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Svyatoduhivskyy Cathedral (Church is imported)

Kherson, Ukraine
4.8 / 12
The Svyatoduhivskyy Cathedral, also known as the Church of the Holy Spirit, is the spiritual center of the Kherson diocese. It is a place of peace and tranquility, where visitors can experience a sense of calm and serenity. The atmosphere within the temple is described as pacifying, transporting one to another world. The cathedral is adorned with two miraculous icons and the relics of saints, adding to the spiritual ambiance. Visitors have the opportunity to write their innermost desires on a piece of paper and place it in the slot where the relics of Mother Evlampia lie, as it is believed that wishes come true in this sacred space. The cathedral also offers amenities such as a church shop, parking, toilets, and church pastries for the convenience of visitors. The location is convenient, with a nearby public transport stop. Many people visit the cathedral to honor the memory of their loved ones. On special occasions, such as church holidays, the cathedral becomes a gathering place for priests from the Kherson diocese and the surrounding region. The staff at the cathedral are welcoming and provide guidance on where to go and what to do during the visit. The price for ordering a special prayer, called "Sorokoust," is minimal, making it accessible to all. Visiting this cathedral has a profound impact on the inner being, providing a sense of relief and ease. The spacious and pleasant interior of the cathedral adds to the overall experience. The cathedral is adorned with numerous holy relics and old icons, adding to its beauty and sacredness. For many, the cathedral holds personal significance, as it is their native place where they were baptized. It is a place where one can find peace and tranquility in their hearts. Families often visit the cathedral for various religious ceremonies, such as blessings on Easter. It is a place of cherished memories, where weddings and baptisms have taken place. The cathedral holds a special place in the hearts of many. The Svyatoduhivskyy Cathedral is a beautiful example of classicism architecture, dating back to 1804. The cathedral houses a shrine containing the relics of saints, further enhancing its spiritual significance. Overall, the Svyatoduhivskyy Cathedral is a stunning place of worship that offers a peaceful and serene atmosphere. Its central location and multifunctional program make it easily accessible and a popular choice for the community. Whether one seeks solace, spiritual connection, or simply a beautiful place to visit, the cathedral provides an enriching experience for all who enter its doors.



This is the spiritual center of the Kherson diocese. In my opinion, that says it all.
I was in this temple for the first time. I want to note right away that I am not a very knowledgeable person in this area. But for myself, I noted the.. Read more »
We went with my husband to honor the memory of grandfather. We got to a very church holiday. There were 40 priests of Kherson and the Kherson region. .. Read more »
After visiting this place, it became easier inside. Spacious and pleasant inside the temple.
A wonderful place, many holy relics, old icons. Atmosphere, clean
My native place, where I was baptized. It is good and calm at heart.
A good church, we visit it periodically, we go to bless the pasochki on Easter. We got married here with my husband and baptized the child, many pleas.. Read more »
Cathedral of 1804 in the style of classicism. In the cathedral there is a shrine with the relics of saints.
Beautiful church
Nice cathedral both in atmosphere and in location ... beautiful inside, multifunctional program .. almost the city center
Orthodox Cathedral of the Moscow Patriarchate. There are a lot of shrines: the relics of the Kherson saints, miraculous icons. Beautiful paintings. Th.. Read more »
The cathedral is very beautiful, but alas, the rules of work during quarantine are not observed at all. I was in the church, during the service, of th.. Read more »
Was not, But very much all praise and recommend
Large clean area, cozy, the temple is magnificent inside and out, beautiful
I ordered a sorokaust for health, took candles. The service is going on, everything is peaceful, calm.
Very beautiful cathedral. Its decoration inside is amazing. There is a peaceful atmosphere, open and friendly clergy. The territory of the temple is l.. Read more »
Even as a person who doesn’t really believe, I am pleased to visit this place. Always silence and peace, it’s good to go in and sit on a bench. In add.. Read more »
Beautiful church and especially inside wall painting
Central cathedral church of Kherson. Really good, excellent, perfect, brilliant!