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Venice Marco Polo Airport

Venice, Italy
3.6 / 30
Venice Marco Polo Airport is a well-organized and efficient gateway to the city. The check-in and security process is seamless, making for a hassle-free experience. The facilities are modern and clean, with a good selection of shops and restaurants available. Transportation options to the city center are convenient, making it easy to start your Venice adventure. The airport has a charming atmosphere, with lovely wall art that gives you a sense of where you are. The airport staff is courteous and helpful, ensuring a pleasant experience. However, some travelers have noted a few areas for improvement. The signage for international flights could be better, as it can be confusing to find the correct terminal. Additionally, there have been comments about the lack of options for vegans and the high prices of food and beverages. Overall, the Venice Marco Polo Airport is a nice airport with a few areas that could be improved upon.
Address:Viale Galileo Galilei, 30, Venezia
Phone:+39 041 260 9260



I flew from Stuttgart to Venice and everything was smooth except for this detail: On the information screens it showed “Stoccarda” for Stuttgart which.. Read more »
Marco Polo airport in Venice is a well-organized and efficient gateway to the city. From smooth check-in to hassle-free security, the process is seaml.. Read more »
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Not too crowded, well organized for covid.
Due to the pandemic, the airport is quiet and you are in and out very fast.
There is only one entry door on the first floor and is for departing passengers only. Arrivals one exit door (no entry) only on the ground floor for p.. Read more »
Have quite the mixed feelings about this airport. I have visited this airport quite frequently but the customer service at the vendors here are not th.. Read more »
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For sure my favourite airport. I have landed and take off from here hundreds times. In the recent years the airport have been extended and have receiv.. Read more »
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