see how was the life in the past. You can visit small old houses, church, have dome local food. Also the performance of folk dancers, singers and Kozak whip artists. They will take "volunteer" from audie.. Read more »
It's was great time, lots of fun, lots of knowledge about Ukrainian history and customs. Host (Ludmila) has a great English and keep us busy whole evening. Traditional Ukrainian kitchen.
One of my favorite places in the city. Get there and you will not regret. Take your kids and friends with you. It's a cossack village with wonderful atmosphere. You'll be able to enter and see the interior of a cossack's, potter's.. Read more »