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The Wishing Bell

Warsaw, Poland
4.8 / 5
"The Wishing Bell" is a unique and enchanting sculpture located on the back street of Warsaw's old town. It is believed that by making a wish and walking around the bell three times, dreams can come true. This tradition has been practiced by visitors who have reported positive results, such as finding love or achieving their desires. The bell holds an intriguing story, where a bellman's love for a girl was thwarted by another suitor who resorted to poisoning and sabotage. The tragic tale adds a touch of melancholy to the already captivating atmosphere surrounding the bell. Kanonia Street, where the bell is situated, is a picturesque side street that enhances the charm and allure of the experience. Visitors have shared their delightful experiences, where wishes have indeed come true, and unexpected surprises have materialized. Families have even reported that their children's wishes for balloons were granted by generous strangers shortly after their visit to the bell. Overall, "The Wishing Bell" is a must-visit attraction in Warsaw's old town, offering the promise of hope and the potential for dreams to become reality.
Address:Kanonia 12/14/16, Warszawa



Works! Touched it, walked around it 30 times and on the following day i had a gorgeous polish Girlfriend. 100% recommend
Very nice addition to a very picturesque side street. Apparently you can touch the top for a small with or you walk around 3 times for larger wishes .. Read more »
The wishing bell is located at the back street of warsaw old town. It is said to make a wish and turn around it 3 times for it to come true. The stor.. Read more »
Kanonia Street in Warsaw is a three-sided square located at the back of St. John. In 1972, a bell was set up here that never hung. Legend has it that .. Read more »
Our wishes all came true! We hopped around the bell three times on one foot. My kids wished for balloons and ladies showed up handing them out for fre.. Read more »