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St. Angelo Bridge

Rome, Italy
4.8 / 37
St. Angelo Bridge is a famous landmark in Rome that offers stunning views and serves as a pathway to the majestic St. Angelo Castle. The bridge is adorned with beautiful angel statues and lanterns that create a charming atmosphere, particularly during sunrise and sunset. In the early morning, the bridge is virtually empty, allowing visitors to fully appreciate its beauty. However, as the day progresses, the area becomes crowded with tourists and street vendors. Despite the presence of graffiti, the bridge still retains its allure and provides a picturesque scene for photography. The bridge is over 1900 years old and is adorned with ten angel sculptures, symbolizing the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The bridge offers a unique perspective of notable landmarks such as St. Peter's Basilica and the Basilica of Ambrose and Charles. Visitors are encouraged to explore the bridge and take in the breathtaking views, especially when the bridge's lamps and the castle's lights illuminate the surroundings at night. Overall, St. Angelo Bridge is a must-see attraction in Rome, offering a blend of historical significance and architectural beauty.
Address:Ponte Sant'Angelo, Roma



A good place to take photos with the St. Angelo Castle. But the bridge is poorly maintained as there were too many graffiti, really disturbed the immersion. The angels on the side are worth taking a look, personally they are not my cup of tea so I c.. Read more »
The bridge is obviously beautiful. It's lined by angel statues and lanterns that really pop in the early morning and sunset hours. At sunrise this bridge is absolutely empty. You'll likely he one of a few people enjoying the entire span. By.. Read more »
A nice bridge that leads you directly to Castel Sant' Angelo and offers you very nice views say sunset and sunrise of Saint Peter's Basilica (Vatican) and Basilica of Ambrose and Charles. At night when the bridge's lamps and the castle.. Read more »
1900+ year old bridge with ten angel sculptures (five on each side) symbolizing the crucification of Jesus Christ designed by Bernini adorn the bridge crossing the Tiber River. No matter how many times I see it, it still feels unreal. Like walking i.. Read more »
A must-see and walk on in Rome! The architecture is stunning! The bridge is decorated with many statues, starting with 2 apostles, then 10 angels, and at the top of the castle, the statue of the archangel! Everything is designed to lead your eye to t.. Read more »
One of the most beautiful bridges in Rome . It is really suggestive to look at it in special way if you look from the side toward St. Angel Castle . If you are visiting the eternal city you can't miss to visit and pass along this bridge !
The views are absolutely magical and what was also very nice was the museum showing the history of the castle, would also be great to have a display of the history in video form as for example it was there long before the cathedral of sainfmt Peter&#.. Read more »
An amazing landmark in Rome. Great way to start your walk to st peters plaza. The place can get very crowded at day so make sure to check it also during the evening.
Lovely area that isn't too crowded and you can take your time staring at the statues if you so wish, it seems to connect and old section of Rome with a new section as you have the castle at one end and then the start of shopping at the other. T.. Read more »
For a quick bit of history it's worth a look. We just drove round and parked in a layby then walked up the dry river and saw it from below. Road is a bit too dangerous to walk to the top part of the bridge. Would make for a scenic picnic
If you want to see the bridge and the angel statues that decorate it in they're full splendor I recommend you visit at night time. There's something truly divine about this place.
Almost two thousand years old Roman bridge, links the city center with the former Mausoleum of Hadrian and the nearby Vatican. Visit it early in the morning or after sunset, in the middle of the day it was packed with people and there is no place to .. Read more »
Impressive building. The closer you get the more intensive it becomes. Very large structure with so many things to see. Also the bridge towards it is also an eyecatcher.
