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The Amber Museum

Rivne, Ukraine
4.3 / 17
The Amber Museum is a small and unique museum located in Rivne, Ukraine. It is the only museum of its kind in the country and offers a variety of creatively crafted amber products. Visitors have the opportunity to not only view the exhibits, but also purchase their own amber crafts. The museum is housed in a beautiful Art Nouveau building and features two rooms filled with a range of exhibits. From stunning paintings and intricate panels to small figurines and interior items, the museum offers a diverse collection. It is highly recommended to book an excursion in order to learn about the history of amber, including its origin and extraction, as well as the process of creating products from it. One of the standout collections in the museum is an orchestra of musical instruments made from amber and ivory, played by insects. Each instrument and insect is unique, creating a truly captivating experience. To purchase souvenirs and amber paintings, it is advised to visit the small shop near the museum, as the prices are lower compared to other similar shops. While the museum may be small in size, it offers an interesting and worthwhile experience. Admission fees are affordable, with UAH 20 for adults and UAH 10 for children. Though some visitors may have found the museum lacking in exhibits or have encountered rude staff members, the majority have praised the museum for its intriguing collection and helpful guides. Overall, the Amber Museum provides a fascinating insight into the world of amber and is a must-visit attraction in Rivne.
Address:Symona Petlyury Street, 17, Rivne
Phone:+380 3622 61454



Nice museum, with different creatively done amber crafts. You can even buy some amber craft for yourselves!
A very interesting museum (the only one in our country), small, but the exhibits are unique. Very nicely made paintings, panels, small figurines, inte.. Read more »
Came from Lutsk on business and visited. Small but interesting. UAH 20 for an adult, UAH 10 for children
The museum is just 2 rooms in an extremely beautiful Art Nouveau building. The level of exhibits is very different: from almost masterpieces to almost.. Read more »
Beautiful little museum. Quite interesting! There are very unusual things made of amber. Worth visiting. And you can try on a real crown!))
A very interesting place. The museum is small and has a souvenir shop. I recommend taking an excursion (you can not order in advance) - it will be mor.. Read more »
An unspeakable heap of kitsch. But what I keep as most deeply unpleasant is the enormous lack of manners of one of the employees who, upon entering on.. Read more »
I put five stars for a great exhibit and for the good guides who let us into the museum at five-ten, even though it was a holiday and they closed at f.. Read more »
The Amber Museum did not impress. There is nothing to look at. In the store at the exit and then more interesting things than at the exhibition. I do .. Read more »
I really wanted to visit here, hear and see about the amber land. The reality is this: the ticket costs UAH 30, two small rooms with amber products (y.. Read more »
Very interesting place and fascinating exhibits. You definitely have to come once!
A beautiful museum, interesting exhibits, but very few halls. I would like more. Definitely worth a visit. In fact, the most interesting was the build.. Read more »
Museum of two rooms. There is a shop where you can buy products with amber.
An interesting museum, but somehow I was greeted bored. Only 2 small rooms and a shop. To come when it is boring to look and read will be the very thi.. Read more »
I've been here for a long time, cool and cheap)) conduct tours, I do not know if they still sell souvenirs?)
Fantastic collection!!!
Very good place for study ambers history.