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Sigmund Freud Museum

Vienna, Austria
3.9 / 53
The Sigmund Freud Museum is a wonderful museum dedicated to the life and work of the father of psychoanalysis. Housed in an elegant building, the museum features numerous photographs, handwritten notes, and personal items belonging to Freud and his family. The experience of visiting the museum is fascinating, with well-presented information intuitively placed throughout the space. There is even a kids' version that simplifies the function of each room. It typically takes around 2 hours to explore the museum, and the gift shop is well-stocked with interesting items. Visitors praise the helpful and kind staff, as well as the tasty coffee. The displays in the museum are organized and detailed, with explanations available in both English and German. Many find the experience of being in the same rooms where Freud conducted his groundbreaking work to be incredibly cool, and the presence of actual memorabilia belonging to him adds to the authenticity. While some visitors feel that the museum focuses too much on irrelevant facts and lacks in-depth information about psychoanalysis, others appreciate the range of theories presented. Overall, the Sigmund Freud Museum is recommended for anyone interested in the father of psychoanalysis, particularly psychology enthusiasts, although it may not be as engaging for children. While some original pieces may be missing, the museum still offers a valuable insight into Freud's life and legacy.
Address:Berggasse 19, Wien
Phone:+43 1 3191596



Very nice museum! With lots of photographs, hand written notes and items from Freud and his family.
A museum dedicated to the life and work of the father of psychoanalysis, located in an elegant building.
I found the whole experience fascinating. The museum consists of Freud's home (for nearly 50 years) and his practice. The information was all well pre.. Read more »
Amazing museum, great details of Freuds life!! Staff was very helpful, kind and the coffee very tasty!
Good museum focusing on the history and research of Freud and others. The museum had very organized rooms with detailed displays. The displays have ex.. Read more »
A fascinating experience! Went with only basic knowledge about the Father of Psychology and the place, the conservation of it and the movie his daught.. Read more »
I don’t know if I am biased as a student of sociology and psychology but I found this museum to be incredibly interesting. It was so amazingly cool to.. Read more »
If you’re a psychology nerd you will love it. You get to learn about his family too and more in depth about the range of theories he had (not just the.. Read more »
It mostly covers irrelevant facts about the house, his relatives etc. Most of the museum is all in text, with just a few interesting objects, so a lot.. Read more »
The museum had very organized rooms with detailed displays. However lots of the original pieces someone would like to see (like the original treatment.. Read more »
A must go museum for all Freud's fans. The entrance is 14euros, which could be cheaper, with the chance to have discounts for students (but only up to.. Read more »
The museum was OK. The atmosphere was kind of sterile as the renovation created rooms with bare white walls. Some attempt was made to place black and .. Read more »
The museum has quotes and writing in English and German from Freud and few others. I liked the experience but I felt they could have done it better, m.. Read more »
Very interesting museum about life of Freud, a glimpse in old times atmosphere. Lot of itens to see and read . No audio guide . I like the environment.. Read more »
Not recommended for people who do not speak German, English or who have a vision problem. All the information there is to read. Being in 2022 they co.. Read more »
I came here in 2003 and recalled a red couch (replica most likely) where Freud did analysis but on 8/18/22 when I visited I didn’t see the couch or an.. Read more »
Lots of original artefacts of the Prof and Anna Freud, lots, but not too much, information, fairly original atmosphere. I was pleasantly surprised. Al.. Read more »
So disappointed with this museum. Such a shame for all the people which are interested in psychology. Exepet one woman, everybody was rude. They speak.. Read more »
There is absolutely nothing to be seen there. There is nothing remarkable left from the house related to Freud apart from a few furniture placed in ro.. Read more »
It's a nice museum with a tranquil atmosphere. Visiting involves a lot of reading. It is in Freud's actual apartment and has a lot of his own possessi.. Read more »
It has many interesting items but it lacks many others that were shipped to London when Freud fled the Nazis. Hence, the museum cannot give you a comp.. Read more »
Not particularly well-structured or laid out. Lots of items with blocks of text, often written in a way that takes you a minute to understand what it'.. Read more »
The Sigmund Freud museum on Berggasse is super engaging and stimulating for those with an interest in the man who founded psychoanalysis. The museum c.. Read more »
I didn't feel this museum did itself any favours really. There is a lot to read and not very much to see and whatever you might think of Freud he cert.. Read more »
Don't get me wrong...this is a very well run, very accurate and informative slice of Freud. I would have liked to have seen more of how he lived, his .. Read more »
Very, very nice museum. Expect to spend here at least 1 hour if you're going to read and observe everything carefully. The place has been renewed.
