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St. George's Cathedral

Lviv, Ukraine
4.8 / 8
St. George's Cathedral is a must-see attraction in Lviv. The cathedral is so beautiful that visitors often use the photos they took as wallpaper. Located just a 20-minute walk from the city center, it is easily accessible for tourists. The cathedral is a magnificent sight, enchanting visitors with its baroque-rococo style and authentic sculptures on the facade. Inside, visitors can explore the nice crypt downstairs and find pretty souvenirs to take home. The surroundings of St. George's Cathedral are also great, with plenty of parks and restaurants nearby. Unlike other tourist spots in Lviv, there aren't many tourists around, allowing visitors to freely explore the complex. However, the lack of English signage makes it less foreigner friendly. Despite this, the cathedral is worth a visit, especially for those interested in its unique architectural style. Constructed between 1744 and 1760, it holds historical significance as one of the most important churches in Lviv. The beauty of the cathedral is further enhanced by its twilight ambiance. Although the area around the cathedral may be dirty, it is important to respect the sacredness of the place for some people. The best part is that visiting St. George's Cathedral is free of charge, making it an affordable and enjoyable experience for all.
Address:Ploshcha Svyatoho Yura, 5, L'viv
Phone:+380 322 611 386



It was so beautiful that I use the photos I took as wallpaper. definitely a must see. 20 minutes walking distance from the center
I visited there during my lviv trip . Its a very nice place
It was a magnificent cathedral. I'm enchanted!
Really beautiful church, worth a visit. They also have pretty nice souvenirs and a nice cript downstairs. The surroundings are great too. Plenty of pa.. Read more »
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Beautiful Catholic Cathedral! It's a bit uphill walk from the old town. Constructed between 1744 - 1760, the baroque-rococo style church is impressiv.. Read more »
A beautiful cathedral with authentic sculptures on facade. Definitely worth visiting. It looks magnificent in twilight
Beautiful cathedral built in the 18th century, one of the most significant churches in Lviv. Definitely, a must visit place due to its unique architec.. Read more »
I like this place very much, so beautiful, it's free to visit this place
Beautiful church! However, it is dirty around it which is sad because this place is holy for some people.
Spirutal and calm place
This 18th-century Catholic cathedral looks out over Lviv from its namesake hill on the west side of the city. It was built over 15 years up to 1760 a.. Read more »
Brilliant system of religions buildings, beutiful lighting at evening !
Величне місце! Tourist’s must-see. Gorgeous architecture in the middle of the old city Lviv.
Beautiful Catholic Church, with active masses and church services ongoing. Not as popular with the tourists in the city center. More local people in .. Read more »
Every time I see this place, I am surprised by its state of decay and disrepair. One would think that the Ukrainian Catholic Church would have found t.. Read more »
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