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St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral

Kherson, Ukraine
4.7 / 20
The St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral is a beloved and cherished temple in our city. It has become a second home for many, with its stunning beauty, friendly parishioners, and responsive priests. It is a place where one's soul can find healing and peace. The cathedral holds immense pride for our city, being one of the oldest temples and continuously renewing itself with its timeless beauty. It captivates visitors with its sea stories, serene atmosphere, and miraculous icons. Sailors are blessed before their voyages, and Saint Nicholas himself blesses all who come to him in the church courtyard. A perpetual lamp burns in memory of deceased sailors, while inside the church, restless souls find tranquility through the holy prayers of the priests. The cathedral is known for its cleanliness, pleasant atmosphere, and abundance of icons. The icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, with a piece of relics, is a source of great pride. The temple seamlessly combines the past and the present, with old darkened icons blending harmoniously with the recently renovated white walls and floor. It is a place that brings both anxiety and joy to those who enter. Many have a deep love for this temple, having visited it for years. It is highly recommended for everyone to experience the beauty of the Naval Cathedral. While some find it beautiful, others believe it may have excessive grandeur, similar to other Moscow churches under the same authority. Nevertheless, it is appreciated for its rich history and the devoted clergy who serve the congregation with unwavering dedication, regardless of their social or financial status. May the temple continue to prosper and grow spiritually, bringing many blessed years to all who visit. However, there are some concerns regarding its affiliation with the Moscow Patriarchate and its financial support to a country that is seen as causing harm to our children.



The wonderful temple of our city. For me, he became a real second home. After writing, at least once, I would definitely want to return to it. The bea.. Read more »
A place to heal the soul!!! A wonderful temple and its abbots!
The pride of our city, one of the oldest temples, is the Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas. It renews itself every year and shines with its beauty! Attr.. Read more »
Nice temple, clean and nice atmosphere.
Magnificent naval cathedral! The church is clean, comfortable, there are many icons. But the main pride of the cathedral is the icon of St. Nicholas t.. Read more »
A majestic temple that combines the present and the past! The old icons, which have darkened over many decades, before which our grandmothers and grea.. Read more »
I love this temple very much. I have been going to it for many years. I recommend everyone to visit our Naval Cathedral.
Beautiful, but it seems with excessive chic. Everything is the same as in all Moscow churches, to which this church belongs
A very beautiful temple with a rich history and very worthy clergy, ready to come to the aid of every parishioner, regardless of material and social s.. Read more »
The temple is very nice. But it is a pity that he is subordinate to the Moscow Patriarchate. And sends our money to the Country that is killing our ch.. Read more »
I'm an atheist. I can’t say anything good or bad. The cathedral is large.
I am not connected with the sea. My father-in-law was a military sailor. And the grandson lawnill the sailor and that's all. The father told a lot, an.. Read more »
Wonderful Cathedral.
Old, beautiful temple, quiet and peaceful place
Nice temple, clean and pleasant atmosphere.
An ancient temple where sailors used to come and come before or after campaigns. A majestic building, a quiet and at the same time solemn atmosphere, .. Read more »
A very nice temple with a very kind and spiritually warm atmosphere ....
A holy place, grace, pacification, tranquility, a good location for us, wonderful priests, everyone, we partake, baptize, repent, pray, walk, walk and.. Read more »
At the beginning of the XIX century. the first church was built on Zabalka - wooden, in the name of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. The temple was buil.. Read more »
I recommend this cathedral to everyone, it is a good city that will help everyone who needs it, some so on loan.
A visual history textbook and just a cool place
I miss when at sea. But in my heart I know very well that in the church they are praying for you, and it becomes very easy when, upon returning home, .. Read more »
Evening service on Saturdays from 17.00. On Sunday from 8.00! Come to the service!
The temple in which I was baptized ♥ ️ Today I visited it for the third time in my life. I have not lived in Kherson for a long time and to visit the .. Read more »