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Svyato-Mykolayivsʹkyy Sobor Upts Mp

Chernivtsi, Ukraine
4.6 / 12
Svyato-Mykolayivsʹkyy Sobor UPTS MP is a stunning and unique church that showcases the architectural style of Romanian schools. It holds great historical significance for the city and blends seamlessly with the surrounding rock monuments. The cathedral is well-maintained and remains active, making it a must-visit attraction. This extremely beautiful cathedral was constructed in the early 20th century in the neo-Romanian style. It features twisted towers, giving it the nickname of the "drunk" church. Legend has it that the builders faced numerous obstacles during construction until a sacrifice was made. The master walled up his wife in the church, and miraculously, the construction was completed. However, the church's domes bear a distorted appearance, reflecting the pain and torment of the unfortunate woman. As a photographer and a Christian, I find the church to be a warm and welcoming place. The ministers are friendly and always ready to answer any questions or provide directions. Additionally, the church's cool temperature adds to its comfortable atmosphere. I have had the opportunity to photograph several baptisms in the lower church, and the sacrament takes place seamlessly and with ease. The church stands out with its beautiful bright exterior and the sloping columns on the tower drums, earning it the nickname of the "drunk" church. It's a fascinating structure with unique architectural details, particularly the side towers. It's important to note that the church belongs to the UOC and not the ROC, so please ensure to mention the name correctly according to the Law of Ukraine. The church is truly intriguing, both on the outside and inside. The unusual domes and the overall atmosphere create a lasting impression. The interior decoration might seem slightly dark and oppressive, but this could be due to the late evening visit and poor lighting. Overall, the church leaves a positive impression. For me, the Church of St. Nicholas is not just a place of worship, but a significant part of my life. I have been attending since childhood, and even my children were baptized here. I hold a deep love and admiration for Father Aktavian, who is a beloved figure in the church.



A beautiful and unusual church, which is an architectural embodiment of Romanian schools of architecture. It is an important historical component of t.. Read more »
Extremely beautiful cathedral, built in the early 20th century in the neo-Romanian style. The raisins are twisted baths. Drunk church, as the cathedra.. Read more »
Beautiful church ⛪️ with slant towers ✨?
As a photographer and a Christian, I can say that the church is always cozy and all the ministers are friendly and responsive, answer any questions, s.. Read more »
Beautiful bright churches with sloping columns on the drums of the baths, which is why it has the unofficial name "drunk" church!
Very interesting church with unique architecture of it’s side towers.
There is the UOC, not the ROC. The ROC does not have such a nazai. Please enter the name correctly according to the Law of Ukraine.
Very unusual domes, I've never seen this before. The temple is also unusual inside.
Not an ordinary, atmospheric temple, both outside and inside. Quite an unusual impression due to the fact that on the outside it is light and relative.. Read more »
Very nice Church of St. Nicholas I go to it since childhood and also My children are baptized there very much I love Father Aktavian !!!!!
Wonderful Orthodox church !!! There is no such name of the UOC-MP, there is an official name of the UOC, Google should know about it!
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Since the main main dome is covered right now, it's a bit dark inside the church. I can't wait to go back when it is finished. I love the optical illu.. Read more »
Interesting architecture. Pay attention on side towers and windows :)