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The Hofburg

Vienna, Austria
4.8 / 5
The Hofburg is a stunning and impressive building located in Vienna, Austria. While it is not open for visitors to walk through, the exterior design and view are still enjoyable and impressive. The architecture catches your eye with its grandness and intricate details. The Hofburg is home to various museums, including the Sisi Museum, and is situated near open spaces where visitors can admire the view, especially at night when the building is illuminated. The palace is conveniently located close to many famous landmarks in the city and is easily accessible by foot, road, tram, or cycle. Additionally, there are charming historic shops nearby. Inside the Hofburg, visitors can explore three museums, a church, a chapel, the national library, the Spanish Riding School, parks, gardens, and the office of the president of Austria. The Sisi Museum and the library are particularly recommended to visit. The palace is quite imposing from the outside, showcasing Vienna's beautiful architecture. While I did not have the opportunity to go inside, I still admired its structure. It is definitely worth a visit, as there are many other interesting architectural wonders in the surrounding area. The Hofburg offers a variety of exhibits and houses a rich history of Austria and its culture. It is recommended for every tourist, and one should allocate ample time to fully explore all the museums and exhibits. The inside of the museum dedicated to the empress and emperor was particularly amazing, with free audio guides provided to enhance the experience. Unfortunately, photography inside the museum was not allowed. The Spanish Riding School within the Hofburg is also highly recommended, with a fantastic building and a large arena where visitors can appreciate the impressive work of the horses and riders. Tickets can be purchased online in advance to secure a spot.



Beautiful building, but not quite what I was expecting. It’s filled with different museums and business so not open to walk through in and of itself.
I didn't go inside, but the building's design and the view are really impressive and enjoyable, even from the outside. The architecture catches your e.. Read more »
We didn’t go inside the museums but still enjoyed looking at this marvellous architecture. It is so grand yet the details of the ornaments are so deli.. Read more »
One of the most stunning buildings in Vienna. Many museums inside the palace include the Sisi Museum. Open spaces nearby with seats to admire the view.. Read more »
One of the biggest palaces I’ve visited. It’s located at the heart of the Vienna. There are 3 museums, church, chapel, the national library, the Spani.. Read more »
The Hofburg palace is quite imposing from the outside. Like many other locations in Vienna, it has a beautiful architecture. We didn't get inside, bu.. Read more »
It is an impressive and imposing building that houses a variety of exhibits. I honestly can't understand the purpose of all these massive internal sta.. Read more »
Exquisite place full of museums, history of Austria and it's rich culture. The Hofburg is definitely something to recommend for everyone. Every touris.. Read more »
It was amazing especially the inside the museum it was about the empress and emperor. They give out audio guides for free and if you go you should de.. Read more »
The Spanish Riding School is well worth a visit. The building is fantastic and arena is big so you can appreciate the work both the horses and riders .. Read more »
Loved it the first time I came here in summer of 2019 and still loved it again after four years. I’d say I prefer the summer time for this type of vis.. Read more »
The imperial apartments, silverware collection and Sissi museum were all very interesting. If you choose the audio guide, you get one device to use fo.. Read more »
We entered through the back entrance of the palace, initially on our way to breakfast. We walk through the gates, through the building in between, and.. Read more »
One the most important seats of power in Europe for centuries it is a must see for anyone interested in history. Fabulous palace full of history in th.. Read more »
Really nice place to visit, even from the inside. We have been in Papyrus Museum, it is very interesting and playful place. In the Hofburg you can boo.. Read more »
It is an impressive and imposing building that houses a variety of exhibits. I honestly can't understand the purpose of all these massive internal sta.. Read more »
This palace from 13th century is just remarkable. There is so much to see from imperial attraction, ancient musical instrument. I recommend on taking .. Read more »
Big, beautiful and wonderful history, culture and European Royalty coming to life before our very eyes. Amazing. A real highlight.
A charming place surrounded by monuments, for people who love classic style, a touch of art in every inch, I belive the place is more charming at nigh.. Read more »
This is main place to visit in Wien. It consists of multiple museums. Total trip takes lot of time , energy and patience . Visit all museums if you a.. Read more »
If you have only got time to visit one attraction in Vienna, make it this. The palace complex houses paintings by the likes of Klimt.
The place is MASSIVE! It has so much history and so many things to see! From the silver museum to the library to the sisi museum to the imperial rooms.. Read more »
Another jewel in Vienna that you should add to your bucket list of places not to miss whole you're here. The architecture is imposing and the details .. Read more »
To witness all the silver, crystal, porcelain used in this dynasty’s days is mind boggling! The ornate centrepieces, sweet holders, linen etc, just t.. Read more »
The Hofburg is one of the most sensational palaces I have ever seen. You can smell the history of the Austrian Royal Family inside it and the guided v.. Read more »
Amazing and impressive. The architecture of the building is unsurpassed as well as of course its excellent condition. The sculptures that adorn the su.. Read more »
Great place and detailed stuff. I really enjoyed during the tour. It is definitely worth to visit. I recommend you to buy combo tickets and you can vi.. Read more »
This is one of the most beautiful squares in Austria. The building and its architecture are eye-catching. Next to it is the Golden U Street where you .. Read more »
fancy and breath taking! It shows how rich and extravagant life was back then. The gardens are very well kept and the grass is spotless. Nice place to.. Read more »
Huge and breathtaking place. It's hard to see all the attractions in one trip. I sincerely recommend. ??????⛲
It is beautifullll! I went like at 6pm so the light was amazing and I guess it would be better at night, nevertheless at day its still gorgeous.
Very impressive, but a bit industrial due to all the cars parked here. It’s a must to go here, but not the nicest place to stay. The burggarten close-.. Read more »
Beautiful palace with a great Sisi museum for history and art lovers. Definitely a must visit when in Vienna.
The major must-visiting attraction where it was always hectic and full of tourists. The palace is situated in the heart of everything, surrounded by r.. Read more »
Simply stunning! A person not normally interested in palaces or museums can easily spend half a day there without being bored even the slightest! Plac.. Read more »
This is the jewel in the crown of Vienna, well worth paying for entry
Lovely architecture. Didn't get to go in due to Covid-19 but I will be back soon and hopefully museums are opening up by then.
The Hofburg is a must see in Wien, once entered in it you are brought back at the age of Sissi and even before. It’ll be hard to return to our time on.. Read more »
Nice and beautiful hotel , very near to Schloss Palace ?
The place is a must. It’s beautiful, opulent and entertaining. I’d say it takes like a week to explore the exhibit. Totally recommend!
This is a very beautiful place to visit if you're ever in Vienna
Beautiful place, historical architectural monument ???
A must while you visit Wien
An outstandingly important historical building. A beautiful imposing building from the outside and even more beautiful and more luxurious inside. Real.. Read more »
Hofburg was for centuries the main residence of the austrian Imperial Family - House of Habsburg? And that all you can see. Imperial Apartments, Imper.. Read more »
The Hofburg is the former principal imperial palace of the Habsburg dynasty rulers and today serves as the official residence and workplace of the Pre.. Read more »
a lot about the kitchen and eating process including the sissi museum
Beautiful place with old building
It was fantastic historical places. The place was left magical impact on me and my family. I strongly recommend travellers to enjoy and visit this pla.. Read more »
This palace is so nice and huge. Love the vibes.
Great place to visit in Vienna. I had a summer holiday spent in this city. It was so beautiful !