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Temple White Lotus

Cherkasy, Ukraine
4.5 / 10
Temple White Lotus is a stunning Buddhist temple located in an unexpected location - a regular street in a typical city in Ukraine. The sheer size and grandeur of the temple is both surprising and awe-inspiring. This is definitely a place worth visiting, and perhaps even staying at. What sets Temple White Lotus apart is its unusual presence in the middle of Ukraine. It's not something you would typically expect to find in this region, adding to its intrigue. The atmosphere inside the temple is captivating, with a mystical aura that surrounds it. However, some visitors may find the interiors to be empty and artificial, giving it a somewhat strange vibe. Nonetheless, it is a place that you need to experience yourself to truly evaluate its essence. For tourists, Temple White Lotus is a perfect destination. It has a rich history and is located close to the Dnieper River. The architecture of the temple is beautiful and the overall ambiance is meditative. Additionally, it functions as a real Buddhist school, where students actively contribute to the upkeep of the temple through their day-to-day work. This honesty in their work is something that resonates with many visitors. If you're interested in exploring Temple White Lotus, you can book a guided tour at specific times over the weekend. The tour will give you an opportunity to delve into the beauty and mystery of this unique place. It truly stands out as a one-of-a-kind gem that you won't find elsewhere.
Address:Franka descent, 4, Cherkasy
Phone:+380 97 297 7196



This building is outstanding. Huge Buddhist temple in an ordinary street in a common city in Ukraine. Totally surprising and breathtaking. You should .. Read more »
Not usual place in the middle of Ukraine
Interesting place with nice atmosphere. You need to book a tour.
Quite strange place. On one hand you can feel mystic in the air. On the other hand it all looks like a dummy, empty inside the buildings. Go and evalu.. Read more »
Perfect touristic place!
It's great history home, close Dnieper , beautiful architecture
Very nice place :) It's beautiful and meditative. It's real Buddhist school. Students have to help the temple by doing day to day job in that place. I.. Read more »
They do guided tours at specific times over weekend
Beautiful and mysterious.
Very unique and beautiful place, o have never seen something similar before
It is a rial strange place. The local guys looks like a members of the sport-orient sect.