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Temple of Faith, Hope and Charity and their mother Sophia

Poltava, Ukraine
4.9 / 14
The Temple of Faith, Hope and Charity, along with their mother Sophia, is a stunning church located in Poltava. This magnificent temple was constructed in 2002 under the guidance of the city authorities and the women's religious community of Poltava. The architectural design was created by Anatoliy Chernoshchekov, a renowned Ukrainian architect. The church was consecrated by Bishop Philip of Poltava and Kremenchug, and inside, you will find a beautifully carved iconostasis that separates the earthly dwelling of Jesus Christ. The craftsmanship of the iconostasis was done by the skilled artisans of the Lviv firm Syaivo. I personally visit this temple with my family, and I am always impressed by the attentiveness of the priests. On special occasions, there are delightful surprises that make the experience even more memorable. I highly recommend visiting this temple. This temple is known for its ability to provide spiritual solace and protection against negative forces. Many believe that the priests here have the power to expel demons and evil spirits at an affordable cost. The ambiance of the temple is serene and peaceful. It is located in the historical center of Poltava, near Victory Park, and is surrounded by beautiful rose bushes, adding to the unique energy of the place. Visiting this temple is a truly enchanting experience. It is adorned with golden decorations and stands out as a prominent landmark in the heart of Poltava. The memories and emotions that one gathers from this temple are truly unforgettable. As someone who shares the name of one of the Holy figures honored in this temple, I am drawn to its atmosphere. The intricate iconostasis, frescoes, icons, and relics captivate me with their beauty, authenticity, and nobility. The placement of the images around the temple is meticulously done, and the icons are changed regularly to align with the church calendar and special occasions. The sacraments performed in this temple, such as confession, communion, anointing, and baptism, are conducted with utmost care and adherence to the canons. I am grateful to have found this particular temple and its welcoming doors. Overall, the Temple of Faith, Hope and Charity, along with their mother Sophia, is a truly remarkable place. Whether you seek solace, spiritual guidance, or simply wish to admire the beauty and tranquility it offers, this temple is a must-visit.



Beautiful temple, I beat my forehead. I am a believer
Very beautiful temple.
The Church of Faith, Hope, Love in Poltava is a church in honor of the great martyrs Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sophia, built in 2002 on the initiative of the city authorities and the women's religious community of Poltava. The author of.. Read more »
The family and myself go to this temple. I really like how attentive the priests are. On big holidays, there are always surprises. Recommend.
They will be able to expel demons, demons and the crafty here at all for not expensive.
Very nice and calm.
Very beautiful temple.
A beautiful place next to Victory Park, in the historical center. The temple is very beautiful, built in the early 2000s. A small area, generously decorated with rose bushes, enhances the special energy of this place.
A beautiful temple, a lot of gold, in the center of Poltava, easy to reach. The brightest emotions and memories.
I come here, because this temple is named after the Holy, whose name I bear. I love the atmosphere of this temple, the whole iconostasis, frescoes, icons, relics delight with their beauty, truthfulness and nobleness. Amazingly beautiful placement of .. Read more »
I meet the temple with this name for the first time in my life! Although I knew about their existence for a long time! Our family has a lot to do with the annual holiday of September 30, "Faith, Hope, Love and Their Mother Sophia"! Our wedd.. Read more »
Interesting place to visit
A very beautiful temple in a beautiful location in the city. There is a Sunday school for children, on Nicholas and other holidays, children are given gifts. There is no unnecessary fuss, I go mainly to this temple, here you can calmly stand and not .. Read more »
Picturesque Church.