Probably the most photographed bridge in Rome, and for a good reason. It is gorgeous and it has great views of the Vatican as well as Sant Angelo Castle. Most tourists headed to the Vatican will take this bridge as it appears as the most direct route.. Read more »
Humbling and intriguing to know you are crossing a bridge constructed in year 134. Sheer beauty and magnificence of angels you pass walking across. Contemporary travelers busy in their destination and vendors making a living may miss the opportunity.. Read more »
A lovely bridge that is worth the walk through. It is filled with hawkers, but the statues and the general view around the area is beautiful. Would recommend going down the stairs and walking around the water as well as seeing the bridge from the oth.. Read more »
Cool place, great views of the River Tiber. Great thing is that's its vehicle free. Great link from the city to the Vatican
The bridge is a gorgeously created piece of architecture that fits in superbly to its setting. St Peters is to one side and the Castel St Angelo at the end of the bridge. The angels on the bridge are just masterpieces of sculpture and what make the.. Read more »
A must see bridge! There is a beautiful view of the castle! And it is desirable to get here early in the morning!
A 1900 year old bridge. Knowing it's age you would think twice before setting foot on it. It was also the bridge where capital punishments were executed in the 1500. You will find 10 angels carrying the various symbols of the passion of Christ (.. Read more »
Amazing place - peaceful and beautiful! Authenticity of the street musicians and the old bridge create unforgettable experience of Rome.
It is an amazing bridge with beautiful view and destination. It is really close to Vatican so you can combine these two amazing place and visit them in the same day. The walk is easy and lovely at both places. There is love in the air and a lot is ha.. Read more »
Very classic very crowded and you can't get a clear shot after 9am. Cars can't get there, nd there is always a couple of police men. There is also a souvenir kiosk to buy nice things!
Surely the prettiest Rome bridge. Sometimes there is a musician playing and singing there in eventing - it is pure magic, one of the best emotions in Rome.
One of the most beautiful places I visited in Rome. I love it. The only thing I have to complain, is all the trash in the river. It is such a disappointment staring at this view, and then watch these thrash!
Beautiful, definitely recommend to go over the pedestrian bridge right in front of the castle St. Angelo it’s amazing
A beautiful bridge! With many seagulls in the area. When the sky are clear you can see it's reflection perfectly.
Meravigliosa!!! The best place visiting in Rome...under the bridge worth a walk and drink/eat sth at the available cafe's.
I was there in a wonderful morning along with bride and groom from East Asia.
The bridge full of historical statues,Definitely an underrated attraction. Lots of interesting history and is very impressive . .And when you stop at the bridge you see the magnificent Castel Sant’Angelo.
Amazing bridge! The most beautiful I have ever seen. All these statues all over the road are in the highest level! At the night this beauty increases!!
Their shark was, in this moment, a pioneering sheep. Credible grapefruits show us how goldfishes can be snails. An eager chicken is a grape of the mind! A powerful melon without bees is truly a chicken of boundless melons. Recent controversy aside, t.. Read more »
Amazing old bridge with a number of sculptures on either side the length of the Bridge. From a distance it’s sets a beautiful foreground for the Vatican beyond. Great place to come walk along the river plus the main routine into Vatican City.
STUNNING VIEWS of the river! Just in front of the Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II, the bridge crosses over the Tiber River, with many imposing statues standing along it. No matter the time of the day or the weather, the views from the bridge are absolutel.. Read more »
Seeing the statues of Saints Peter and Paul at the eastern end of this bridge reminds me that I’m standing in a city that witnessed the life of the early Christians. When I came here about two years ago, there were people dressed as Roman soldi.. Read more »
Beautiful statues, not very long bridge, but at night they turning off latterns for few minutes and turning on special light around what looks magic, do getter with some people playing on the instruments right on the bridge.
It's worth to visit. Look at the alignment with St Peters basilica. Sit near by on bridge and feel the beauty of place and architecture.
Couldn't recommend this bridge more for crossing the water. It has everything you need, clearly marked walkways, cobble stones and even statues. Great views of the homeless camping along side the water. Simply stunning
The bridge is beautiful, his lovely architecture and always liveliness gives it a special charm. Portrait painters, artist of all styles, vendors make the atmosphere very pleasant and very nice. The view from the bridge to Castel Sant'Angelo is .. Read more »
Great walking bridge over to Castel Sant'Angelo better known as Hardian's Tomb. Great pictures can also be had while driving by on the local road system. Either way, great photo opportunities. Not far from Vatican City.
Grand bridge built in 139, here are very beautiful statues, road to ancient Castle Sant'Angelo, must visit!!