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The Bund Quay

Shanghai, China
4.9 / 21
The Bund Quay is an awe-inspiring destination in Shanghai that showcases the beauty of a well-planned city. The area is known for its wide and well-designed roads, which cater to both bikes and pedestrians, ensuring a pleasant experience for all. If you're visiting China, it is highly recommended to allocate a day for Shanghai and make a stop at the Bund Quay. The best time to arrive is around 4:00 pm, as it allows you to witness the mesmerizing views during both day and night, which are equally breathtaking. To fully enjoy your visit, it is advisable to book your cruise tickets in advance, as the Bund Quay area can get quite crowded. However, if you prefer a less crowded experience, there are several rooftop bars and restaurants nearby that offer a better view and a more relaxed atmosphere. The Bund Quay is a must-see destination in Shanghai, offering impressive sights of historical buildings, especially when illuminated at night. It provides an opportunity for a leisurely stroll and immerses you in the essence of the city. This location perfectly captures the essence of Shanghai, with its diverse sights and attractions. From taking a boat ride across the river to exploring the bustling market streets filled with both world-renowned brands and unique souvenirs, there is something for everyone here. Additionally, the old colonial architecture adds a touch of history and charm to the area. The Bund Quay is absolutely stunning, offering unparalleled views of the cityscape. However, it is important to note that the area can get extremely crowded, especially on weekends, so it is advisable to plan accordingly. Overall, the Bund Quay is a must-visit destination in Shanghai. Its scenic beauty, river walkway along the Huangpu River, and vibrant atmosphere make it an ideal spot to explore and capture incredible memories. Don't forget to try the night river cruise for an awe-inspiring shot that will surely leave you in awe.
Address:Zhong Shan Dong Yi Lu, Huang Pu Qu



Awsome place to experience what a well planned city can look like. Wife roads, with considerations for bikes and pedestrians.
If u visit china so spare one day for shanghai, And visit bund , Best time to reach there by 4 .00 pm so u can day and night both view , both ar.. Read more »
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This is must see place in Shanghai, so amazing view to Shanghai tallest towers and Pearly tower, a lot of people here at night!
Impressive sights of historical buildings, especially at night. Relaxed stroll in the area.
It is just quintessential Shanghai. Lot of sights and sightseeings. Boat across the river. Big market street with world brand shops as well as souveni.. Read more »
Absolutely stunning location. Crowds can get extremely packed during weekends. This is a MUST visit in Shanghai
It is a very beautiful scenic spot and has a walkway along Shanghai's important river, the Huangpu River. Night river cruise The atmosphere is very .. Read more »
Great place and gram worthy! This was taken during our visit to Shanghai in 2019, pre-pandemic. Try the river cruise at night for that awesome shot!
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Best time to see is night which gives amazing view of the skyscraper and lighting. Also walking around area gives mind relaxed by seeing the lighting
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Best time is during a clear day, less smog in the air you get the best pictures, also never go here during public chinese holidays, its really crowded.. Read more »
Incredible views of the Shanghai skyline. Day or night it's amazing to look at all the modern buildings you can see from The Bund.
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This is a good place to visit by day or night. Excellent view of the seafront, beautiful places around to take pictures and many photography services .. Read more »
This is a good place to visit by day or night. Excellent view of the seafront, beautiful places around to take pictures and many photography services .. Read more »
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A must go when you are visiting Shanghai. I always love to take a slow walk down by the bund after dinner. Scenic view without the beating sun during .. Read more »
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The city of lights...
A very lovely place, visually. Very modern, with a mix of old architecture from the previous decades during the war and occupation. Traffic can be di.. Read more »
I visited here with my friends and senior citizen on a Travel trip in early March 2018. The night view of the bund was so beautiful, and it was also g.. Read more »