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Holy Cross Cathedral

Zhytomyr, Ukraine
4.2 / 11
Holy Cross Cathedral is a beautiful and well-maintained church located on Castle Hill in Zhytomyr. The cathedral was restored several years ago and now serves as the church of the UOC-MP. It has a Sunday school for both children and adults, and it is also home to the first Orthodox church community for the deaf and dumb in Zhytomyr. The temple is surrounded by other beautiful buildings and is situated opposite a park, creating a picturesque setting. However, some people have expressed concerns about the church's behavior, including excessive noise from bells and loudspeakers during services. Despite this, Holy Cross Cathedral remains a holy and important place in the historic center of Zhytomyr.
Address:Kafedralna Street, 14, Zhytomyr
Phone:+380 68 719 5597



The adjacent territory of the temple is open only during services. How can you attract people if the church resembles a prison with a fence?
The temple which was restored several years ago. Prior to that, the building housed the Museum of Nature for many years (the expositions of nature in .. Read more »
The cathedral is very beautiful ❤️??
A very beautiful cathedral on the Castle Hill, surrounded by beautiful buildings opposite the park.
Wonderful well-groomed and tidy temple and the surrounding area.
In this room in Soviet times there was a museum of nature with a skeleton of a mammoth
The standard sect, completely antisocial, spat on laws and concepts and on everything in the world. At the opening, the bells rang every 15 minutes fr.. Read more »
Holy place!
Good church.
Great place in the historic center of Zhytomyr. It's good that we have such places. Pure, well-groomed, beautiful. But the buildings beside need repai.. Read more »
Thank you that you returned it to Cathedral