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Warsaw Chopin Airport

Warsaw, Poland
4.1 / 36
Warsaw Chopin Airport, located in the capital city of Poland, has received mixed reviews from travelers. The departure process has been described as slow and chaotic, with long lines and inaccurate waiting time screens causing frustration among passengers. To avoid potential delays, it is recommended to utilize the fast track option or arrive at the airport well in advance. However, once on board, the airport seems to function efficiently. Travelers flying with LOT Airlines have reported a straightforward journey from the plane to customs, with officials processing passengers quickly. Leaving the airport is also a seamless experience, with clear signs directing travelers to transportation options such as Uber. It should be noted that the Wi-Fi outside the airport can be unreliable, so it is advisable to book an Uber from within the terminal. Overall, Warsaw Chopin Airport is described as clean and efficient, although not particularly large. Travelers with short layovers may have enough time to explore the various shops and restaurants available. While there is nothing exceptional about the shops and dining options, there is a McDonald's where food can be purchased at regular prices. The airport provides smoking cabins for smokers, although they have been described as unpleasant; however, the air conditioning ensures that the smell of smoke does not permeate outside the cabins. Positive aspects of the airport include the ease of check-in, friendly staff, and the presence of kid areas. Security is also reported to be smooth, with a dedicated section for families. The airport provides a range of amenities, including shops, cafes, and fun attractions for children. Navigation within the airport is considered to be straightforward, with well-placed display boards. There are, however, some areas for improvement. The automatic passport control at the airport is often reported to be unreliable, and baggage claim can be slow despite the airport's relatively small size. The use of airport buses can be necessary to reach some areas, and these buses are separated by passenger class. Despite its flaws, many travelers appreciate the overall functionality and efficiency of Warsaw Chopin Airport. It is seen as one of the best airports in Europe, with fast immigration processes and well-placed amenities. Some suggest that other airports in Poland should take note and make similar upgrades. The airport can get busy, especially at passport control, but the staff is generally described as courteous. In conclusion, Warsaw Chopin Airport offers a range of experiences for travelers. While some aspects, such as the departure process and smoking cabins, may be less than ideal, the airport is commended for its cleanliness, efficiency, and the availability of amenities. With proper planning and expectations, it can provide a satisfactory travel experience.
Address:Żwirki i Wigury 1, Warszawa
Phone:+48 22 650 42 20



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Pleasant midsized airport. Security can be a bit of a slog when busy, but once cleared, it offers plenty of food options including great Polish food g.. Read more »
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This airport has improved a from past years. But still does not change the rude staff here.
This is a new, modern and very clean airport. The prices are the same as in other European airports. Really a nice place to wait for your next flight.
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The airport is great but the boarding by bus process needs a LOT of improvement! (No pun intended ?)
Not far from city center, quick through security, decent shopping, good availability of food and short walking time to the doors
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