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Tate Liverpool

Liverpool, England
4.6 / 47
Tate Liverpool is a well-organized gallery with a great layout. The use of lighting to display the shadows of the art pieces adds a unique dimension to the experience. The opportunity to talk to a knowledgeable Tate employee who explained the construction of a specific piece enhanced the visit. It's hard to believe that most of the galleries are free to view. The presence of a cafe serving delicious food and free lockers for convenience make the visit even more enjoyable. Located on the Liverpool Quay, the gallery offers free entrance, although donations are appreciated. It is a fantastic place for art enthusiasts and a great day out for families. The accessibility for pushchairs and wheelchairs is commendable, and the availability of lockers at the reception is very handy. The lack of crowds on a weekday allowed for a closer look at the artworks without any queuing. Overall, Tate Liverpool is a must-visit destination in the city, offering a fascinating collection, helpful staff, and a well-maintained building. It is a place that everyone interested in art and history should explore.
Address:Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool
Phone:+44 151 702 7400



The galleries of the Tate are so well laid out. On this visit there were a number of pieces that were lighted to display the shadows of the pieces, a.. Read more »
On the Liverpool Quay, free entrance (but please do donate) It was a great visit for our daughter, who is into her ARTS. It was a great day out, so ma.. Read more »
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A must visit in albert dock in liverpool. Its free for entry unless you are destined for some paid exhibitions. It is open till 5.50 pm in the afterno.. Read more »
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AMAZING! Shows more modern art, and the art often reflects on current situations! Very busy within, but always worth a visit to see the latest exhibit.. Read more »
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Tate is always a little different. I am an art lover and to find a few Picassos in there was a delight. Majority of it can be viewed for free. Open an.. Read more »
An amazing place for modern art. The Lucien Freud exhibition was put together in an interesting way. Love the gallery.
Stunning exhibitions. The place is very well located, with very nice sea views. It's not too big but well organized and the shop although it's too pri.. Read more »
I love it here. Only went to the free exhibitions this time but will come back again soon and explore the others. Was really relaxing to go round the.. Read more »
Excellent entry that can't quite measure up to its larger London siblings Tate Modern and Tate Britain. Easy to comfortably see the permanent collecti.. Read more »
Some highly regarded world famous artists work on view here albeit not an extensive range. That said, exhibitions can be outstanding. Worth visiting.
Lovely space for displaying art, friendly helpful staff. Very accessible for wheelchair users. The only drawback was the prices in the gift shop were .. Read more »
Went to the Freud exhibition which was beautifully staged and was remarkable in the collection on show. It also gives a wide range of information on t.. Read more »
Amazing place and so nice to be there every time in Liverpool have to go there to see new exhibitions and the updated galleries. Most of the rooms are.. Read more »
I visited to see the Don MacCullin exhibition. I had trouble trying to get a ticket as the computer system was not working but the receptionist on ti.. Read more »
I went there just to see the open and free art expositions. The ground floor had several paintings regarding Covid-19 and the essential workers, which.. Read more »
Had a great time. Really taken by the Don McCullin exhibition, quite a number of powerful images here. Well worth the visit. Be prepared for some toug.. Read more »
A wonderful way to spend a few hours. The free exhibitions were brilliantly put together and genuinely thought-provoking, and the family activities we.. Read more »
The displays were very good and well put together and hung. Plenty of room too. The only issue for me was the lack of artwork on the day, I did antici.. Read more »
Booked to see the Don McCullin exhibition, and it was amazing. The sheer quantity of his work on show is breathtaking, and it’s content is just stagge.. Read more »
Had a brilliant day out, weather was good and the choice was yours whether to wear your face mask walking around or not. It had to be worn if you went.. Read more »
The art and it's interruption was above my understanding of what is was all about. The world has moved on I guess ,but art is what you see before you .. Read more »
I recommend taking the tour, which is very interesting. The first and top floors have temporary exhibitions. The entrance to the permanent collection .. Read more »
Can't beat the Tate modern. Even if you try to put up a fight at closing time the staff always have the upper hand and throw me out. They put up a goo.. Read more »
?Free art gallery and museum, with a charge for exhibitions ?largest gallery of modern and contemporary art outside London ?displays work from the TAT.. Read more »
Epic exhibition encompassing the whole top floor of the building. Pace yourselves. Well worth it.
Head here if you're in Liverpool for an afternoon of contemporary art. It's close by to other places of interest, such as the Liverpool Museum. The ar.. Read more »
Here to see the Don McCullin exhibition which is great - a comprehensive collection of his photographs which are well-curated.
Quite a nice "Mock Scouse" dish. I was super curious to try it as I had no idea what the dish was. Turns out it is a local version of an Irish stew th.. Read more »
I lived in a house in Liverpool that was demolished due to the slum clearance program in the early 1970s. Whilst those photographs resonated personall.. Read more »
We visited the Tate on a sunny day in the Docks which was very pleasant. You can sit in the front of the cafe and look over the water catchment area a.. Read more »
Love this Tate! Perfect size. I find the London Tates so big but this is a nicer smaller focused collection. Beautiful location too. Friendly staff an.. Read more »
The gallery has an interesting selection of pictures, installations and sculptures. Unfortunately, due to covid, some of the interactive installations.. Read more »
Well organised. You book a time online and download your ticket to your phone which is then scanned upon entry. The route around the building is exp.. Read more »
Some of the art is amazing, other pieces are pretentious nonsense.
We visited during the 2020 Coronavirus crisis and found the whole experience very enjoyable. We booked a timed slot online, were admitted in time and .. Read more »