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Sofia Central Station

Sofia, Bulgaria
2.6 / 37
Sofia Central Station is an interesting station with a Soviet style architecture and a durable construction. While some staff members can be rude and unhelpful, especially when it comes to directing passengers to the right platform, there are also kind and helpful staff members in sales, trains, and security. The station connects to the metro and has bus stops nearby. There are plenty of eateries around the station as well. However, the station can be a bit dirty, and there are individuals who may offer to carry your luggage in exchange for money. Despite its flaws, many people have experienced worse stations. It is important to note that buying tickets during peak hours can be a challenge, as long lines and unexpected closures may occur. The station also lacks English information on the boards, but train numbers and platform information are usually easy to understand. Some passengers have also encountered issues with reserved seats and incorrect seating arrangements. Nevertheless, the station is quite large, modern, and conveniently located near the bus station.
Phone:+359 700 10 200



The staff here is incredibly rude, you will get yelled out before you have even finished your sentence. No one will point you to the right platform (a.. Read more »
Interesting station. Definitely Soviet style and built to last. Not much English information on the board but it's not difficult to read a train nu.. Read more »
Kind of dirty, and they allow some people to 'work' on the platforms, carrying your luggage with pushiness, in exchange for money (fixed fee) But the .. Read more »
Cautionary tale! Coming to Sofia's train station during peak hours and hoping to buy a ticket for the next train is a recipe for disaster. I stood for.. Read more »
Station is so-so. Staff barely speaks English, except for the international ticket booth (number 22) which is only open between 6:30 and 18:15. Edit:.. Read more »
A the WC they charged me money because I helped my disabled father go to relieve himself, and the receptionist said that I received myself too while I.. Read more »
Not a very pleasant experience but it is what it is. A few times I came there to ask for information but the information counter was empty. Help was h.. Read more »
Very large station with food station inside. Very modern and close to bus station.
Hi! I reserved a place near the window on the website and paid for it. Why arriving at the railway station and entering the train I discover that my a.. Read more »
A well organized station whit a couple of caffes to grab something on the go. The only thing is that not all trains have the direction in Latin alphab.. Read more »
The internet does not work, the cafes inside the station do not have internet and those outside the station that have wifi open late. There are also .. Read more »
Probably the worst customer service I’ve ever experience. Was told I needed to buy a seat ticket on the departure day, but when I showed up to buy it,.. Read more »
They did a great job with the renovation but the adjacent area is still underdeveloped.
Relatively clean and functional, much better than it was a few years earlier.
Well they fixed it up, I guess, but the whole experience is still kinda backwards, not humans first.
I went there very kindly to ask for some Informations..So she didn't understand English!!!!! After that she was answering in Bulgarian language ..wh.. Read more »
Relatively clean and functional, much bey than it was a few years earlier.
Terrible service. The staff barely speak English and the person that was in the international desk was super rude, felt like I was ignored.
Extremely rude and incompetent staff, long lines, disorganization. Customers physically fighting each other, as they compete to get a chance to buy a.. Read more »
As the train station of the capital in Bulgaria, it's NOT quite up to the task in term of facility and service. People working in the ticket count ar.. Read more »
It is impossible to buy international tickets online (!!!), so you need to actually arrive to Bulgaria and buy tickets at the train station
It's a train station ? 3 fast food/coffee shops
Needs a Lot of repairs,(paint and cleaning). People that works here very helpful and courtesy
Every staff from every bus company is rude, can’t even show me the luggage storage is. Can barely speak english. Never again to Bulgaria.
literally no one speaks English. I'm not a native speaker myself but holy... You don't expect this level of service from one of the EU countries. Awfu.. Read more »
Can only agree with the comments, very bad for foreigners. You can pay nothing with card as almost noone speaks English. The toilet lady wouldn't even.. Read more »
i dont recomend train station because they have employees they dont know how to speak English to communicate with turists and afte all they lied us f.. Read more »
Recently restyled train station. Hub to reach all destinations in & out ??. Next to the domestic/int.nal bus station and all thinkable public transpor.. Read more »
The biggest and most important railway station with lots of facilities, nicely decorated.
modern and renovated railway central station a lot offast foods bars and shops inside and arround
Full of hobos and no toilets available at night
Station is easy to reach and clean
Very sorry the place is run down, mach better from my last visit, the train service in Bulgaria is chep but don't aspire luxury service, my advice is .. Read more »
Ok. Renovated.
The main rail station of Sofia. One can catch trains from here to all the corners of the country.
I must admit, I got nicely surprised! I know the Central Station of Sofia since I was a child, but since I'm not living in the country the past many y.. Read more »
If you’re a tourist, beware of people presenting themselves as « officials ». Once they took you to your train, they will charge you for a LOT of mone.. Read more »
good station, but shops should accept credit cards. and time tables some times wrong.
Clean, bright, easy signage electronic displays. Not too many trains for the trainspotters though. Overall flawless experience. We did need to talk to.. Read more »