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Zhenetsʹkyy Huk Vodospad

Bukovel, Ukraine
4.6 / 16
Zhenetsʹkyy Huk Vodospad is a stunning waterfall located in Ukraine. Before entering the area, visitors are required to pay a fee of 80 UAH for adults and 40 UAH for children. It is situated approximately 6 kilometers away from the main road, making it a bit of a walk to reach. On weekends, the area tends to be crowded with many people. If you prefer not to walk, you have the option to drive your car up to 1 kilometer near the waterfall. Along the way, there are shops and a small market where you can purchase food. However, be aware that the road may be challenging if you are not used to walking long distances. Despite the difficulties, the journey to Zhenetsʹkyy Huk Vodospad is worth it. The scenery is incredibly beautiful, with picturesque landscapes of the Gorgany mountains, rocky ledges, and tall spruces above the water. It is a perfect place for nature lovers and photographers. There are two ways to reach the waterfall, with one path leading through a forest over a hill. If you are interested in hiking, it is recommended to visit during weekdays to avoid the crowds of visitors who arrive by car. For those who want a more comfortable experience, it is possible to hire a 4x4 taxi service provided by locals. This will save you from the long and sometimes unpleasant walk. However, some visitors have mentioned that the walk to the waterfall can be uncomfortable and noisy, especially due to the gas emissions from local jeeps. It is advised to come later in the day to enjoy a quieter atmosphere and the possibility of witnessing a beautiful sunset. Overall, Zhenetsʹkyy Huk Vodospad is a great destination for nature enthusiasts. The stunning waterfall and surrounding scenery make it a must-visit place in the Ukrainian Karpaten region.



You have to pay fee 80 uah for adults and 40 uah for childrens before entering the that area 6 km walk from main road So much people are there on week.. Read more »
The road will not be easy if you are not used to walking a lot, but every minute of this journey is worth it. also don't forget to go to the 300-year-.. Read more »
Very beautiful place where you I to come back again. It is connected to the highway by a 4 km unpaved road. Several pits through which cars with a cl.. Read more »
Nice hike, beautiful waterfall.
Actually, there are two ways to the Zhenetsky Guk waterfall. Check out the way through forest over the hill
Quite mice nature place for tricking, you have the choice of how many km drive & how many walk through the nature, better be there during weekdays if .. Read more »
One-stage handsome, a walk to which can be a great option for both winter days and summer. Don't hide your camera in a backpack: all around are fabulo.. Read more »
Great location. Love the Ukrainian Karpaten
In terms of trail to it - Narinetskiy waterfall is more picturesque. There are some pieces of advice re this one. 1) Come late. I was there at around.. Read more »
Not sure that it was worth it. Very long uncomfortable walk with lot of noise and gas of local jeeps.
Very beautiful waterfall, especially in winter, when you can see a huge amount of ice hanging above you, and beautiful views around. You can walk of g.. Read more »
Totally worth long walk)) you can take a Jeep taxi if you like. The road is a little bit crashed after spring water flood.
Great place. A scenic path to the waterfall.
Average because road for reach the place is bad
Long way worthy to go with amazing nature views around
Very nice place! The road to this waterfall also very beautiful!
Great place with nice waterfall
Nice waterfall but a lot of people in the summer so it is hard to make nice photos