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St. Catherine's Cathedral

Kherson, Ukraine
4.7 / 6
St. Catherine's Cathedral is a captivating attraction for tourists. It holds great historical significance as it houses the tomb of Grigori Potemkin. The cathedral's design is truly marvelous, with stunning structures and a beautiful church. One can also enjoy the serene beauty of the surrounding garden. The architecture is particularly remarkable, with the walkway around the church made from volcanic magma that was cut into stones. This walkway has been there since the church's inception. It is an ideal place to visit, offering two entrances for convenience – one accessible from the road and the other from the nearby park. The cathedral itself is constructed using sandstone and features a Tuscan portico. Its architectural style incorporates elements from ancient Greek design, which symbolizes the revival of Christian civilization in the territories previously occupied by the Ottoman Empire. Overall, St. Catherine's Cathedral is a must-visit destination for its historical importance, stunning architecture, and serene surroundings.



Attraction for tourists
Historical place of Grigori Potemkin tomb
Wonderful design by structures 0f #church everyone nice..
Beautiful and a historical place, there is a beautiful garden, and a stunning architecture, the walkway around the church is made from volcanic magma.. Read more »
St. Catherine's Cathedral is made of sandstone with a Tuscan portico. There is a Potemkin's tomb here.
Orthodox Cathedral was built in the end of 18 century with architecture elements of ancient Greek style to symbolize the return of Christian civilizat.. Read more »