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Tserkva Tsarya Khrysta

Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
4.7 / 14
"Tserkva Tsarya Khrysta" is a beautiful church located in Ukraine, known for its incredible atmosphere and peacefulness. The service provided by the priests is at a high level, and the administrator is always helpful. It is a place where prayers are felt in the air and where people can connect with the Lord. The church has a stunning carved iconostasis and good choirs that enhance the worship experience. The fathers in the monastery actively engage in social service and work with children. The temple is also home to a museum and library. Built in the Ukrainian style a century ago, this architectural complex is a sight to behold. The annual festival "Kolyada na Maizlyakh" is held here, and the temple is open daily from 7 am. Visitors to the temple often comment on the friendly and spiritual atmosphere, and the fathers organize various interesting events for children of all ages. It is a highly recommended temple for anyone seeking a beautiful and meaningful religious experience.



Very bad and stingy priests. They drive out people who ask for alms, extend their hands and are rude. Such inhumans glorify God here. When a person ne.. Read more »
Ukraine - Ukrainian churches! ❤️??
Incredibly beautiful church atmosphere is incredible
Nice, comfort and tranquility! The service is at a high level. Special thanks to the administrator always on his own. In a word, "TEAM"
The temple of my heart. Here is prayer in the air. You can touch the Lord and he can touch your heart
Beautiful carved iconostasis. Good choirs that take part in worship services, fathers-monks do a lot of work with children. Good museum and library.
A beautiful temple in which goodness, warmth and grace reign.
A beautiful architectural complex built in the Ukrainian style 100 years ago. Basilian's fathers from the monastery conduct active social service. The.. Read more »
?⛄A really good temple, where there is an atmosphere of friendliness and spirituality. ♥ ️ Thanks to the fathers for organizing interesting and varied.. Read more »
Wonderful temple. Very beautiful, cozy and emotional. We often visit with the family. I recommend to everyone!
Wonderful temple and atmosphere around. A good place to pray.
This place is special for me. In 2003, I got married here. Now I live in a happy marriage. I try, at least sometimes (I live a little far) to come her.. Read more »
Construction of the temple began in 1928 and lasted seven years. The project was designed by architect Alexander Pezhansky. The temple is built in the.. Read more »
Good local church) Be sure to visit regularly and regularly)