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Violinist on the Roof

Kharkiv, Ukraine
4.6 / 12
The Violinist on the Roof is a captivating sculpture that can be found in Kharkov, Ukraine. It is situated on one of the city's rooftops and holds a romantic legend behind its installation. According to the tale, a young man wanted to surprise his beloved and climbed to the roof to serenade her with his violin. It is believed that if you hear music while walking with a girl under the house with the statue, your heart is open for love. The sculpture itself is truly unique and striking. Although it is not possible to take a picture next to it or physically interact with it, it exists as a symbol of an intangible idea. For younger generations, it is reminiscent of the famous song "Fiddler on the Roof," which sparked the idea of creating a monument. It serves as a reminder to appreciate one's talents and not conform to societal expectations. While the sculpture may be easily missed by passersby, it is a hidden gem that can transport individuals to a more peaceful and spiritual state. It is a place where one can take a moment to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and find solace in its beauty. Although not widely known, it is a sight that is pleasing to the eye and worth seeking out in Kharkov.



I want to go there
Do you see the violinist? And he is!
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Thank you for such places. You can easily reboot.
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very beautiful. minus the fact that I walked together for three years and did not see this statue
Beautiful sculpture.
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Beautiful aesthetic sculpture on the roof.