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Stone steps

Warsaw, Poland
4.5 / 4
Stone Steps is a hidden gem in the Old Town, known for its historical significance. This narrow and steep street has a long history dating back to 1527. It was once used to access the White Furta and the Vistula River. In fact, in 1806, Napoleon Bonaparte himself walked along Stone Steps, accompanied by Prince Jozef Poniatowski and other French marshals. The street has been immortalized in paintings by artists, further emphasizing its historical importance. However, despite its rich history, the presence of graffiti detracts from its overall charm. While it is worth a visit for its historical value, it may not live up to the expectations of those seeking a more mysterious and impressive experience. Nonetheless, for those who appreciate staircases and the stories they tell, Stone Steps is definitely worth exploring.
Address:Kamienne Schodki, Warszawa



Stone steps, stone steps..., there was a song, an inconspicuous narrow street in the Old Town, a street with a long history. Be sure to visit.
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I like staircases
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