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Stryiskyi Park

Lviv, Ukraine
4.9 / 18
Stryiskyi Park is a beautiful park located near the center of Lviv. It is a popular spot, especially during the summer months, and is highly recommended for a visit. The park is well-shaded with large trees, providing a cool and relaxing atmosphere. It is quite spacious and offers different paths for walking, running, or biking. Along these paths, there are several attractions such as cafes, restaurants, and a playground for children. The park also features a small pond with fish, which adds to its charm. Nature enthusiasts will enjoy the abundance of trees, birds, and squirrels that can be spotted throughout the park. At the main entrance, there is a pond with waterfowl birds, including two swan couples - one white and one black - which are considered a real treasure of the park. The park is a favorite among locals and visitors alike, thanks to its peaceful atmosphere and lush greenery. Whether you're looking for a place to relax, have a picnic, or engage in outdoor activities, Stryiskyi Park is the perfect destination. Don't forget to bring some nuts to feed the grateful squirrels!



I definitely recommend this place for in the summer. There is enough shadow because of all the big threes. The park is large and you have different pa.. Read more »
Nice park near to the center of Lviv. There are a lot of attractions, like cafe, restaurants, playground for children and so on. Park is big and has a.. Read more »
Nice park with a lot of walking trails. A lot of trees, birds, and squirrels. There is a pond with waterfowl birds at the main entrance. Nice place to.. Read more »
Stryiskiy Park. And, don't forget to take some nuts - squirrels will be grateful Two swan couples live here at the pond. White and a black one. And .. Read more »
One of my favorites. I take a stroll there once in awhile. Some nice natural places, a pound with ducks and swans, a fountain and a big orangery with .. Read more »
Large natural feel park. Tall trees, clean long pathways, lovely green grass, great for family picnics
Very good place for walking, running or cycling. Beautiful nature and a lake with white and black swans.
A very quiet place with no people during business hours or after 9pm during weekdays (and weekends, too). Resembles a little forest. Siemens are reall.. Read more »
Lviv's the most beautiful park. It has huge territory. Perfect place for a nice walk.
This is a pleasant hilly park that features a dam, a greenhouse, a restaurant and a few old ruins. It offers a break from the city and has lots of ben.. Read more »
A must visit in lviv. The green house was amazing, diverse range of plant species. Sight of lake was soothing. Absolutely loved it ❤️
One of the best parks in Lviv - beautiful in every season? Has a lovely orchard with unique plants, a lake where you can feed ducks, playgrounds and h.. Read more »
Ideal park with swans and a great place for a little picnics and walks.
Wonderful place for walking/running/having rest or even watching movies in open air cinema.
Good place for waking, enjoying time with your loved ones, running or just have a breath of air in the middle of a busy city.
A good place for take relax, meet with friends and forget the chaos of the city
A lovely park with a lake and swans ? One of the oldest parks in Lviv ?? It was built in 1894 and designed by Arnold Röhring - a famous landscape arc.. Read more »
Amazing place with huge lush green area abundant space and a lake with beautiful swans and the best part you can actually feed them ? They also have a.. Read more »
very good place to go in summer for walking and enjoying well maintained neat and clean very big place u need to go early to visit whole park lake is.. Read more »
One of the most beautiful parks in Lviv, developed in English style. There is a pond in the park. Good location for photographers.
Enjoyed the park a lot! I was surprised how steep some paths were - one is usually used to a more flat walk;) The park is full of great old trees; the.. Read more »
Wonderful park. Sloping hills, a lot of grass and trees, squirrels, ducks and geese. Some things still need restoration, but this is great park to tak.. Read more »
Great old park, now in ruins of it's former glory. Still very pleasant for long walks with several restaurants, swan pond and playground located on it.. Read more »