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Zoo Pitesti

Pitesti, Romania
4.7 / 15
Zoo Pitesti is a family-friendly and well-organized zoo that offers a green and peaceful environment for visitors. While it may be small in size, the affordable entrance fee makes it a fair option for a day out with family. The zoo also boasts a modern playground for children, providing entertainment for the little ones. Although some visitors mentioned that there aren't a wide variety of animals, the zoo does have a good selection of exotic animals, including birds, crocodiles, snakes, bears, lions, and tigers. Additionally, the zoo provides shaded areas and a clean playground for children to enjoy. Overall, Zoo Pitesti offers a nice opportunity to see wild animals and spend quality time outdoors, making it a great choice, especially during the pandemic period.
Address:Str. Nicolae Labiș 9, Pitești
Phone:+40 248 223 203



Family friendly, green (with a lot of trees inside) quiet and very organized zoo. It's small but the entrance is very cheap, so it's fair. You also ha.. Read more »
Great for a day out with family. Lots of animals to see and a playground for the little ones.
Not so many animals to see, but good shadow and kids playground
It looks nice, but there are many cages that seems that are not cleaned
Great for a day out with family.
Lots of animals,birds,crocodile, sneak, bears, lion,tigers. Nice place to go with your children.
Enjoyed the zoo. Thank you Pitesti
Relatively small but with a good variety of exotic animals
Nice place to see wild animals.
Good place to spend some quality time outdoor during the pandemic period!
We stopped to the zoo today in our way home. Not sure if we liked it, not to many animals to see, they looked sad. The only thing i find impressive wa.. Read more »
Love the place...nice day out....so bad that all the kids play area was closed.
Great place, animals looking good!! And it's soooo not expensive, beautiful cute place, and the most important thing is, that the animals are looking .. Read more »
Lots of fun activities for children, animals are well taken care of and plenty of shade from trees all around. Perfect for a hot summer day. The entra.. Read more »
Nice and clean, well arranged, quite a diversity of animals in fairly good condition. The cages are of medium size, there is an indoor space with parr.. Read more »
Very clean and beautiful place to spend time with family. Animals seems to be happy and content.
Worth visiting in hot weather. It is located in the real forest. A lot of trees, flower and bushes pleasant atmosphere ( saving shadow on the burning .. Read more »