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Venetian Loggia

Heraklion, Greece
4.4 / 23
The Venetian Loggia is a stunning and impressive building located in the heart of Heraclion's old town. Though it is often described as beautiful, it seems that there is not much to do inside besides admire its exterior and the small courtyard. Nonetheless, it is still considered one of the best buildings to discover in the city, with its Venetian palace style that may have lost some of its fascinating aspect over time. The building has served various purposes throughout history, including as a club for nobles and now as the city council. As a historical building, it is worth taking a moment to appreciate its presence as you stroll along the main street. Sadly, tourists are not allowed inside, so the experience is limited to its exterior. However, nearby cafes offer the opportunity to enjoy a coffee and take in the beautiful surroundings. The overall atmosphere of the old city center is described as vibrant and full of action, with a lovely fountain surrounded by charming cafes.
Address:August Str 25, Iraklio
Phone:+30 281 340 9000



A really beautiful venetian building, in the center of Heraclion's old town. Don't miss it!
Just another review/instagram post, nothing special here, but people tend to overrate things nowadays.
It's an impressive building that serves as a city hall. You won't spend much time there as there's only exterior and a little courtyard to see
Beautiful place to see, but not much to do. You can take a coffee nearby.
Beautiful palace, Venetian style that lost a bit its fascinating aspect but it is still one of the best building to discover in the city.
Wonderful venetian building used as club from the nobles of that time. Now it is the city council.
Beautiful city hall
It's a historical building, so good to see it as you are walking on the main street, stop for some time and try to see the center part of the building.. Read more »
The owners of the restaurant were very very kind with us, and the food was excellent. Would definitely recommend
The old city center is beautiful. The place is full of action and vibrant. The fountain is surrounded with nice cafes.
17th century Loggia - public building which, basically, an exterior covered with roof. Interesting place to take pic ?
The Venetian ball room is now our city hall. Worth visiting
Beautiful old building from venetian times ,it was rebuilt many times, this version was built at 1700 and restored through the next centurys more th.. Read more »
Astonishing architecture
Nice building at the heart of the city
It's a public place...
Enjoy an excellent building adding up to the scenery of downtown Heraklio!
One of the most emblematic building from the new history for Herakleion!
Beautiful building, especially at night!
I could only see the front part of the building but it's worth stopping there when walking around Heraklion. No entrance fee.
The elegant building of the Loggia is one of the finest monuments of Venetian Crete. The Loggia (noblemen's club) now standing in Heraklion was const.. Read more »
nice building to stop during your promenade in Heraklion downtown. Nowadays is the city hall and we only got into the main patio.
Nice tourist attraction that is right next to the Main Street. Nothing special to behold though, might as well walk past it by mistake