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Vinnytsia Local History Museum

Vinnytsia, Ukraine
4.5 / 10
The Vinnytsia Local History Museum is an interesting and affordable museum that houses a variety of old artifacts. It is a fantastic museum with a wide range of exhibits, including a mammoth, Soviet drinks, and Japanese katanas. However, it is unfortunate that this museum is not well-known and often lacks visitors. Despite this, it is a must-see destination with plenty to offer. The museum is child-friendly, but unfortunately, touching the exhibits is not allowed, which may limit the visit time for those with young children. While the museum is very interesting, it would be beneficial to have English translations available. The museum is cool, but some visitors have found the staff to be unfriendly. However, for those who have been visiting this museum since childhood, it remains a great place to bring kids and learn about local culture and history. One of the highlights of the museum is the large bones of a mammoth. It is recommended for people of all ages to visit this museum and explore the interesting exhibits it has to offer. Although the displays may be a bit outdated, the collection is comprehensive, spanning from the Ice Age to 2014. To fully appreciate the visit, it is suggested to have a Ukrainian person as a guide and interpreter. Overall, visitors have enjoyed their experiences at the Vinnytsia Local History Museum.
Address:Soborna Street, 19, Vinnytsia
Phone:+380 432 672 812



Interesting store of old things
Great museum and very cheap
Fantastic museum that barely sees the light of day. Was the only visitor and greatly disappointed, as it has a lot to offer. Many exhibits from a mamm.. Read more »
Friendly place, lots to see for kids. Unfortunately, forbidden to touch. If you have a 3-year-old, a 20 minutes visit
It's very interesting museum but it would be better if it had an English translation...
Cool Museum. Not friendly stuff
I have been visiting this museum since my childhood. A great place to bring kids, a lot to see and learn about local culture and history.
Great museum. Big bones of mamunt .
Definitely we need to know our history. Any age will find something interesting there. Recommending to check this place out in the near future.
A little old fashioned in its displays, but comprehensive collection from Ice Age to 2014. To get the most out of this visit, I recommend you take a .. Read more »
A solid Soviet-style museum of natural history. Stuffed animals, including the somewhat famous mammoth. The next to last hall is about the 2-nd world .. Read more »