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St. Peter's Catholic Church

Vienna, Austria
4.9 / 32
St. Peter's Catholic Church is an awe-inspiring baroque Roman Catholic parish church located in Vienna. It boasts a breathtaking interior with beautiful domes, intricate sculptures, and stunning paintings. The church offers a daily organ concert that can be enjoyed while making a donation to the church. Visitors have described it as one of the best places to experience classic music in Vienna. The church dates back to the Early Middle Ages, with the oldest building no longer standing. Construction of the new Baroque church began around 1701. Its opulent interior and amazing ceiling create a truly magnificent atmosphere. Attending a concert at St. Peter's is a must-do experience, and the church's central location in the heart of the old town makes it easily accessible. Entry to the church is free, and visitors have the opportunity to witness a choir performance during their visit. The church is known for its fancy architecture, and its ornate design transports visitors to a different era. St. Peter's Church is a place of serenity, and the music played from its organ adds to the peaceful ambiance. Outside the church, visitors may even spot horse carriages waiting at the entrance. While the church offers regular free entry, it is also utilized as a venue for nightly concerts. The well-maintained building offers a beautiful setting for these performances. However, due to potential air isolation issues, it can get chilly inside during colder weather. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase concert tickets in advance if attending a performance. Overall, St. Peter's Catholic Church is a must-see attraction in Vienna. Its historical significance, stunning architecture, and musical offerings make it a truly memorable experience for all visitors.
Address:Petersplatz 1, Wien
Phone:+43 1 5336433



Breathtaking interior with an organ concert daily which is available to listen to with a donation to the church. Lovely.
I had a wonderful night in here with a classic music concert. One of the best places in Vienna.
The Peterskirche is located on Petersplatz, it is baroque roman catholic parish church in Vienna. The oldest church building (of which nothing remains.. Read more »
Beautiful domes cathedral with many sculptures and paintings. Worth dropping in. It's in the heart of the old Town.
What a beautiful baroque church. Very opulent interior and amazing ceiling, there is a posibillity to attend a concert. See it when you are in Vienna.
Free entry very special church. There was a choir performing whist we were inside. Highly recommend.
Gorgeous old church with fancy architecture from a long time ago. In simple words: Make sure you visit the beautiful and ornate St. Mary's church Pete.. Read more »
Beautiful domed church to visit in the heart of Vienna not so far from the St. Stephen Cathedral. The ceiling is gorgeous.
Beautiful on the inside and very serene with some music being played from the church's organ. There were also some horse carriages outside the church'.. Read more »
A lovely church that is also utilized to hold the nightly concerts. It is beautifully built and well-maintained. It seems that the air isolation wasn'.. Read more »
Amazingly beautiful. I'd risk saying the most beautiful and colourful church in Vienna. It's free to visit, opened for most of the day and definitely .. Read more »
Amazing church - somehow much less tourists than St. Stephan Church, but I love this one way more. The colorful marbles are breathtaking; the gold is.. Read more »
Lovely setting raised our expectations. Concert was more of a let down. Musicianship was fine but no attempt to engage with the audience. Simply bowed.. Read more »
I went to a classical concert at this church. It was all absolutely incredible, from how stunning the church is to how beautiful the concert was! Amaz.. Read more »
It's probably the most beautiful church I've ever visited! I'm a great fan of the baroque style, the church hosts classical music ensembles in the eve.. Read more »
Cathedrals and churches always make a great impact on me. Here I feel serene and blessed. Another place for a wondering soul seeking for a piece of mi.. Read more »
Beautiful little church hosting evening classical music concerts of a very high standard. The inside is overwhelming with baroque style. Excellant ac.. Read more »
On weekdays at 3 p.m. you can listen to a 30-minute organ concert for free donation, or just for free, but standing. The organist plays very masterfu.. Read more »
The smell of frankincense and myrrh incense is alluring. Come here for some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Don’t forget to lo.. Read more »
The smell of frankincense and myrrh incense is alluring. Come here for some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Don’t forget to lo.. Read more »
Beautiful church in the middle of Vienna We visited for their classical music ensemble. A excellent quartet playing classical music in a beautiful s.. Read more »
Absolutely stunning church in the middle of Vienna! And hosting classical musical concerts.... Sounds beautiful and calming in a wonderful setting!
One of the loveliest and cozy churches in Vienna. U will be impressed with the details from the inside outside. A must visit
Tucked away in the heart of Vienna's city centre, this is a hidden gem of a church not least for its occasional classical concerts in the evenings! Do.. Read more »
Begun around 1701 at the site of what some believe to be the first Church in Vienna St. Peter's Church is decorated in Baroque architecture with gold .. Read more »
I was there around 5pm. There was a mass and the lights were up. The golden decorations were very shiny under the light and the altar was bright, givi.. Read more »
Exquisite. The finest baroque interior in Vienna's first district which occasional excellent organ recitals. Magical.
There is absolutely nothing to add to this gorgeous and quite mighty church, historical nerds know the uniqueness of this building. The renovation wor.. Read more »
Beautiful place. Mass in Latin, Sundays at 11.15. Great experience
A beautiful domed church in the centre of the old town of Vienna. This Baroque masterpiece is a resplendently decorated church, with a famous organ. .. Read more »
Such a lovely, and beautiful church! I felt so safe there and had an amazing time to pray and spend time with a God in this beauty around me.
Wonderful baroque church, construction began in 1701 and completed in 1733. It sits on the site of a church dating back to 800. The inside is beautifu.. Read more »
St. Peter's Church, one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in Vienna. It is the second oldest church in the city. The church was built from 1701 .. Read more »
What an amazing historical building. I was lucky enough to visit while they were performing a ceremony and although I'm not religious, the setting and.. Read more »
always a pleasure to visit this place and walking around. you will find a lot of famous brand shops and beautiful buildings for sure.
One of the most famous and beautifulest churches in all of Austria
Beautiful baroque style church, small but incredibly interesting. I highly suggest staying for the organ concert in the afternoon, if available.
Just found it by walking around. One of the best.
Not the most popular church in Vienna but it is a must! You can enter for free. The paintings inside are amazing.
I have visited here a few times but yesterday I decided to watch a classical concert here. I recommend you go and see one of these shows. The musician.. Read more »
Such a landmark to visit all year round. Enjoy a concert inside, or pay the museum ticket and get a close look at the ceiling frescoes. Or just admire.. Read more »
Go there for free organ concerts: Monday to Friday at 3 pm and Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm. Donations will be appreciated, but not obligatory. The chu.. Read more »
The church when built was the first domed structure in baroque Vienna. The interior of the church is surprisingly ornate and richly decorated with Bar.. Read more »