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Warsaw Uprising Museum

Warsaw, Poland
4.7 / 37
The Warsaw Uprising Museum is a remarkable museum that offers a captivating and informative experience. The interior design perfectly captures the essence of the era, with attention to detail that is truly remarkable. The museum is filled with a wealth of information and exhibits that allow visitors to absorb the stories and events that shaped Warsaw's history. Visiting the museum is not just a typical museum visit, but rather a journey that allows you to immerse yourself in the struggles, sacrifices, and triumphs of the people during that pivotal time. It is a must-visit for history buffs and anyone curious about the past. The layout of the museum is excellent, and the collection of artifacts and interactive parts make for a fantastic experience. It is recommended to allocate a good 2-3 hours to fully appreciate everything the museum has to offer. The museum also offers audio guides for a more complete experience. The only downside to the museum is that the exit can be difficult to locate due to a lack of signage. However, this is a minor issue compared to the overall quality of the museum. Overall, the Warsaw Uprising Museum is a must-visit in Warsaw. It offers a unique opportunity to explore and learn about the Second World War and the events that happened in Poland. The museum is well-organized, interesting, and has a lot to offer. Don't miss out on this enriching and moving experience.
Address:Grzybowska 79, Warszawa
Phone:+48 22 539 79 05



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Great museum to understand contemporary polish identity and learn about the Warsaw Uprising. The >>audio guides>bring your own headphones
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I don't really like this "modern" empty museum's, i got almost nothing from it, i still don't have a clue about Warsaw uprising
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I was hard to find a spot to park. The museum is nice, sometimes it's difficult to see where we have to go. Averall, cool to visit one time