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Stantsiya Minsk-Passazhirskiy, Minsk

Minsk, Belarus
4.6 / 12
Stantsiya Minsk-Passazhirskiy, located in Minsk, Belarus, is truly a remarkable railway station. It is not only my favorite station in Belarus but also in all of Europe. The station boasts a wide range of excellent restaurants where you can find delicious food, both hot and cold. Whether it's the warmth in winter or the refreshing air conditioning in summer, this station ensures your comfort throughout the year. The sheer size and beauty of the station can be overwhelming at first. I have personally gotten lost a few times while navigating through it. However, the station is well-equipped with helpful staff who are always ready to assist you. The cleanliness of the station and the friendliness of the people further enhance the overall experience. Stantsiya Minsk-Passazhirskiy is a modern and attractive building that serves as the central railway terminal in Minsk. In addition, the bus terminal is conveniently located just a 5-minute walk away. The station is well-organized and clearly labeled, making it easy to find your way around. Announcements are made in both Russian and English, which is incredibly helpful for international travelers. Moving from one platform to another is a breeze thanks to the availability of ramps for rolling your suitcases. The station also offers many shops, mostly flower shops, adding a touch of beauty to the surroundings. For those arriving by car, ample street parking is available. When it comes to transportation, ordering a taxi through the Yandex Taxi (Яндекс такси) app is highly recommended as it ensures both convenience and safety. The station itself is spacious and well-marked, making it easy to navigate. Tickets can be purchased either from ticket machines or the ticket office, providing flexibility for travelers. Stantsiya Minsk-Passazhirskiy is the largest and most renovated station in the area, offering everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable journey. It surpasses the standards of most airports with its cleanliness, efficiency, and overall pleasant atmosphere. For railway transportation enthusiasts, this station serves as a quick stop point. It features a pedestrian underground crossing, a ticketing office, and a comfortable sitting area. Moreover, its strategic location ensures easy access to other nearby destinations. In conclusion, Stantsiya Minsk-Passazhirskiy is an exceptional railway station that combines comfort, convenience, and beauty. It is a true gem in the heart of Minsk, providing a seamless travel experience for both locals and international visitors.



This station is my favorite station in Belarus and actually Europe so far. Good restaurants where you can buy a lot of good food, warm and cold. In th.. Read more »
It's so big and beautiful, I honestly got lost the first few times.. It's a really good way to travel with good staff too
Very clean city and. Nice people,
Lovely modern building
Central Minsk railway terminal. Bus terminal 5 min walk.
Nice and clean, well organized and labeled. Announcements are made in both Russian and English. There are stairs to go down to the main station. There.. Read more »
Spacious, well marked station. Tickets can be bought from ticket machines or ticket office.
Largest and renovated station. Have everything you need
Better than most airports...nice clean efficient place.
Quick stop point for railway transportation enthusiasts, has pedestrian underground crossing, has ticketing office and a sitting area. Well located fo.. Read more »
Clean,easy to find anything. Very nice waiting area with lods of sitting,warm. Was comfortable to waiting for a train and sipping coffee
I liked this station, easy to find and they had a information desk that helped you out (spoke english). No power outlets here though
Modern building of the railway station was constructed in 2002. It was honoured as the best architectural project of that year. Consists of station it.. Read more »