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Uspinnya Pr. Bohorodytsi Mhkye

Mukachevo, Ukraine
4.9 / 12
Uspinnya Pr. Bohorodytsi Mhkye is a stunning cathedral located in the center of Mukachevo, a city in Ukraine. The cathedral is surrounded by a picturesque flowered area, adorned with beautiful roses and breathtaking hydrangeas during the summer season. The building itself is well-maintained and attracts many parishioners. However, it is unfortunate that in March 2019, several beautiful plane trees along the street were cut down, leaving only four remaining in the cathedral's yard. Despite this, visitors regularly visit the cathedral and are completely satisfied with their experience. The cathedral holds great significance as a Greek Catholic Church in the community. It was built on the site of an unfinished monastery and was constructed between 1829 and 1859. The clock on the tower was made in Munich, Germany. Uspinnya Pr. Bohorodytsi Mhkye serves as a place of spiritual strength and is a favorite destination for worship among locals and their families. Mukachevo itself is a city located in the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine, situated between the Carpathians and the Transcarpathian plain. The city is densely built along the Latoritsa River, which divides it into two parts. With a population of 85,881 inhabitants, Mukachevo holds regional importance within the region.
Address:Fedorova Street, 4, Mukacheve



A beautiful cathedral with a pretty flowered area around. In summer, there are beautiful roses and simply incredible hydrangeas!
Well-kept building. Many parishioners. It is a pity that in March 2019, very beautiful plane trees were cut down along the street. Only four remained .. Read more »
I visit regularly, everything is completely satisfied.
Very nice and cozy place
Mukachevo is a city of regional importance in the Transcarpathian region, Ukraine. As of January 1, 2019, the population is 85,881 inhabitants. It is .. Read more »
Beautiful temple in the center of Mukachevo. It belongs to the Greek Catholic community.
Greek Catholic Cathedral. Built in place not completed Mukachevo monastery 1829-59gg. The clock on the tower was made in Munich Germany.
A place of spiritual strength! One of the favorite places in his native Mukachevo
Greek Catholic Church
This is my favorite temple where I go with my family to worship
A place where souls are calm ... And this is the main thing ..
Lovely quiet place. There is a public garden near the cathedral where you can relax and think about life. Inside it is very beautiful, a wonderful ico.. Read more »
There are many interesting churches and cathedrals in the city and this is one of them. Of course, you can see not only from the outside, but also fro.. Read more »
Nice and friendly. There are chairs. Beautiful romances in the Byzantine style.