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Venetian City Wall

Heraklion, Greece
4.5 / 24
The Venetian City Wall in Heraklion is a historical landmark that showcases the grandeur of the Venetian era. While some visitors have complained about the lack of trees and sitting areas, as well as the dirtiness of the place, others have praised it for its historical significance and breathtaking views. The walls offer a great opportunity for a leisurely walk, especially at sunset, with panoramic views of the city and the sea. Although finding parking can be a challenge, the experience of exploring the old town along the Venetian wall is worth it. There is also a small park near the bus station on the west side of the walls. It is a family-friendly place, ideal for morning runs or leisurely walks, with benches offering a beautiful view of Heraklion city. However, it is advisable to avoid walking in extreme heat, as the sun can be quite intense. While the pathway on the walls is relatively new, some visitors have noted that the lighting could be improved for a safer and more enjoyable experience. Overall, the Venetian City Wall is a fascinating historical site that offers a glimpse into Heraklion's past.
Address:Nikolaou Plastira 25, Iraklio



The place is awfull, there are no trees, no neat place to sit and it's ultra dirty. There are plenty of open holes, sharp iron bars left all over the .. Read more »
The walls are a historical landmark in Heraklio that runs through the city. Showing the majestic side of the Venetian era.
Great place for a walk on top of the wall that rxtends all the way dow to the sea side!
Great historical buildings of Venetian time. Very spectaculos but almost impossible to find parking
Lovely walk especially at sunset with views of the city and sea.
Nice place. One of the other gates to the city of Heraklion. You can find the entrance to the walls, e.g. by GPS 35°20'24.5"N 25°07'22.9"E
The view is better from down then on the walls itself
The big walls around Herakleion was made many years ago at the Venetian control time .the walls was the second defence line because in the front was .. Read more »
Nice place for walking with family or for morning running. Have many benches to sit with beautiful view of Heraklion city. You can walk around almost .. Read more »
It’s a bit tricky to find the way to get up there but when you do, the glory of the cement city of Heraklion unravels! We walked for around 30 minutes.. Read more »
Nice strolling around. Magnificent views. Don't forget this on your trip!
Most of the part is in a good condition. A typical sample of venetian fortress that kept ottomans out of the town for approx. 25 years. Not bad at all.. Read more »
So great.Walking in a modern city and suddenly admiring these beautiful walls.They come back from the Venetian times and remind you of old times.They .. Read more »
A great walk you can start from freedom square and slowly to go up to the walls and continue to the whole city and finish near the sea and then contin.. Read more »
Nice park, good view on the city. A bit dirty.
Amazing place dont miss it, if you have time visit Martinego also!!!
A lovely walk on top of the walls, with well maintained paths. You can go from here all the way to the sea. Be aware the sea exit & the one just befo.. Read more »
It's a pretty wall
It's a great place to go for a walk on top of the old Venetian city walls. It's a great spot to watch the sunset and see the view of the sea and the m.. Read more »
Amazing architecture, many years ahead of its time
Nice place to take a walk around the Venetian Candia. Spectacular views and a hint of history.
The walls are a beautiful thing when viewed as part of the city scene. But if you sun to walk them (and not just look at them) they are less attractiv.. Read more »
We walked the walls from here clockwise around the old town until we hit the sea. Great walk with some amazing views of the surrounding area, almost n.. Read more »
A great piece of history on the outskirts of the city. This was a beautiful place to sit down and watch the sunset