You must be a true believer for it to merit a visit. It could have better storytelling and give more insight for those of us who are not diehard fans.
It is actually Freud's house but besides a couple of furniture in one room, the rest of the rooms are empty and just have very few of his personal bel.. Read more »
Very interesting museum. You learn a lot about Freuds work and life. However, I wish it would be arranged in chronological order and decorated with mo.. Read more »
Sometimes a museum is just a museum. Our time was up way too quickly, but I saved the museum admission ticket. It's my favorite Freudian slip.
This exhibition is like reading a book, only you have to do it standing and waiting for other people to move on, so you can read the next chapter. Som.. Read more »
Very nice museum, I have enjoyed very much the house and the information provided. I could feel the atmosphere. I also liked the library and had some .. Read more »
I had high hopes, has this had the potential of being great, but left kind of disappointed. What's good: - The renovation is fantastic. - Easily acce.. Read more »
Cool place to pass a couple of hours. However, if you already read some stuff from Freud including his biography, not much extra information to absorb.. Read more »
It is a very nice and completely fresh renovated museum. Many written articles and videos are to see. We missed somehow to find furnished rooms which .. Read more »
It is nice to see, but quite expensive compared to other museums. It doesn't offer such a deep jourey, you only got to see the place where they lived,.. Read more »
A must visit if you love psychology and want to learn more about Frued. Enjoyed this museum immensely!
Absorbing atmosphere and witty gift shop
Every psychology student should have the museum on their bucket list. Walking distance from the city centre, not too crowded and walking distance away.. Read more »
Recently renovated museum, now definitely worth seeing. Good overview of Freud's life and work, and even though not much is left of the original flat .. Read more »
After extensive renovation, the museum is finally open to the public again! Much to see and experience, for the first time it is possible to see all p.. Read more »
Found the museum very informative, the original building is being renovated so it was somewhat smaller in the temporary museum which is at no.13 inste.. Read more »
It is closed until June for refurbishment. There is only a temporary alternative a few doors down.
Very interesting. Recomendable to people to admire the life of Freud and a lot of his history , his achievements and thoughts . I heard they’re plann.. Read more »
Location : Excellent Cost : normal Deserve to visit : highly recommended Fit to family/Single: both Remark : i like it
Check the site before deciding to visit. In January 2020, there were a few of Freud's objects moved to a different house, since his house was in renov.. Read more »
Although it wasn't Freud actual house as that is being renovated. We spent over an hour there looking at the exhibits and furniture from his actual ho.. Read more »
I understand that the old building needs to be renovated but why allow paying customers in when there is a tour about to start which then affects what.. Read more »
I'm not entirely sure what I was expecting, but I would probably only recommend this place to people who are really really interested in Freud. If you.. Read more »
Great place to know the famous psychoanalyst! Great collection. Cons : small door, often unnoticed by people. 9 euro as entry fees seems high. For stu.. Read more »
Small, but very interesting, and a nice tribute to where Sigmund Freud spent nearly 48years of his life, even tho some people spent 90% of their time .. Read more »
Although the real facility is under restoration until 2020, I can totally state that it was inspiring to see Dr Freud’s hand letter, collection of stu.. Read more »
It is wonderful experience to be in the apartment where Sigmund Freud lived and worked. The museum is not very big in size but is enormous in terms of.. Read more »