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Vodospad Kudrynetsʹ

Yaremche, Ukraine
4.8 / 12
Vodospad Kudrynets' is a stunning waterfall located more than 100 km away from Yaremche. Despite the distance, it is definitely worth the trip! To reach the waterfall, you will need to drive through villages on a level 3 road. It is important to note that low cars may not be able to pass this road due to its rough terrain. The journey to the waterfall from the village of Zelyonaya is also challenging, as the road is not in the best condition. However, once you arrive at the waterfall, you will be greeted by its breathtaking beauty. Some visitors have even driven up to the waterfall in an electric car, requiring only a short climb up a ladder to reach it. The waterfall is located on the left tributary of the river Zelenytsia, and it bears a resemblance to the two-stage Zamlak waterfall near Manyavsky. In the summer, there may be less water flowing, but the beauty remains. Access to the Bystrytsia-Nadvirnyanska River is very poor, so it is recommended to hike from Yaremche through the Pereslop pass. The scenery here is simply enchanting, and one can only imagine how magnificent it must be in the spring when the stream is full of water. The only downside to visiting Vodospad Kudrynets' is the difficult road conditions, which can make it challenging to drive a car. Nonetheless, this is a good place to visit, although it may be hard to reach. The waterfall is both beautiful and secluded, and you can even drive directly to it from the village of Zelenoe. The road leading to the waterfall has been leveled, making it accessible even for cars with "puzoterka" or high ground clearance. The waterfall itself is well-equipped. The surrounding landscapes are charming and picturesque, providing a serene and peaceful atmosphere. However, it is important to note that there is currently no way to get to Vodospad Kudrynets' from Yaremche. Despite attempts with a jeep, the roads proved impassable. It is advised to either have a specially prepared car or take a detour. Excursion jeeps have been asked to bring visitors to the waterfall, but none have dared to attempt it. As a result, the only way to reach the waterfall is to walk 12 km from a designated starting point. This may not be suitable for families with young children, as it can be quite tiring. However, overall, Vodospad Kudrynets' offers a fun and easily accessible destination, making it suitable for family holidays. The landscape surrounding the waterfall is truly magnificent, providing visitors with a truly beautiful experience.
Address:Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast



A very cool waterfall, although it’s more than 100 km from Yaremche, but it’s worth it! We drove through villages, the road is level 3, but I have high ground clearance) you won’t be able to pass it in a low car!!!
The road of life leads there from the village Zelyonaya) To the village itself, the road is no better)) The waterfall is really beautiful. We drove up in an electric car directly to him. It remains to climb the ladder and that's it. Who seeks wi.. Read more »
A very interesting waterfall on the left tributary of the river Zelenytsia - Kudrynets stream. Very similar to the two-stage Zamlak waterfall, located near the famous Manyavsky. In summer there is not enough water, but it is more beautiful. Access to.. Read more »
It's beautiful here. I wonder what it looks like in the spring, when the stream is full of water. The only downside is the road, it is difficult to drive a car.
Good place but hard to get to
A very beautiful and deserted waterfall. You can drive directly to the waterfall from the village of Zelenoe. The road has been leveled, even a "puzoterka" will pass. The waterfall is equipped.
Charming landscapes
There is no way to get from Yaremche, we tried two roads, although we have a jeep. You need to go either with a specially prepared car, or take a detour like that .. They asked the excursion jeeps if they could bring it, but no one dared. And so go 1.. Read more »
Funny place. You can easily reach. Suitable for holidays with children
Very beautiful landscape
There is a nice waterfall, next to a shop with shops
Very beautiful waterfall!