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Volyn Regional Historical Museum

Lutsk, Ukraine
4.2 / 24
The Volyn Regional Historical Museum is a museum located in the city of Lutsk. It offers a wide range of exhibits on various topics, with a focus on fauna and household items. Although the museum is large, it is in need of both external and internal repairs. Visitors will not find interactive whiteboards or modern equipment here. It is clear that the museum has seen better days and is experiencing a decline in visitors. However, for those interested in learning something new, there are still many interesting things to see and explore. Some exhibits even have gr-codes for additional information. One downside is the state of the museum building itself, which requires renovation. Despite these challenges, the museum remains a beautiful and interesting place, situated in a memorable location in the city. The staff is friendly and helpful, providing a pleasant experience for visitors. However, it is important to note that the museum is closed on weekends, which may require visitors to plan their visit on a weekday. Overall, the Volyn Regional Historical Museum offers a good experience with informative exhibits, but improvements and additional funding are needed to maintain its status as a regional attraction.



A wonderful museum, many different exhibits on different topics, mostly fauna and household items. The premises are large, in need of repair, both ext.. Read more »
Good museum, a lot of interesting things to see, something new to learn. There are gr-codes near some exhibits. Of the disadvantages - the museum buil.. Read more »
We decided to go with my son during a walk. I really liked it, the tour was not taken. Were satisfied.
The museum is generally good, but not well maintained; it is sad to understand that such places are not allocated enough funding. On the first floor t.. Read more »
In its own beautiful and interesting museum. It is located in a memorable place, which today needs major repairs, but is still a decoration of the cit.. Read more »
Came on Sunday. Closed. A security guard came out. "Why don't you work?" - "I do not know..."
Quite a large museum on 3 floors with several interesting exhibitions. Very friendly staff
Does not work on weekends. It is necessary to have a great desire to go to this museum on a working day instead of work. And it is a pity that so
Very happy with the tour, especially the 9-year-old son. I liked everything.
A wonderful museum and no less wonderful exhibits are very interesting and informative to be there
An informative museum, many interesting exhibits, I highly recommend visiting!
Many exhibitions are frankly of Soviet origin, but informative. There are also modern halls, the children liked it.
We visited the renovated museum courtyard with children. Two feelings, a well-landscaped area for walks, but from all the windows of the museum you ar.. Read more »
Were in the renovated Museum courtyard for the book presentation. Good concept, great cozy atmosphere, often various interesting events.
The staff is great, neat, the room in the apple. May need lighting or more light, but perhaps depending on the exhibition. Cool museum!
Quite interesting expositions of the museum of local lore in the city of Lutsk. Entrance 20 UAH, I recommend to visit!
Wonderful... Beautiful items in the glass cases. Very inspiring. Amazing artworks. Highly recommended
The museum is located in a 3-storey building. On the ground floor there are exhibits that tell about the geological development of Volyn district. On .. Read more »
One of the most popular museums. I want to come back here. Every time you notice something new.
School №2 is very grateful for the Holodomor Remembrance Day exhibition, which we were given in the school lobby for 1 day.
I visited the museum solely for informational purposes, did not plan a visit in advance, literally just walked by. The museum staff are polite and pat.. Read more »
Very interesting. Good we went there. Thanks to Valentyna Mashlay for the interesting excursion.
cognitive place. needs modern repairs.
The exposition is small, there is no guide.
Volyn Regional Museum is a center of culture and spirituality. There are many exhibitions. Workers are more up-to-date in covering information and dem.. Read more »
Lutsk Museum of Local History is located in a large three-storey building. Entrance costs 20 UAH. from an adult. With the guide the price will increas.. Read more »
The local history museum is a place where you need to take your child to get to know the nature of Volyn) I don't know if it will surprise teenagers a.. Read more »